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Physical Therapy

  • My name is Kyrillos.
  • I am a physiotherapist. 
  • Founder and CEO in the Fitoont platform.
  • The main goal of this site is to provide advice to patients who need physical therapy sessions
  • In this website. We will treat the symptoms and rehabilitate people after surgery and fractures.
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24 Hours Service

We stay up all day/week for your comfort and your health

Completely Free

Our goal is to find an accurate diagnosis and treatment for your case

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Qualified Doctors

Your case is supervised by the most qualified doctors and nutritionists

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Online Help​

Doctors can diagnose your condition and provide treatment via messages

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What do I need to have at the time of speaking with the Physio?

In general you should plan:

01. Information about your problem

if you have visited a healthcare professional before

02. telecommunication device

Telephone, Tablet, Laptop, Computer or any mobile phone with whatsapp

03. Explaining your problem

You can send us a text message, a video explaining your problem or if you prefer to speak personally with your Physiotherapist

One of the most useful websites in the medical field.

This site aims to educate the public, especially those in need of physical therapy, about new and advanced/latest physical therapy and scientific evidence.

This site aims to provide you with the latest evidence-based protocols regarding all physical therapy symptoms in the form of notes, photos, videos and exercises.

Our Goal

We are a non-profit organization, so we do not ask for money or anything for your treatment. Our main and main goal is to change the traditional ways of receiving medical services and to reach you wherever you are without cost or hassle.

Our Clients

We treat everyone all over the world of all races and ages. We have patients in more than 50 countries now

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