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Regardless of the precise cause of a client’s obesity, Reiki may be beneficial as a weight loss technique. Here are some of the ways Reiki might assist you in losing weight and after Bariatric surgery.

There are a plethora of dieting strategies available. And I’m sure everyone has been intrigued by or tried one, yet the most of them are “ineffective”. But, as previously, I’d want to promote Reiki as a worthwhile experiment.

My Experience with Reiki for weight loss

From the sound of that word, I think that many people imagine a relationship with a specific religious group or a suspicious alternative medicine. But there are celebrities such as Angelina Jolly and Miranda Carr are practicing it. In addition, there are countries that have been adopted as effective alternative medicine (or complementary medicine) by the U.S. military and some overseas medical institutions, are covered by medical insurance, and even have national qualifications, and are unrelated to religion. It is also a very reliable global method.

Let’s move on to the specifics of how this Reiki for weight loss can help with dieting. But there are two ways to use it.

The first is to use a unique method called “correction of bad habits”.

Although it is a method that remains in some schools in Reiki, there is a method to improve various “habits” and “habits” that the recipient wants to cure through specific manners and affirmations (magic).

The range of application of “habits” here is wide, and it is effective for “smoking cessation”. But “overeating” is one of the difficult factors even if you want to lose weight.

No matter how much you try to eat less or exercise, as long as you can’t get rid of this habitual habit, you’ll end up with short-term results. Conversely, if you can get rid of the “habit” that is the main cause from your daily life, you will not have to try a special diet method.

The second method is to simply flow Reiki and “promote metabolism”

I won’t go into too much detail, but the human body (or mind) is by no means functioning solely on nutrients from visible foods and drinks.

It is based on energy that is usually difficult to recognize, as typified by what is often called an “aura”. And even at this moment it is functioning while interacting with the visible body.

By working on such invisible energy, Reiki helps to boost the natural healing power and metabolic capacity of human beings.

As a result, it promotes the proper discharge of over-taken nutrients (fat, etc.) to the outside of the body, which in turn leads to the maintenance of proper weight.

For reference, singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera, who literally used Reiki for her diet and succeeded in losing more than 19 kilograms, said: She is on a low-carbohydrate diet. I used to do yoga and yoga, but thanks to reiki, I was able to improve my mental condition, have a healthy diet, and keep my desire to lose weight. ” I told you.

How was it so far?

To be honest, I think it’s still half-confident, but my honest impression is that “the diet method that is regularly distributed in the streets is far more suspicious”

However, this Reiki also has its weaknesses (disadvantages). The point is that the results are not immediate.

I’m sure many of you are disappointed, but many people, including myself, are apt to seek results in a short period of time, not just on a diet. However, as many of our predecessors have left, it is a certain truth that sitting down and working slowly will lead to certain results.

Reiki therapy can take many months to observe a gratifying difference, and in the end, continuing is also the way things are formed, depending on the person’s condition.

However, unlike other diet methods, there is almost no troublesome work such as taking medicine regularly, sudden dietary restrictions and exercise, and if it is a “remote treatment”, you can continue at home while living a normal life. It is also possible, so I think it is not so difficult to continue.

I explained it for a long time so far, but first of all, I hope that you will know that there is such a method and that it will be helpful as one of the options when working on a diet.

FAQs about Reiki For Weight loss

What’s all this talk about “energy?”

Traditional medicine measures two types of energy in the body. EKGs (electrocardiograms) measure the electrical energy activity of the heart while, EEGs (Electroencephalograms) measure energetic activity of the brain.

Without electricity or energy, our bodies couldn’t survive. That is why electric shocks are given to cardiac patients whose hearts have stopped beating. Your body’s heart beat, cell division and nervous system are electrical (energetic) in nature.

Reiki is used to promote balance in the body’s more subtle energy fields. So that you can experience a more vibrant life. It aids cellular healing and enhance energy levels.

The word energy, “Ki” (in Japanese, “Chi” (in Chinese), and “Prana” (Indian) is related to the scientific concept of energy; in that the mind and body are united through energy—just as protons and neutrons are bonded by electrons. The incorporeal energy that moves all living things is called energy (or “Ki”). The ki in your body reacts to your thoughts and feelings.

What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced “Ray – Key”) is an energy-based healing (and stress-reduction) technique that promotes balance and wellness in the mind, body and spirit. While Reiki is spiritual in nature, it is not a religious or dogmatic experience. It’s a simple and natural mind-body technique for well-being.

How can Reiki help me lose weight?

Your body temple is a product of your thoughts. The body manifests excess weight (and ‘Dis’-ease) to communicate an imbalanced perspective in the mind. As Buddha states, “All that we are is a result of our thoughts”. If you’re experiencing the results of being overweight (fatigue, constipation, bloating, pain in joints, low energy, etc.). It’s because you’ve been in a mental and emotional spin-cycle for far too long.

Reiki is a complimentary treatment that activates the body’s own mental and emotional balancing process. Experts say, “Dis-ease cannot live in a body that’s in a healthy emotional state”. Reiki for weight loss helps to dissolve the stress, anxiety, and shame associated with your weight and life. So that you to can begin to take inspired action toward achieving your goals for well-being and confident living.

What can I expect during a session?

Reiki is administered through a series of light touches of the Reiki practitioner’s hand upon or just above the client’s body (clients are fully clothed, laying on a Reiki table). A calming energy flows from the practitioner’s hands to the client, removing negative energy blocks; which allows positive healing energy to flow—activating the body’s own natural healing process. The energy that flows is not the practitioner’s, but the subtle life energy force that flows through all living things. The goal is to restore positive energy flow and balance in the body.

What can I expect after a session?

After the sessions, Reiki recipients often report feelings of relaxation, relief from tension, lessening of pain, peace and happiness. Some frequently reported benefits are: stress reduction, better sleep, pain relief, and mental clarity.
Take note and be mindful of your thoughts, emotions and dreams after a Reiki session. You may notice immediate shifts, however, sometimes energetic shifts occur over time. Remember, it has taken some time for you to get where you are. The time it takes to release the weight depends on your energetic vibration (which affects your decisions about food, physical activity etc.)

Can the body really heal itself?

When our bodies receive a wound, a natural healing process immediately begins to repair the injury. This mysterious healing power sets itself to work automatically when it’s not impeded by an internal or external forces. This same healing process can be activated and even accelerated by the conscious action of the mind when partnered with Reiki.

Is Reiki for weight loss safe after Baariatric surgery?

Unfortunately, there are no studies on the positive or negative aspects of Reiki for Bariatric surgery patients. Dr. Kyrillos, an expert in rehabilitation after weight loss surgery, says there is no harm in using the Reiki method immediately, after Bariatric surgery, as it is just a method of energy and a change in eating habits, and there is no violent muscular effort on the abdominal muscles.

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