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Fresenius Stock Vs Teladoc Stock 2021 – Fitoont

Teladoc stock or Fresenius stock in particular use telephones and video conference software as well as mobile applications to offer remote medical care on demand like: burn fat, lose weight and build muscles. Teladoc stock telemedicine price Multinational telemedicine and virtual health care companies could be among the winners in the health care industry as …


Telemedicine Benefits, Challenges, And Its Great Potential

The concept of telemedicine has many different connotations for health, including (Source) Interconnection within the institutional framework, to perform diagnostics, surgeries, and other procedures. Linking the residence of the user to the professional performing the monitoring. A historical look at the stages of remote development: The development of telemedicine passed through several stages and it …

How Is Belly Fat A Risk Of Low Back Pain?

How Is Belly Fat A Risk Of Low Back Pain?

Our patients always ask us if it is true that the more stomach fat, the more low back pain. Is there a relationship between excess belly fat and low back pain? (Source) At Fitoont, we sought information from experts in this regard. And we can conclude that there is a direct relationship between appendicitis and …