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We offer you tips to treat all diseases and symptoms of physical therapy and get rid of obesity, such as:

  • Pain related to spine such as: low-Back pain, thoracic pain cervical pain and  SIJ pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Sports injuries such as: ACL and Meniscus tear
  • Thrombotic complications such as: paralysis
  • Pre- and post-operative rehabilitation
  • Diet and exercise regimes

With the advancement of technology and its control over the internet, we have created this platform to provide medical consultations and articles on everything related to physical therapy and weight loss.

Dr. Kyrillos Mina
The story of


The goal of establishing the site was to write medical articles with reliable sources and publish them so that the reader can benefit from them in the hope that he will find medical information that will help him treat the symptoms he suffers from.

But now the site’s goal has shifted from just writing articles and presenting them to the reader to a telemedicine platform in order to communicate with patients for free and provide assistance through text messages or video chats



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On this day, this site was designed and presented to the masses looking for medical information

A meeting was held with the site’s doctors to change the site’s policy and provide many important services that our patients are looking for

Increasing the sections of the site, such as the plastic surgery department, with the increase in the number of doctors specialized in this field

After completing all the medical fields that we will provide services to patients, we started the trend of telemedicine

On this day, medical conversations and telemedicine sessions began between our doctors and visiting patients

The journey of the great goal of the “Fitoont” platform continues with free communication with our patients and visitors with pride, as we receive many visits daily and many readers

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