Fat may accumulate in any health area of the body, and with these accumulated fats many risks come and the chances of infection with some diseases increase, so what are the risks of belly fat?

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo with Pictures – Fitoont

Scoliosis is treated or embraced differently. Some people get “scoliosis surgery scar tattoo”. Others use tattoos to accentuate their scars or modify them into something more visually interesting. Scoliosis Tattoo – Medical Concerns Again and again one hears about medical concerns when it comes to tattoos on the spine. These relate mainly to the spinal…

side effects of phentermine in females

Side Effects of Phentermine In Females – Fitoont

Phentermine is a prescription that should be taken by those who want to lose weight, but who are not under stress from other diseases or conditions that require additional medication. Phentermine can produce side effects in females, while in others no side effects will be prevalent or noticed at all. This medication is one that should never be taken…

does heat or cold reduce swelling

Does Heat or Cold Reduce Swelling? – Fitoont

Whether abdominal cramps, muscle strains, bruises or sprained joints: does heat or cold reduce swelling in these cases? Also, when is it better to reach for a hot-water bottle and when for a cooling pad? Whether it’s a kick in the shin or severe muscle soreness: pain and swelling, for example, after sport, can have…