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Weight Loss

Fitoont Telemedicine with obesity to burn belly fat and lose weight. 

Our weight loss programs are specially designed to target you with personalized support.

For this program to work efficiently, you may receive a customized weight loss plan that includes exercise, a nutritional plan, and appetite suppression supplements.

Sport Injury

If you (or someone in your family) has suffered a sports injury, the healthcare advice on the fitoont telemedicine platform can help you decide whether you need to go to a clinic sooner or not.

Some patients are advised to seek care in person. Others may skip the trip and begin treatment at home.

For example, if you have a sprained ankle or knee, telemedicine can give you peace of mind. Most ankle injuries do not require radiation or surgical intervention.

With your help, a healthcare provider can examine and evaluate an ankle injury via healthcare remotely.

telemedicine fitoont with sport injury
arthrities fitoont telemedicine


Telemedicine appointments allow providers to monitor patients’ response to treatment and give them the opportunity to quickly alert service providers to changes in function and pain.

The Fitoont Telemedicine website has started offering consultations to patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

A physical therapist will guide you on how to treat these types of infections with exercises and natural methods through chatting.

Low Back Pain

During the Fitoont telemedicine visit, patients describe their symptoms, then the doctor will ask questions and may ask the patient to make some movements to check for loss of strength or movement, or the presence of pains with some movements.

In many cases, back pain can be safely controlled at home with medication and physical therapy, which you can learn about by chatting with a doctor.

telemedicine fitoont with low back pain
day 8 workout for burn belly fat

Exercises are very important to build six pack muscles. Every exercise has many ways to practice it, you must try them all and decide what suits your physical strength as the exercises differ in terms of difficulty.

breakfast plan with fitoont telemedicine

An individual’s overall health level is determined by their body weight and muscle structure. Do not neglect either of them, especially the stomach area.


You will not be able to build the abdominal muscles without burning belly fat. You will burn fat easily as you change your healthy diet

Ready to make a change?

We offer you the best healthy food plan with all the necessary exercises to burn belly fat and build six abs faster and more efficiently. We support you all scientific plans and articles with their sources.

Go a head with the best belly fat trip and all the success stories, inspiring articles with the best trainers and specialists in the field. Start with fitoont changing your life today!

Subscribe to our site and follow the latest and most important articles on free plans. With Fitoont, get ready to change your life!

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Injection of Mesotherapy results before and after to eliminate overweight stomach, book a seat now for Mesotherapy injection with the best telemedicine online. What should you know about Mesotherapy first? Mesotherapy is an aesthetic treatment that, through injections under the skin, applies extracts, vitamins or medications that act on the accumulated fat under the dermis.

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