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The only free telehealth and online nutritionist platform in the world that will help you lose weight wherever you are and at any time.

We have many doctors who will help you solve all problems related to obesity by writing specialized nutritional programs suitable for you

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In the Fitoont telehealth platform, there are more than online nutritionist and obesity specialist who have more than 10 years of experience working day and night to help you achieve your goals.

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Our doctors follow all the steps and modern scientific methods to lose weight and burn fat. Healthy diet programs from online nutritionist, Exercises to burn fat and advice from our doctors

Healthy Food Programs

Of coure, healthy food is the basis of every successful weight loss diet. Just reducing the daily calories and maintaining healthy habits, you can burn fat easily. Our dietitians rely on healthy eating to lose weight. There is no such thing as a magic diet to lose weight, but there are scientific and healthy ways to maintain the body and how to shape it again.

online nutritionist
online nutritionist

Weight loss Exercises

It is not easy to burn fat by exercising without a specific plan. Our trainers design the appropriate exercise program for your body in order to burn all fats. The exercises are designed in a very scientific and healthy way to ensure that the muscles are not frayed and stressed.

Ready to make a change?

Our online nutritionist offers you the best advice and guidance over 24 hours.
  • Healthy eating plan.
    All the necessary exercises to burn fat.
  • Building muscle quickly and more efficiently by scientific methods.
  • Free medical consultations for weight loss surgeries and liposuction.

Embark on the best weight loss journey and learn from all the success stories with us, you will find inspiring articles with the best doctors and physiotherapists. Get started with fitoont change your life today!

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woman doing fitness exercises
Fitness excercise by a woman

Great Results For our Clients on our Platform

Here are the reviews of our customers and all the success stories with photos before and after the interview we did with them on our platform

What They Say

body transformation with fitoont telemedicine platform

“I lost 17 kilograms in just 4 months. Great! Liked the Fitoont telehealth (online nutritionist) platform so much …. it made it a lot easier for me to not waste time and money.”


Jacqueline Emmanuel
transform body with fitoont temedicine

“Since starting her treatment on the fitoont telehealth platform 5 months ago, Carolina has lost 30 kilograms and she is so happy that she did this feat without any effort or fatigue.”


Carolina Luke
body transformation with telemedicine fitoont

“Managed to lose more than 45 kilograms in 7 months when using the fitoont telehealth platform to communicate with the most qualified doctors.”


Michael Flores
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