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Kinesiotape Bruising In 6 Points: Myth or Panacea? – Fitoont

The colorful adhesive tapes are now often seen: in everyday life, in the gym, at sports competitions, on television. The elastic kinesiotape bruising should promote the range of motion in joints like shoulder joint and muscle tension and not restrict it.

But what are they made of? What exactly are they good for? Is it advisable to apply kinesiology tape yourself? We at Fitoont are happy to explain this miracle cure to you.

1- How does kinesiotape bruising work?

The development of the kinesiology tape, or kinesiotape for short, goes back to a Japanese chiropractor. In the 1970s, Kenzo Kase treated his patients with stretch bandages. The tape can be attached to the skin . When you move, the skin shifts against the underlying tissue. In this way, a stimulus is triggered that activates various receptors (temperature receptors, pain receptors, proprioceptors, etc.), thus helping to regulate muscle tension.

The body’s own self-healing powers are stimulated and supported. Whether tension or relaxation of the affected area should be generated depends on the type of injury and the adhesive technique. In this way, patients can continue to move despite injuries.

2- What is kinesiology tape made of?

Today’s kinesiotape is made from a cotton-nylon blend . It is particularly flexible and durable. It only stretches in the longitudinal direction. Thanks to the woven structure, the material is breathable. The underside of the mixture has a very thin acrylic adhesive layer , which means it sticks better to the skin and does not slip. Even when in contact with water, the band does not fall off and can easily be worn for several days . Tightly woven tapes last longer and better.

3- Do the colors mean anything?

For better attachment, the tape is also available in different lengths and widths . The different colors, mostly red/pink and blue, have so far had no demonstrable influence on the healing process. In kinesiological teaching, however, the color red is considered to be warming and stimulating. Blue and green, on the other hand, are said to have a cooling effect.

4- What is kinesio tape used for?

Kinesiotape now has a wide range of uses . It is intended to provide support, shorten recovery time and alleviate pain. Although there is no sound scientific basis for its effectiveness so far, there are positive effects. For example, pain relief and a shorter recovery time can be observed with the following complaints:

  • Migraine
  • Edema
  • Bruises
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Arthrosis
  • Muscle injuries (torn fibers, strains, inflammation)
  • Joint injuries (overload, instability, swelling)
  • Ligament injuries (tear, inflammation, overload)

5- Can you continue to train with kinesiotape bruising?

Thanks to its supporting function, the kinesiotape can be applied during sports. It relieves muscles, tendons and ligaments during physical activity. The tape can counteract and prevent injuries, especially during intensive training sessions. But the same applies here: Kinesiotape is not a panacea. Exercise caution is also required. Especially when it comes to existing injuries, the training should not be overdone.

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6- What do you need to know about using kinesiotape bruising?

In order for the kinesiotape bruising to work and deliver the desired results, it must be applied correctly. Good knowledge of anatomy and muscle function is important for this. In addition, some parts of the body are not so easy to reach. The correct taping should therefore be carried out by experienced and competent persons . For example, physiotherapists can learn how to use it professionally at our physiotherapy platform (Fitoont). Contact us now and expand your skills.

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