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Mesotherapy Injections: The French Way To Burn Belly Fat – Fitoont

Do you suffer from cellulite in the belly area? Do you want to get rid of belly fat? Abdominal Mesotherapy is your best ally for changing the appearance of your body without the need to undergo surgery. We offer you all the keys to this cosmetic procedure that helps you lose belly fat and shape your silhouette easily.

What is the abdominal mesotherapy?

Reduction mesotherapy is a medical and aesthetic treatment that relies on injecting homeopathic or allopathic substances through the skin into areas of the body where the stubborn fat is difficult to remove.

Mesotherapy is an ideal treatment to eliminate fat from the abdomen and reduce body volume.

Depending on each person, compounds that accelerate the destruction of adipose tissue and increase collagen synthesis can be used, as well as vitamins and other basic trace elements.

These substances do not have harmful effects, instead, they effectively help in stimulating the body to get rid of toxins.

In addition, it can be selected based on the goal that each person desires, as it achieves reducing fat volume and reconfirming sagging skin due to stored fat.

Mesotherapy dissolves fat so you can eliminate it in the urine. Some people need one type of compound and others do better with a stronger active ingredient.

It all depends on the type of fat you have (brown, yellow), as well as the structure of your body.

If you have accumulated adipose tissue in the holsters, abdomen, hips or buttocks, you will need a different type of treatment than you should apply if the fat is in the double chin or legs.

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How does abdominal mesotherapy work?

The mesotherapy procedure is based on a group of materials that are applied via needle injection, ideally at a depth of up to 8 mm.

Note: the more penetrating the product, the more effective it is.

If you are considering choosing this remedy, you should know that it is performed in weekly half-hour sessions. Treatment begins in a clinic or aesthetic center.

In the first session, substances will be injected into the area where there is excess fatty tissue. The shape of its action is determined, that is, the injection will attack the area where you want to reduce the volume.

To be able to apply mesotherapy with satisfactory results, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of organic chemistry and the reaction of the human body against substances.

Once applied, the effects last for several days. And after weeks you can see how it works. This means that the results are not immediate, but little by little, even after one session.

Note: The total duration depends on the condition of each patient, so the exact number of sessions cannot be determined.

The good thing about this type of anti-cellulite and reducing treatment is that it not only limits the time you spend lying down in the clinic, but it goes much further.

Although you will start to notice its effects from the first session, it will take between 5 and 10 sessions to finish the treatment with the guarantees of efficacy.

Are there types of mesotherapy? What is that?

When undergoing abdominal mesotherapy sessions, you should keep in mind that there are two types of this treatment, depending on the type of medicine that you will use for injection:

In allopathic mesotherapy: chemicals extracted from plants are used.

These active ingredients are particularly used to treat sebum and local exfoliation. Therefore, it is suitable for reducing the abdomen.

In homeopathic mesotherapy: natural substances are used that seek to stimulate the body to stimulate peripheral blood circulation.

In this way, the elasticity of the skin is also improved. Likewise, it is very effective in eliminating abdominal obesity.

There are also several types that we will mention now:

  1. Fat analyzers: to get rid of localized fat, reduce cellulite, waist pressure, etc.
  2. Vitamins: to improve cell nutrition and stimulate regeneration.
  3. Sympathetic state: to block the sympathetic nervous system.
  4. Moisturizers: Hyaluronic acid.
  5. Skin rejuvenation: collagen, elastin, etc.
  6. With lymphatic activity: which stimulates the lymphatic system and improves the expulsion of liquefied fats.
  7. Venous guides: to improve the functioning of veins and arteries.
  8. Active in vasodilators: It has vasodilating effects that dilate capillaries.
  9. Anti-inflammatory: reduces inflammation and side effects of mesotherapy.
  10. Eliminate contractility: improve muscle tension and reduce discomfort from fibers and tendons.
  11. L-Carnitine: This has properties that inhibit the production of adipose tissue and prevent it from attaching to the muscles
  12. Blastostimulin: stimulates cell regeneration, repairs tissues and prevents stretch marks.

NB: These are not all types but there are also other things that definitely seem a lot to you because they are so common in aesthetics.

As we mentioned before, dear, you must carefully choose the type of compound or substance that you will use for the right, as some substances will be used to renew the skin and give it elasticity and others, on the other hand, to stimulate the disposal of fat.

Reducing all types of fats with mesotherapy

One of the most important aspects of applying mesotherapy for the body is that it can be helpful in all types of cellulite and belly fat accumulation.

In all of these cases, mesotherapy stimulates venous and lymphatic drainage, preventing fluid retention and tightening the skin.

Its results are advanced and can even be combined with other treatments such as carboxy therapy to increase its effectiveness. All this without the need to undergo surgeries like liposuction.

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What are the advantages of the abdominal mesotherapy?

If you choose this treatment to reduce the fat accumulated in your stomach area, you will be able to enjoy some of the more distinct benefits of this treatment compared to others who pursue the same purpose.

  1. It’s a non invasive procedure.
  2. Fast acting.
  3. No need for recovery time & should return to normal activities immediately.
  4. Has no risks and down time associated with surgery (liposuction).
  5. Motivate the functions of the skin, and make its cells function at full capacity. In this way, the quality of the skin tissue is improved.
  6. Improve blood flow to the treated area.
  7. Increase skin hydration. Therefore, a firmer, healthier and more radiant look is achieved.
  8. Reach the target area immediately with undiluted drugs.
  9. Dissolve excessive fat deposits.
  10. Maintaining the water-oily balance of the skin.
  11. It strengthens the connective tissue that supports the skin. So it works to avoid sagging.
  12. Remove fibrotic hardened connective tissue.
  13. Improve lymphatic drainage.
  14. It provides an even complexion and removes imperfections.
  15. It protects the skin from the influence of free radicals, thus slowing down skin aging.
  16. Dissolve excessive fat deposits.

Do you want to reduce your belly fat and keep the skin from sagging in the abdominal area in excellent condition?

Therefore, I advise you to read the article to the last word to discover all that abdominal Mesotherapy has to offer you.

There are also many benefits and uses for mesotherapy:

  • Reducing cellulite
  • Reducing localized fat
  • Double chin
  • Sagging eyelids
  • Jowls
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Armpit
  • Heavy thighs
  • Love handles
  • Lower abdomen
  • Thighs
  • The hump of the buffalo
  • Male gynecomastia
  • Lipoma

Is this procedure useful in losing weight?

It is important to know that mesotherapy is a treatment for removing belly fat, legs, arms, and different specific areas of the body.

It is indicated that it improves the quality of the skin with cellulite and reduces accumulations of fatty tissue that are difficult or impossible to suppress through diet and exercise.

There are different types of mesotherapy such as “face”, “virtual”, “body”, “injection” and even the kind that uses homeopathy.

Each type of mesotherapy treatment offers a variety of properties to eliminate sagging and reduce body fat.

Its results before and after, as well as opinions, as in most cosmetic dermatological procedures, vary depending on where it is performed as well as the area of ​​the body where it is applied.

It is important to choose it well, therefore, since there are many of them below, we have explained what mesotherapy is, what is it for and how can you benefit from each type of it?

How did you do it?

The material is penetrated with fine holes. This is very soft because the needle is a millimeter. Very small diameter (13 mm depth). The area where it is applied under the skin is adjacent to the area where there is sebum accumulation.

Is mesotherapy needle harmful and ineffective?

Many people have doubts about whether mesotherapy does not work. On the other hand, others are concerned about the needles, despite knowing it to be effective. To reassure us, it should be noted that it is not a painful treatment.

You may notice some discomfort, but a little more than that. It is also correct to tolerate pain in every affected person. But it is nothing but soft pricks.

Some substances may sting a little or produce a specific burning, but then mesotherapy does not hurt.

NB: Mesotherapy is a safe procedure. However, as with any other medical procedure, precautions must be taken. Now, we have already discussed what is mesotherapy and how it works.

How does this procedure help reduce cellulite?

Cellulite is a special condition driven by hormones. The skin is attached to the deeper areas by fibrous tissue, causing the natural deposits of fat to swell at the back of the thighs. It can continue despite all exercise and weight loss. Mesotherapy for female cellulite is truly a breakthrough in cellulite treatment. It consists of injections to break up swelling and other things.

What is the side effects of mesotherapy?

1. Bruising:

With regard to the injection technique, the most common side effect is bruising. In each session, multiple injections are performed so that the probability of bruising is high, but they resolve without problems within a few days. Ointments can be used to dissolve it more quickly.

2. Infection in the injected areas:

If the skin is properly cleaned and disinfected before infiltration, this possibility is very remote. It is important to properly sterilize the skin but it is also important to take care of the treated areas afterwards.

3. Products

The products commonly used for mesotherapy injection, face and body, do not usually cause serious side effects. As long as health-licensed products are used, the risk of significant side effects is practically nil.

4.Redness of the skin

The most common side effect we usually notice today is redness of the skin, which usually subsides quickly within the following hours.


There is also a very rare risk of developing an allergy to products that are regularly injected.

Although it cannot be ruled out 100%, a previous medical history should be taken to rule out potential allergies to the products being injected

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