10 low-Carbs Foods For Burning Belly Fat - Fitoont

10 low-Carbs Foods For Burning Belly Fat – Fitoont

If you are looking to have a flat abdomen, the first thing you should know is that, contrary to what many people think, low-carbs are not your main enemies.

For years we’ve been hearing that cutting carbs should be the cornerstone when you’re trying to lose weight… but don’t run!

It turns out that there are some carbohydrates that you are going to want to keep in your diet, and we explain why.

According to their chemical structure, carbohydrates are divided into simple and complex.

The former are processed very quickly by the body and are an immediate source of energy for the body.

They have very little nutritional value.

With regard to complexes, on the contrary, the body takes longer to digest them and they are high in fiber.

These low-carbs provide lasting energy due to their vitamins that take longer to assimilate.

Blood sugar levels do not rise as fast with complexes.

So if you want a flat stomach, you don’t have to avoid carbohydrates. Just make sure they are the complex type .

The low-carbs foods that you should eat to flatten your abdomen

1- Cheerios Protein: it’s good low-carbs food (Source)

Cheerios Protein: it's good low-carbs food

This type of cereal is low in fat and high in fiber and, according to scientists, can help minimizing waist size.

Cheerios protein contain about 20.40 grams of carbohydrates per cup.

It also has the advantage of being free of gluten for those who have eaten gluten.

Recent studies show that men and women who eat more of this type of cereal have significantly lower body mass index (BMI) and less belly fat.

These studies led to an important finding: People who eat more foods made from whole grains have less belly fat.

2- Natural Canned Tuna: Low-carbs and High Protein (Source)

Natural Canned Tuna: Low-carbs and High Protein

Natural canned tuna contains 23.50 grams of protein, does not contain carbohydrates per 100 grams.

In addition to this, it does not contain fats or sugars, providing 99.40 calories to the diet. Among its nutrients are also vitamins A, B9, B12 and D.

Given its high amount of protein, natural tuna is a food recommended especially for flat stomach and abdominal muscle development.

3- 2% plain Greek yogurt is low-carbs to reduce belly fat (Source)

2% plain Greek yogurt is low-carbs to reduce belly fat

While this dairy product may not look alike your typical carbs, the truth is that the natural sugars in milk (simple carbohydrates) can scare some people.

But they shouldn’t, because this sweet morsel can help you shed those additional pounds.
The research has shown that consumption of probiotic yogurt (along with a low calorie diet) can minimize (BMI) and burn belly fat percentage.

scientists clarify that low-fat Greek yogurt supply a vigorous group of natural sugar and satiating fat, as well as protein.

And healthy fats and protein can keep blood sugar stages from descent, which will help keep sugar cravings at bay.

4- Is Maple water good for diet? (Source)

Is Maple water good for diet?

Maple water is considered a good low-carbs, but people think it is bad because of the dose of sugar it contains, but it is considered a simple carbs.

Although coconut water seems to get all the attention these days, maple water is a healthy option, some scientists say.

It contains about half the sugar in coconut water and only about 20 calories per 230 grams per serving.

Maple water is a good option for replenishing fluids after a sweaty workout session because it contains manganese, iron and calcium.

5- Lettuce is the best low-carbs vegetables (Source)

Lettuce is the best low-carbs vegetables

Lettuce is the perfect supplement to a weight-loss diet.

Since lettuce contains only 17 calories per serving, you can eat it in large amounts while continuing to lose weight.

Plus, lettuce is high in water, which helps reduce the appetite for feeling full quickly.

Lettuce is a low-carb vegetable, containing 0.8 grams It is also rich in fiber, and thus is ideal for fighting constipation.

It is recommended to eat lettuce at lunch or dinner in the form of a salad to boost your efforts to lose belly fat.

6- Roasted chickpeas: low-carbs snack meal (Source)

Roasted chickpeas: low-carbs snack meal

Chickpeas should be at the top of your snack menu as the most of the carbs in chickpeas is fiber and starch

A research from 2014 says that eating legumes that includes chickpeas can help you avert overeating and keep your weight down.

Roast some moist chickpeas at 370 degrees for 42 minutes and add 3 tablespoons of oil and your preferable spices for a crisp, flavor-packed snack.

7- Leafy Greens like spinach to reduce tummy fat (Source)

spinach to reduce abdominal fat

Leafy greens are one of the amazing discoveries of the best carbs for burning belly fat.

A cup of spinach contains only 38 calories, while a cup of broccoli contains 50 calories and meets 18% of your daily fiber needs.

Most leafy greens are also a good source of calcium.

As we’ve seen, not all carbs are bad! Don’t propagate all the rules and reject them because the body needs them select nutritious and healthy foods to lose weight and have a flat stomach.

For best scores , combine these foods with exercise.

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8- Are avocados healthy? (Source)

Are avocados healthy to burn belly fats?

Yes, not bad because avocado is very healthy.

But if you are on a low-carbs or keto diet, or if you  prefer to avoid wheat and grains, the avocado is a great solution, and we think it’s healthier.

Some but actually not all nutritionist believe that wheat and grains are not very healthy, and that coconut (and coconut flour) is a much better option.

9- Popcorn (Source)

Popcorn to burn tummy fat

Do You Want French Fries? Okay, maybe we all want potato chips but having an alternate should help us conquer addiction.

One study compared the short-term satiety of popcorn with other communal appetizers.

Scientists found that most of the enlists felt less hunger and more gratification after eating popcorn.

If you are more satisfied, in all probability you will eat less, therefore, you will take in fewer calories.

10- Whole wheat rye bread (Source)

Whole wheat rye bread to reduce belly fat

When you’re in the mettle for crunchy low-carbs, here’s what to take to keep your relish at bay.

The rye grain is wealthy in fiber, low in sodium and unleash of fat.

Swedish scientists found that whole grain rye bread is the best for controlling blood sugar and coordinating appetite.

And whole grain is the way to introduce it to burn belly fat.

After dieting 60 obese men and women for 360 days, the group that ate the most whole grain displayed a significant diminution in abdominal fat compared to those that received processed grain.

Note That Please: Evade carbs nightly

When eating carbs, you must pay attention to the timing of eating more than one type or quantity of food.

Eat carbs in the morning, because the worst time to eat them is at night, when they are most likely to mutation into fats.

You should know that the ideal and quixotic way is to eat carbs early in the day, whether at breakfast or lunch.

Also you can snack on carbs 25 to 30 minutes before exercising.

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