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Diseases, a sedentary lifestyle and being overweight are the cause of bone and muscle problems that need immediate electrotherapy chiropractor Rehabilitation.

Keep in mind that the first step to perform electrotherapy with chiropractic adjustments, massages and physiotherapy, is to coordinate an appointment with our medical team in Fitoont (our telehealth platform).

Fitoont telehealth offers you a variety of tips to keep you healthy, thanks to the fact that we recognize that body balance can be achieved by combining chiropractic treatments, electrotherapy, physiotherapy, massages and a balanced diet.

Read our important article to learn why do chiropractors use electrical stimulation?

Electrotherapy Chiropractor

Physiotherapists used professionally electrotherapy with advanced technology and rehabilitation processes. This technique used by chiropractors is efficient to treat diseases and injuries through electricity.

1- Current therapy

Current therapy offers a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, helps treat dislocations and sprains, and is effective for muscle strengthening.

We can mention the professional use of medium frequency interferential currents. These are useful for the intrinsic mobilization of the vertebral joints, to

2- Ultrasound therapy

In our Fitoont telehealth platform, we offer best clinics for electrotherapy chiropractor such as ultrasound which is very important for chiropractors to use for treating tendon inflammation and injuries before start chiropractic sessions. Ultrasound by transmitting mechanical waves allows tissues to heal quickly without complications.

3- Cryotherapy or cold therapy

Cryotherapy consists of lowering the temperature of the body to produce physiological changes. It offers hemodynamic effects to delay the appearance of hematomas, neuromuscular effects that reduce the pain of injuries, and anti-inflammatory effects to reduce inflammation and edema.

Chiropractors typically use it specifically for conditions that cause inflammation, pain, trauma, sprains, and more.

4- Heat therapy

Thermotherapy is a relaxing therapy that uses heat to treat injuries. It is used by electrotherapy chiropractors when patients have already gone through the acute phase of the injury, because it is contraindicated when the affected body areas are inflamed.

Heat therapy is very beneficial for electrotherapy chiropractor because it provides an analgesic effect, is anti-inflammatory, improves cell restoration and improves defense. It should be noted that chiropractors can use different means of radiation, convection and conduction to transfer heat from one body to another.

5- Physiotherapy massages

Massages are a manual therapy that is based on the mobilization of various body tissues to cause a stimulating, sedative and analgesic reaction. A chiropractic massage combines professionally performed pressure and movement maneuvers.

6- Extracorporeal Focused Shockwave

Advanced electrotherapy chiropractor equipment imported from South Korea: external focused shock wave therapy, which can specifically treat the pain of muscle and tendon strain, effectively treat deep and superficial tendon, muscle and bone problems, and is widely used in muscle and skeletal tissue. Strain pain, including delayed-union fractures, fasciitis tendinitis, muscle strain, and calcific tendonitis of the shoulder.

The machine is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA, USA) for the treatment of plantar fasciitis and tennis elbow, with significant improvement in chronic pain.

People who are contraindicated from electrotherapy chiropractor are:
  • Pregnant women.
  • Patients who suffering from bleeding disorders.
  • If there are wounds on the surface of the skin.
  • Tumors near the pain site or a pacemaker, or those who are infected with bacteria.

7- High energy laser

High-energy laser is a new generation of non-invasive laser treatment technology. The principle is to use light energy to stimulate the affected area, so that the blood vessels of the affected area can expand and improve blood circulation, promote the recovery and speed up the growth of injured tissue, and can penetrate deeply into the subcutaneous 10 cm, which can accurately target the skin. Tissue produces specific “mechanical wave” wavelengths to achieve pain relief. You will not feel much during the treatment, or you will feel a little warm.

8- Interfering wave electrotherapy chiropractor

Interference wave for electrotherapy chiropractor is important because it works to relax muscles, relieve pain, improve blood circulation and reduce muscle or joint inflammation.

Types of chiropractic massages

Benefits of electrotherapy chiropractor

  •  Strengthen the immune system.
  •  Correct minor injuries.
  •  Used as therapy for arthritis.
  •  Lower blood pressure.
  •  Effective treatment for anxiety and stress.
  •  Provide general well-being.

Benefits of visiting the electrotherapy chiropractor clinics

In Fitoont telehealth platform we will provide you with personalized attention and we will perform the appropriate clinics for electrotherapy chiropractor adjustments to improve your health and quality of life.

Keep in mind that the electrotherapy chiropractor will correct the subluxations of your spine that affect your productivity and your health. Our Fitoont telehealth platform will help you to have an excellent communication in your muscles and nerves. So that your body can heal itself and stay full of vitality.

For more information coordinate an appointment with us. We will responsibly and kindly provide you with an efficient electrotherapy chiropractor services in fitoont telehealth platform.


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