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Returning to exercise after liposuction can help the body finish getting rid of remaining fat, according to physiotherapists. Although liposuction is an obvious and immediate weight loss option, it may have some side effects. As according to some specialists, in the case of liposuction of the abdomen, it can cause some increase in visceral fat.

Because liposuction involves a dramatic and instantaneous reduction in body fat deposits. The patient’s body composition and metabolic profile may be affected. In these cases, physical exercise is an excellent decision to combat that excess fat that could have been generated.

Practicing exercise after liposuction is an excellent decision to combat the excess fat generated.

Why exercise after liposuction?

These researchers studied 36 women who had undergone liposuction. After two months of having undergone this procedure, 18 of them were put to exercise regularly for 4 months. The rest did not exercise.

After six months, they observed that the women who had not exercised showed:

  • A 10% increase in visceral fat.
  • Decreasing in their energy expenditure compared to the women who did exercise.

The study concludes that the removal of adipose tissue from the body can lead to:

  • Decreasing in total energy expenditure
  • And consequently, the compensatory growth of visceral fat.

The physiotherapists indicate that the good news is that with physical exercise after liposuction it is possible to counteract the growth of fat.

What are the advantages that the practice of physical activities would offer?

During liposuction, both fat and fat cells are permanently removed. This implies that there are no longer as many fat cells as before in the treated area and the accumulation of fat will not appear again. But, fat cells in other parts of the body can take over.

According to physiotherapist kyrillos, liposuction is a cosmetic treatment that does not necessarily lead to permanent weight loss.

This doctor claims that liposuction can trim, tighten and tone a patient’s physique, but you need to do everything you can to maintain those new contours. If the patient does not eat a healthy diet or do physical exercise, he can recover part of the lost weight.

Exercise and a healthy diet are of paramount importance:
  • To avoid compensatory weight gain.
  • Maintaining liposuction results, like swallowing, low back pain and scars.
When fat is taken from one area:
  • The body tends to compensate for it in other areas.
  • People gain weight for metabolic reasons, and hormonal factors do not change with liposuction.

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How can you avoid gaining weight after liposuction?

The physiotherapist Kyrillos says several studies have documented that people do indeed gain weight after undergoing such surgery, but this only happens if they don’t exercise after liposuction or don’t eat a healthy diet.

No one knows for sure why this happens. There is a theory that the body is trying to maintain lipid balance, which has to do with the amount of fat the body needs to produce energy.

It is recommended that patients begin or restart an exercise protocol around six weeks after undergoing liposuction. Experts maintain that only in this way can the results of this surgical procedure be maintained and even improved.

It is recommended to start or resume a physical activity and exercises protocol six weeks after Lipo surgery.

Although exercise is recommended once recovery is complete, during the first month the patient should not engage in intense activities such as running. You should always follow your surgeon’s instructions during the recovery process.

If a patient who has undergone liposuction ran before the intervention, it is not recommended that they return to the routine with the same intensity after it. You could run at 25% of your usual intensity and gradually increase the intensity. In the same way, the inclination of the slopes or slopes that are part of your training routine should be graduated.

Therefore, physical activity and exercises should be increased according to the progress in recovery after liposuction. It is also advisable to eat a healthy diet based on fruits, vegetables, cereals and white meats.

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