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Physical therapy after tummy tuck for recovery takes time and often times can be unpleasant. If you are thinking about this surgical option, please take a moment to read our recovery tips for tummy tuck muscle repair failure and how can physical therapy help you. These will certainly make the post surgery more enjoyable and lead to a faster recover times. But most importantly, these will lead to you looking and feeling your best, quickly!

Being a healthy person is something all people in this world always want to be. The problem even can go further if you have been through critical medication such as surgery. Being one person able to survive the most critical phase of their life is not an easy thing to do. One of the most crucial aspects in someone’s life is on their physical appearance. No wonder if people will do everything they can do to stay in their best shape and the most interesting physical appearance.

Some problems such as obesity are one thing making people unable to have their best physical condition. Now people do not have to worry dealing with huge belly or uninteresting physical appearance. All your problems will be over thanks to the plastic surgery. Though plastic surgery is considered a little bit expensive for your pocket, yet millions of people in this world keep choosing this kind of thing as their one and only solution to get the instant beautiful appearance they long so much. With this instant solution, you can change your nose appearance, all even your belly condition.

One thing people are not very comfortable with idea changing their belly condition or some people call it as tummy tuck (Abdominoplasty) is that it can give you a tremendous and also unbearable pain. Some people may have struggle so hard to get rid of this painful condition. Therefore, you need to be really careful about it.

So, what you need to do when you are dealing with your tummy tuck recovery state then?

When you are having your tummy tuck, is it possible that one of the most common state you have to deal is that when you need to get rid the scars for your best healing result. Not only the scar that will bother you, but also the swelling. Physical therapy after abdominoplasty for recovery will eat most of your time, and often it will not be that pleasant. This is a very serious phase.

During the physical therapy after tummy tuck, you will realize how often you use your abdominal muscle to live your daily activity. Here is the deal, the night after your surgery, thanks to the anesthetic medications; you can pass the next one and two of your life in the deepest state of your sleep condition. The real problem is when you have to wake up the next morning.

The Abdominoplasty recovery first phase is that the fact that your stomach will swell. And there is a possibility that it may throb when you are in tummy tuck recovery time. It is possible that you can take this first phase very easy, but one thing you need to know is that it is very painful. And it is better if you are not waiting the pain to go more painful before you take your medication. It is very important to take medication on time and follow the instructions of your physiotherapist, because it will reduce the unbearable pain on your abdomen.

What You Need to Do During Your Tummy Tuck Recovery?

There is no such thing to be tough and try bearing the pain. Trust me, it is just too unbearable. Let’s say we can manage to get through this first phase of tummy tuck recovery with physical therapy. Though the swelling and also painful state is no longer that miserable, you will still have some bruise. But, do not be that worried about it. It will not last for a very long time. One important thing you need to do after taking the tummy tuck surgery is being informed. You should ask the time, whether you need to take or change your clothes or is it possible for you to take some baths. It is intended so that your wound will not go any worse.

During your physical therapy schedule to recover from a tummy tuck, you also need to know what type of movement you should avoid. What workout should you do and when do you start them? Knowing what temperature you need or what to do when bleeding comes on unexpectedly is also crucial. You need to know how to contact your surgeon when this thing happened.

The recovery process from a tummy tuck, also consists of the possibility that the skin of the abdomen will become numb. Do not worry because this thing is very normal. Due to the fact that some of your nerves have been severed. The most common thing you will experience is itching around the numb part. To treat the numb with physical therapy, you should move every 30-60 minutes if you’ve been sitting longer and get enough rest. Also, take your medication or antibiotic on time. It is better to take the entire prescription.

Remember, though maybe later you will feel just better, do not cut your medication. Take medication regularly based on your doctor prescription. If you stop consuming your medication, it is possible that infection may grow on you. You also need to pay attention more on the position when you are sleeping. Doing your physical therapy sessions after tummy tuck regularly 2 or 3 sessions weekly.

4 Tips For Physical Therapy after Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. They’re also among the most expensive, costing an average of $10,000-$15,000. But there are many things that patients need to consider about physical therapy after tummy tuck.

1- Understand what happens during a physical therapy session.

During a physical therapy session, a patient will work with a therapist to improve range of motion, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and posture. This type of treatment is often recommended following a tummy tuck because it helps prevent complications such as hernia, scarring, and pain.

2- Choose a physical therapist who specializes in post-surgery care.

If you choose to undergo a tummy tuck, make sure you find a physical therapist who has extensive training and experience treating patients who have had plastic surgery procedures. You should also ask your surgeon what he recommends regarding physical therapy.

3- Recovery Time

It takes anywhere from two weeks to six months for a patient to recover fully from a tummy tuck. During this period, patients must avoid strenuous activity and lift heavy objects. They should also avoid lifting anything above shoulder height for at least three months.

4- Post-Surgery Care

Patients who undergo a tummy tuck will need to follow up with a physical therapist for several weeks following surgery. This includes exercises designed to strengthen the abdominal muscles and improve posture. These exercises help prevent future complications such as hernia formation.

Recovery Tips

  • Take your pain medications on a timely schedule.

You’ll need to set an alarm to make sure you accomplish this. You’ll want to wake up and take your medications on time. This will allow your pain medications to last the scheduled amount of time and also reduce your pain levels even if you just got a mini tummy tuck. If you fail to do this you’ll be in severe pain which can lead to other issues as well.

  • Take your antibiotics on time.

Most surgeons will prescribe these to you post surgery to prevent infections. It’s important that you take these on a timely schedule as well. You certainly don’t want to get sick or suffer from unnecessary infection.

  • Take your temperature multiple times daily.

You’ll want to make sure your not running an above average temperature. If you are this is a sign of infection, which you’ll want to contact your surgeon or family doctor immediately.

  • Walk around your home.

Exercises with physical therapy after tummy tuck is important and highly recommended by most physiotherapists. By walking around and getting your blood flowing will reduce chances of blood clots. This may be difficult at first, but a little walking is better than nothing.

  • Drink plenty of water.

Physiotherapists told “water is your defense against bloating and thus reducing pain”. A mild stool softener is often recommended. However, if you drink enough water this won’t be necessary.

Your physiotherapist and surgeons should tell you these tummy tuck recovery tips to follow and avoid unnecessary pain and infections. Following these steps and and doing physical therapy after tummy tuck option will also help reduce tummy tuck scars which are common. Following the right advice like that above can reduce or eliminate these all together.

Finally, Physical Therapy Tips after Tummy Tuck

For the first week or even the next two weeks, it is better if you sleep with your body facing the ceiling. Use the most comfortable pillow or bed so that you do not have to face something unwanted.

It is possible that you will spend most of your time in bed. It is because of the fact that you will often have some sore in your abdomen or any part near it.

The medication you take also will make you a little bit sleepy. You really need to have some rest.

Visit your physiotherapist and surgeon regularly. They will make some follow up check to see the progress of your tummy tuck muscle tightening recovery.

And if there is no worrying thing, you can start having your real ordinary activities and more varigous exercises with your physiotherapist only within a month.

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