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Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve in Mexico, is one of the most innovative types of Bariatric surgeries currently performed in Mexico. Gastric sleeve is the fastest growing type of Bariatric surgery and is overtaking gastric bypass as the “quintessential” procedure for weight loss surgery.

Gastric sleeve surgery was the first step of a 2-stage duodenal switch operation in patients with super high body mass index (BMI over 59). This procedure has had impressive results and has helped solve many obesity-related diseases.

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In Mexico, one of these processes is provided by Dr. Jaime Ponce de León, a renowned Bariatric Surgeon who has been practicing for more than 22 years. His skill in these procedures has earned him a great reputation.

Tips for gastric sleeve Mexico

1- Observe your current weight, if you are overweight or obese and have always had that problem; You are a candidate for Bariatric surgery!
Surgery is a procedure indicated in people with grade 1 obesity with comorbidities, which means type 2 diabetes mellitus, hypertension, osteoarticular diseases, or even cancer; since surgery is considered a metabolic reversal and by itself improves the condition even in people without a considerable obesity problem, which is why surgery solves chronic diseases

2- If insurance companies usually cover weight loss surgery, but for this you have to qualify for it, and it usually covers it in people with diabetes or hypertension.
Insurance companies are still trying to figure out where these procedures fall on the cosmetic or health spectrum, so coverage often changes from month to month; some people qualify and some do not, for this it is appropriate to go to a consultation with the DR. Ponce.

Advantage of laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has large bandages inside of them are;

  • Less Pain
  • Fewer Thromboembolic Complications
  • Reduce Pulmonary Complications
  • Fewer Wound Infections
  • Fewer Adhesions
  • Better Food Tolerance
  • Fewer Scars.
  • Better Aesthetic Result
  • Better Recovery
  • Fewer Eventrations

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Are you considering a gastric sleeve surgery?

When we talk about a person being overweight and obese, we are based on a set of measurements and calculations, in which we mainly observe the accumulation of excess fat that the person has, this falls on different circumstances of which we can mention:

  • Arterial hypertension
  • Diabetes mellitus 2.
  • Cholesterol elevation
  • Triglyceride elevation.
  • Infertility.
  • Sexual disorder.
  • Respiratory failure.
  • Sleep apnea.
  • Varicose veins or venous problem.
  • Joint pain or muscle pain.
  • Depression, and social disorders among others.

Obesity is measured by the predictive factor that is the BMI (body mass index), which focuses on measuring what our total body surface area is, many times we think and well people who have a lot of muscle are also obese? Wellو considering the BMI as a predictive factor, yes, they have the same risks of suffering from hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, or we wonder what bodybuilders die from, well they die of the same causes, in any way obesityو we consider it as the excess fat accumulation which we can measure in a different way, by means of fold measurements where we locate the fat.

Information that every gastric sleeve patient in Mexico should know

1. Follow the 3-stage diet. If you try to eat solid foods too early or start you could be at risk of hurting yourself or your stomach. Experimenting with off-diet foods can certainly have uncomfortable side effects, such as nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps.

2. Take your time getting back to work. Recovery time is one week, but it takes two weeks after gastric sleeve surgery before a person heals enough to work lifting heavy objects. It is also still necessary to take on light tasks when returning to work. Walking is good exercise, but not lifting heavy objects.

3. Never forget to keep checking. Make sure that you return to your GP during the recovery period to ensure that you are healing properly should you live away.  Also, stay on track with diet, exercise, and other medications you may need.

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The Team OF Baritric Surgery In Mexico

Doctors in gastric sleeve clinics in Mexico are carefully selected and meet the highest possible standards. They carefully select the best available doctor to treat you according to your needs.

At this time, they mainly work with hospitals based in Tijuana, Mexico, which is very close to the US border and higher-priced hotels.

All medical procedures are performed by experienced and qualified medical professionals. The medical teams there include internationally recognized experts in Bariatric procedures. Their doctors work with teams of highly trained and experienced support and nursing professionals.

Patient consultations for international clients are provided by their doctors who are fluent in English.

They also make all arrangements to facilitate a comfortable and safe stay in more than one place. They provide transportation from state airports to first class accommodation that they will carefully select for you.

You can be absolutely confident that you will get the best attention possible.


Our prices are highly competitive and can include packages whereby you will be accommodated locally and chaperoned by our carefully selected hosts during your stay in Mexico.

Packages start at $4250.

How thousands of gastric surgery patients in Mexico are saving on the costs of treatment?

Gastric Surgery abroad is becoming more and more popular. The growth in cheap worldwide travel means that no destination is out of reach for you. We are finding that when clinics at home and abroad are compared, like-for-like, overseas clinics are on average at least 60% cheaper.

India, Mexico, Latvia, Poland, Costa Rica, Thailand, South Africa, Belgium, Vietnam… just some of your options for gastric surgery abroad…

In fact, Mexico now actively promotes medical tourism as part of their economy.

For instance, Mexico now legally considers medical tourism to be an expert, as an incentive to surgery providers, while International Medical Centre in Tijuana offers services in 26 languages.

As a would-be patient, perhaps you are not keen on spending hours and hours searching for the best available service, the lowest prices and the best hospitals and clinics.

That’s what we are for – to help you find your way around the world of medical tourism, and to help you decide which options are best for you.

Please bear in mind that any costs given as examples on this site should be viewed as an approximation only. Fluctuations in currency make it impossible for us to be able to give 100% accuracy. Still, we feel that the prices we have researched are accurate enough to help you decide which countries will make most sense for you as a patient.

The Gastric Sleeve in Mexico with Experienced Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Faustino Huacuz.

Dr. Daniel Huacuz is an experienced Bariatric surgeon practicing in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Huacuz is a highly experienced bariatric surgeon. Following medical school, he studied weight loss surgery in Spain for six months and then trained in Brazil on the gastric bypass procedure.

Choosing a gastric sleeve clinic in Mexico and most countries

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People undergoing Bariatric procedures for obesity problems, should make sure that the clinic where he or she will receive the treatment is fully approved by the American Society for Bariatric Surgery (ASBS), the largest society for Bariatrics in the world.

The American Society for Bariatric Surgery was founded in 1983, with the purpose to promote guidelines for ethical selection and care, promoting studies, research and educational programs. Some of the Bariatric treatment centers associated to the ASBS include:

Bariatric Treatment Centers in Arizona:
  • Scottsdale Healthcare Shea Campus
  • Scottsdale Bariatric Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in California:
  • Sacramento Bariatric Medical Associates
  • Laparoscopic Associates of San Francisco
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Colorado:
  • Colorado Bariatric Surgery Institute
  • The Denver Center for Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Connecticut:
  • Hospital of Saint Raphael
  • Orchard Surgical Specialists
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Florida:
  • Florida Center for Surgical Weight Control
  • Holy Cross Hospital
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Georgia:
  • Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Surgery Institute
  • Wellstar Health Systems
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Illinois:
  • University of Chicago Department of Surgery
  • Midwest Bariatric Institute
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Kentucky:
  • Saint Joseph East Center for Weight Loss
  • Bariatric Surgical Associates
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Louisiana:
  • Surgical Specialists of Shreveport
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Center of Louisiana
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Maine:
  • Eastern Maine Medical Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Maryland:
  • Comprehensive Obesity Management Program
  • Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Michigan:
  • Spectrum Health – Blodgett Campus
  • MMPC Center for Health Excellence
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Minnesota:
  • Minneapolis Bariatric Surgeons
  • Park Nicollet Clinic Bariatric Surgery Program
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Mississippi:
  • Baptist Memorial Hospital – North Mississippi
  • The Surgical Clinic of North Mississippi , LLC
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Nevada:
  • North Vista Hospital
  • Surgical Weight Control Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in New Jersey:
  • Salartash Surgical Associates
  • Princeton HealthCare System
Bariatric Treatment Centers in New York:
  • South Nassau Communities Hospital
  • New York Bariatrics & Laparoscopy, PC
Bariatric Treatment Centers in North Carolina:
  • Carolina Weight Loss Surgery
  • Cape Fear Valley Health System
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Ohio:
  • Cincinnati Group Health Associates
  • The Cleveland Center for Bariatric Surgery
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Oregon:
  • Good Samaritan Obesity Institute
  • Oregon Weight Loss Surgery, LLC
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Pennsylvania:
  • Geisinger Medical Center
  • Pittsburgh Bariatrics
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Rhode Island:
  • Roger Williams Medical Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in South Carolina:
  • Lexington Medical Center
  • South Carolina Obesity Surgery Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in North Dakota:
  • Sioux Valley Hospital USD Medical Center
  • Sioux Valley Clinic Surgical Associates
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Tennessee:
  • Memphis Surgery Associates
  • Cumberland Center for Obesity Surgery
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Texas:
  • The University of Texas Bariatric Center
  • East Texas Medical Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Virginia:
  • Weight Loss Surgery Center of Hampton Roads, PC
  • Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Washington:
  • St. Francis Hospital – Franciscan Health System
  • Surgical Weight Loss Clinic, PLLC
Bariatric Treatment Centers in Wisconsin:
  • Bariatric Institute of Wisconsin
  • Wisconsin Bariatrics

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