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Tennis elbow is the name of the pain condition that can occur on the outside of the upper arm at the elbow. This can occur suddenly and lead to dysfunction and pain. But why does it occur, and how to cure tennis elbow fast at home or with the help of a therapist? We answer your questions below.

Elbow Anatomy

The elbow joint is made up of three bones: the humerus (upper arm), the radius (radius), and the ulna (ulna). Using the elbow joint, the ulna and radius can be bent and stretched like a rotary or wheel joint. The muscles on the outside of the forearm are responsible for this.

The tendons transmit the force of the muscles to the bones. They are made of strong, elastic connective tissue. If we constantly carry out the same movement with our arm bent, the tense tendons rub over and over again over the elbow bone. This creates very fine cracks. It comes to the first pain in the elbow – at the epicondyle. This is a small bony prominence on the outside of the elbow. In this case, the diagnosis can point to tennis elbow (epicondylitis).

What Causes Lateral Epicondylitis?

Tennis elbow is a classic stress injury caused by overuse. Any activity that strains the muscles around the elbow over and over again can cause it. There is also a golfer’s version, called golfer’s elbow.
In tennis, backhanding the ball puts some stress on your forearm muscles, which repeatedly contract when you hit the ball. If you don’t have a good technique or you grip the racket too hard, that stress can be increased on the tendons that connect the muscles of the forearm to the elbow, and small tears can occur.

The more times you repeat it, and tennis is a sport of repetitive strokes, the more likely you are to develop the pathology.

It can also be caused by other racket sports, such as squash or racquetball. There are also certain jobs or activities that involve repetitive movements of the arm, such as:

  • To cut trees
  • Paint
  • Carpentry
  • play some musical instruments

Butchers, cooks, and assembly line workers are also among the groups where tennis elbow is a fairly common condition.

Golfer’s elbow differs from tennis elbow in that the pain is focused on the inside of the elbow, but the causes are quite similar: tendon tears caused by repetitive motion, such as swinging the golf ball to hit the ball or lift pesos.


What Are The Symptoms of Tennis Elbow?

Pain, swelling, and restriction of elbow movements are the most common symptoms seen in individuals suffering from tennis/golfer’s elbow. The pain can vary in severity, depending on the condition. Some people may have increased pain at night. The movement of the elbow joint may be restricted, either due to pain or due to an increased amount of inflammation in the elbow joint. In certain cases, the elbow joint can be painful to the touch. The pain may worsen when the affected arm is moved. In some cases, the skin over the elbow joints may appear red and feel hot to the touch. Some people may also complain of tingling or numbness in the fingers of the affected arm.

The type of tendinitis is diagnosed based on the history of your occupation and the type of repetitive motion you perform on a regular basis. The doctor also performs the physical examination to pinpoint the exact location of the pain or swelling to diagnose the type of tendinitis. Imaging tests such as X-rays or MRIs may be advised depending on the severity of the condition.

Diagnosis of Tennis Elbow Syndrome

Experienced orthopedic surgeons in our clinics will be able to accurately determine the degree of damage to the elbow joint and tendons. After that, you will be prescribed an effective treatment that will allow you to fully restore all motor functions of the hand.

Tennis elbow syndrome can be diagnosed using clinical examination data and instrumental studies.

During a clinical examination, the doctor determines the pain area and checks the arm for resistance to extension of the hand. In Tennis Elbow Syndrome, during the test, pain occurs in the area of ​​​​attachment of the muscle to the external epicondyle.

The purpose of diagnostic examinations is to exclude other possible diseases of the elbow joint: arthritis, pinched nerve, aseptic necrosis of the joint, osteochondrosis of the spine. With all of these diseases, pain in the elbow joint area may appear.

Tendonitis in The Elbow Can Be Prevented.

To avoid the onset of this elbow tendonitis, it is necessary to take preventative measures. The first step is to drink enough of water since dehydration causes tendons to suffer, especially before and after physical effort.

It is also necessary to warm up the tendons before participating in sports. “In terms of musculoskeletal disorders, the ergonomics of the workstation should be adjusted: supports for the elbow (the elbow must always be placed on a desk or on an armrest and not hang in the air), and task division to avoid repetitive gestures that solicit the elbow,” Dr. Kyrillos says.

In order to prevent epicondylitis in the workplace, it is also recommended to implement micro-breaks for recovery, adjust tools, equipment, and individual protection, as well as increased medical monitoring of employees. If discomfort occurs, apply a cold compress to the affected region and, if feasible, discontinue the activity.

Physical Therapy and Massage For Lateral Epicondylitis

Tennis elbow can also be treated with physical therapy measures. For example, massages of the wrist muscles and heat or cold treatments are suitable. Incidentally, whether it is better to cool or warm the tennis elbow depends on the stage of the injury: In the acute stage and after intensive exertion, cold has a soothing effect (apply ice wrapped in a towel for 20 to 30 minutes, pause for an hour, repeat). On the other hand, heat is much more beneficial for chronic tennis elbow.

Bandages To Treat Tennis Elbow Fast

If the symptoms are severe, those affected can wear a tennis elbow bandage (epicondylitis brace) over the elbow and wrist for a few weeks. It is available in some sports shops or in the medical supply store. The epicondylitis brace uses a small cushion (pad) to exert pressure on the corresponding muscles and tendons of the forearm so that it is better stabilized and the attachment of the extensor tendon is relieved. The pad is activated when you close your fist. The epicondylitis brace restricts the mobility of the arm, which makes sense in this case: the “forced immobilization” can accelerate the healing process.

The pad should sit about five centimeters below the elbow joint. One finger should fit between the arm and the pillow.

Kinesio Tape To Care Tennis Elbow Fast

Tape bandages and so-called kinesio tapes can also relieve the symptoms of tennis elbow. In order to tape the tennis elbow correctly, you can look at the corresponding instructions on the Internet. Your physiotherapist will do the taping more easily and professionally.

Medication and Supplements to Treat Tennis Elbow 

Doctors often use anti-inflammatory medication (either applied locally, for example, in the form of a gel, or taken orally) to cure tennis elbow fast. In addition to the classic rheumatism drugs ( antiphlogistics ), there are also various painkillers, muscle relaxation drugs, herbal preparations, enzymes and nucleotides. You should discuss which preparations make sense in individual cases with your doctor.

The Effect of Ultrasound on Tennis Elbow Syndrome

Treatment with ultrasound can also be an effective remedy for tennis elbow. It is used either to transport pain-relieving active ingredients under the skin (sonophoresis) or to generate local heat. This improves the local blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and can thus promote the healing process.

TENS unite For Tennis Elbow:

To treat pain quickly during immobilization, TENS devices can be used. With the TENS method – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation – pain is blocked and endogenous analgesic substances such as endorphin are released. This is a stimulation current process. Gentle electrical impulses, the frequency of which is controlled by the TENS device, stimulate the corresponding nerve fibers. Normally the acute pain already begins to decrease after a few sessions.

Promed Digi tens 3000

In the case of a tennis elbow is suitable, for example a Promed Digi tens 3000 for processing. To do this, stick the self-adhesive electrodes a little above and below the painful area. The initial frequency should be around 100 Hz and for long-term therapy a frequency of 2 Hz is recommended.

Infiltration therapy: Some doctors inject patients with tennis elbow with a local anesthetic to interrupt nerve conduction in the affected area and thus relieve the pain. Anti-inflammatory cortisone can also be injected. It is also possible to inject the nerve toxin botulinum toxin (” Botox”) at the main point of pain and into the affected muscles. This is “paralyzed” for a few months and can thus recover.

Other treatment options are, for example, extracorporeal shock wave therapy (pain relief through externally generated pressure waves), X-ray stimulus radiation (to reduce inflammation and pain relief) and laser treatment. Their effectiveness in tennis elbow has only been proven by a few studies.

What are The Benefits of Acupuncture For Tennis Elbow?

tennis elbow acupuncture

Acupuncture can be an effective treatment for cure lateral epicondylitis or tennis elbow fast. As an alternative to other medical treatments, acupuncture for tennis elbow can allow the patient to avoid a lot of steroid injections or surgery to repair the muscles or tendons of the wrist and forearm.

The use of acupuncture as a treatment promotes the flow of blood through the injured area and the natural healing of the human body.

While needles inserted into the skin are the most common use in acupuncture, heat or electrical stimulation of energy channels within the body or running over the skin of the body can also increase blood flow through the vessels of the body.

Treatments include relieving damaged tendons and muscles that are causing elbow pain and discomfort. Acupuncture pressure points are activated in the upper arm and forearm and are known to cause pain in the elbow region of the arm.

A patient is considered to have benefited from acupuncture to cure tennis elbow fast when they report a reduction or elimination of arm pain. Patients treated with acupuncture can commonly return to the job they had before tennis elbow forced them to rest the affected limb.

The use of heat or electrical stimulation is effective in cure tennis elbow fast due to the positive response of the blood vessels within the arm to heat, and cold often worsens the condition. Failure rates in the use of acupuncture for tennis elbow are low, and very few patients require a second course of treatment to maintain the benefits of treatment.

Acupuncture Points To Cure Tennis Elbow Fast

According to Chinese Medicine, tennis elbow or epicondylitis is caused by an Insufficiency of Qi and Blood, Dampness, Cold and Wind that cause poor blood circulation that does not nourish the muscle as it should, causing it to weaken and harden.

Acupuncture works by invigorating the flow of Qi and Blood throughout the area to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and promote the body’s ability to heal. With the associated electroacupuncture and cupping techniques, the best results can often be achieved.
Chinese Medicine uses the techniques of acupuncture, Tuina, Gua Sha and Auriculotherapy to treat epicondylitis. Although it depends on each person, achieving a great improvement in a few acupuncture sessions.
1. Qi and Blood Stagnation

Manifestations: Pain and heaviness or swelling and distention of the elbow, aggravated by movement and relieved by rest.

Point of Prescription and Manipulation:

Main Points: LI-12 Zhouliao, LI-11 Quchi, LI-10 Shousanli SJ-10
Tianjin, Ashi Point

Explanation: In the Ashi stitches, I stitched each stitch with the point of the needle in various directions and stitched each stitch with two needles.

2. Kidney Yang deficiency

Manifestations: Pain, swelling and discomfort of the elbow joint, aggravated by wind and cold, weakness and fatigue of the elbow joint.

Point of Prescription and Manipulation:

Main Points: RN-4 Guanyuan +, BL-23 Shenshu + LI-12
Zhouliao + SJ-10
Tianjin + Ashi Points

Explanation: Ashi points are punctured with the same manipulation mentioned above.

FAQs About Wrap and Braces to Treat Tennis Elbow Fast

tennis elbow wrap
Does the wrap cure tennis elbow?

An elbow brace comfortably stabilizes and supports a swollen and painful elbow joint.

Should I wrap my tennis elbow at night?

Do not wear a tight-fitting brace overnight, as this restricts movement and circulation and causes stiffness. A loose sleeve helps conserve heat in the arm, which can also positively affect circulation.

Is a tennis elbow sleeve or strap better?

Types of Tennis Elbow Sleeves Double support sleeves cover more skin than straps, so some people may not be as comfortable. However, dual support braces provide support for the elbow joint in addition to treating the usual symptoms of tennis elbow.

Should I wear a brace all day?

You wear the knee brace throughout the day, during your usual activities. Use it for a couple of weeks to see if you have an improvement in your symptoms. If it helps, that may be all you need to do; in addition to perhaps taking an anti-inflammatory.

Is there a brace for tennis elbow?

The tape limits wrist movements, reducing stress on the elbow tendons. Another way to cure tennis elbow fast is to put a brace or splint on the wrist. Typically, a tennis elbow brace involves the wrist. Bracing the wrist can limit excessive stress on the tendons that attach to the outside of the elbow.

What is the best brace for elbow tendonitis?

Top 5 Tennis Elbow Straps

  • Basic Strap: Mueller Hg80 Tennis Elbow.
  • Classic strap: Rolyan neoprene tennis elbow strap.
  • Strap & Sleeve: Vulkan Advanced Elastic Elbow Support.
  • Premium material strap: Cramer tennis elbow strap.
  • Strap and Ice Pack: Rolyan Gel/Air Elbow Support Universal.
How long to wear the splint?

In general, 6 weeks, then gradual weaning. Sometimes only a few days with caution, sometimes 3 months.

What is the healing time for an elbow fracture?

It is always difficult to give a precise deadline. The healing and recovery time after an elbow fracture depends on many parameters. In case of cure tennis elbow fast, it takes at least 6 to 12 weeks for the ligaments to be healing from inflammation again, whether or not there is an operation and immobilization.

Healing of inflamed ligmanent do not however mean that one has recovered 100% of the functions of his arm. On the contrary, it is from 4 to 8 weeks after the tennis elbow that one begins to recover the use of one’s arm.

14 Home remedies to cure tennis elbow fast

Everyone knows the term, many have to do with it, but only a few know how to help themselves with healthy home remedies:

  1. Do stretching exercises for about 5 minutes before putting weight on the arm.
  2. What hurts is spared – that doesn’t help here. Try to use your arm normally, even if it hurts.
  3. Rub the arm with red oil twice a day.
  4. A hay flower bath relieves pain and reduces inflammation.
  5. Crush fresh cabbage to extract the juice. Then apply the porridge to your aching arm and cover the area with a warm towel.
  6. Apply rubs with rosemary oil regularly.
  7. Smear a cloth as thick as a finger with quark and make a bandage around your arm.
  8. If you are conducting from acute pain, then you should hold your arm under cold water for a long time or apply a cold compress.
  9. If you have chronic tennis elbow, you need to resort to heat (red light radiation).
  10. Fully extend your elbow while rotating your forearm inward. Then gently push the sore hand to the side so the fingers are pointing outwards. You should hold the tension for 15 seconds, then take a short break and finally start again from the beginning.
  11. There is a special bandage (epicondylitis brace) that relieves the strained muscles (sports shop or medical supply store).
  12. If you work a lot on the computer, then move the mouse as little as possible. Enter shortcuts using the keyboard whenever possible.
  13. Rub the painful areas with propolis ointment from the beehive (pharmacy) in the evening.
  14. There are good acupressure and puncture techniques for tennis elbow. Check with the physical therapist.

Some of the medicines used to cure tennis elbow fast at home

  • Nemalox.
  • Solid.
  • Venture.
  • Conforted.
  • Endosed.
  • Endogysk.
  • Indomethacin.
  • Rothacin.
  • Methacin

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