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The Best Psychological Diet To Burn Belly Fat With Telemedicine – Fitoont

We all knew the stages in which the conditions were not good in health and morale, telemedicine with nutrition may play an essential role in such cases as it can improve you and make you go through this bad stage as soon as possible, and here we will talk about a psychological diet. (Source)

On the other hand, poor food may be the cause of many problems and double fatigue, financially and physically.

Therefore, we must eat adequate amounts of vitamins, especially vitamin C, which helps maintain good physical health.

The psychological diet is the diet that is done through the obesity psychological treatment centers, which focus on:
  • Attacking a person’s eating behavior patterns.
  • Try to discover the basic problem of weight gain.
  • Teaching how to maintain the reduced weight that he reached after applying the diet.
  • And also help him get rid of the guilt for being fat.
  • Stay away from weight-loss medication with daily exercise for 45 minutes and walking for an hour.
  • Raising the awareness of the individual to eat only what his body needs, to control himself and use his will.

As for the accompanying psychological diet, it is characterized by good taste, provided that its prices do not exceed 700 prices per day, which is as follows ..

The breakfast:
  • Half a grapefruit.
  • Boiled egg.
  • A piece of dry toast.
  • Tea or coffee without sugar.

“Eggs and toast can be replaced with four tablespoons of corn flakes with half a cup of skimmed milk.”

Lunch: It is low in protein.
  • A large plate of fresh vegetable salad.
  • A medium dish of vegetable soup.
  • 60 grams of “oil-free” tuna “or a medium piece of cottage cheese.”
  • An orange, 6 grapes, 6 strawberries, or a small piece of melon.
The Dinner:
  • Such as lunch with the addition of 120 grams of meat, chicken or fish.
There is a psychological exercise that can be practiced when exposed to the temptation of eating.

Great Exercise:

  • Place your index and thumb fingers over the forehead, above the eyebrows, and press firmly.
  • Hold yourself for 5 seconds, then relax completely while sitting.
  • Repeat this exercise 5 times.
  • It is an exercise that helps get rid of the behavior practiced by the individual involuntarily while he is in his heart he does not want to practice it.

We find that psychological treatment centers put a doctor at the inmates’ disposal who guides and directs them and learns in the centers to prepare healthy and low-calorie meals.

Finally: Finally: 10 psychological nutritional tricks to burn belly fat that you will know about through any telemedicine platform

Exercise is an interesting and fun activity: this is how you should think about it

Telemedicine doctors believe in our fitoont website, exercise with vigor and joy is the most important and beneficial.

As when you like something, you will do it well and continuously, and from here you will integrate exercise into your daily routine.

Example: If you do not like running, stop immediately, although it has been shown to help burn belly fat. But if you don’t stick to running and do it pressurized and forced, it won’t yield good result.

Be kind to yourself:

One of the best advantages of telemedicine is that you can get good and positive advice and talk. As it’s out of crisis, you need to see yourself well and give yourself a positive perspective.

He will talk to telemedicine doctors about how you envision your future self, what your body will look like in six months, and think about how amazing you look and feel.

Reconsider what you know about losing belly fat:

Now it is easy to communicate with the doctors and dietitians to know the best and latest methods of dieting. And also, understanding losing belly fat in a healthy way, which is the first key to achieving this ideal.

More Tricks:

  1. Be aware of what you eat and find out
  2. Never go grocery shopping hungry
  3. Don’t put too many ingredients on the same plate
  4. Eat slowly and without haste
  5. Remove from your sight those foods that you do not want to eat
  6. The importance of the spiritual
  7. Get used to practicing sports little by little
  8. Put little food on your plate
  9. Losing weight: a slow and steady process
  10. Get rid of anxiety

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