telemedicine nutrition: the future of healthy life to lose weight - fitoont

Telemedicine Nutrition: The Future Of Healthy Life To Lose Weight – Fitoont

In order to be able to lose weight, you must have the tools necessary to combat malnutrition like telemedicine nutrition. So that the problem of undernourishment does not exacerbate the health image that is often already at risk.

Especially the elderly and the chronically ill.

Especially those who stay in long-term elderly wards.

69% of cases, according to World Health Ministry data, are among the people most at risk of malnutrition.

In addition to these, 39% of people in hospital and 19% of the elderly and elderly in hospitals.

Also, about 39% of the elderly suffer from malnutrition upon admission to hospital, compared to 20% of other patients.

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What are the diseases related to nutrition deficiency?

  • Increased risk of infection.
  • Comorbidities and complications.
  • Extending the recovery period.
  • Increased number of preventable deaths.

How does telemedicine work with nutrition?

We have the most qualified nutritionists who work in great cooperation with any patient.

They coperate with you to:

  • Understand your current diet.
  • The necessary changes in the body to achieve the best.

Some telemedicine platforms support you to improve your diet through personalized treatment that can provide the same benefits, if not better, than medical treatment without you going to any clinics.

When you use telemedicine to follow a nutritional therapy program: if you are an adult and suffers from overweight and accumulate belly fat, you will find a significant decrease in weight more than adults with normal weight.

You must keep a plan of the foods that you will eat as this can double your weight loss.

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Telemedicine nutrition examination

Modern technologies come to help these vulnerable population groups by allowing health professionals to conduct remote nutritional exams and periodically check-ups for patients through video visits or what is called telemedicine.

Thus the specialist can ascertain, for example, difficulty swallowing or chewing, intolerance and special feeding.

Transfer data and images easily and discreetly over broadband to monitore people in the hospital in structures where there is no clinical dietitian.

Additional advantages of this type of approach are the reduced demand for hospital or emergency room transfers and the targeted use of drugs.

The trial with this technology was started, for example, by fitoont in 2020 and has shown improvement in convenience and reduced cost per patient.

“Although treating malnutrition has been included since the 1990s as a strategic intervention in home and elderly care, there is still a lot to be done,” said Dr. Maria.

More attention to diet and nutrition with telemedicine

It is well known that catering services within nursing homes are not duly taken into account …. Why?

  • Food menus are often redundant.
  • Foods are not very palatable.
  • Strict schedules and eating times.
  • And the quality of raw materials sometimes supports economic comfort at the expense of quality.
  • Excessive supply of cold dishes.
  • Evening meals too early for organizational reasons to the detriment of guests’ needs.
  • Lack of help with the meal.

However, nutritionists stress that greater attention to these aspects will have positive effects on elderly people in care homes, with reduced risk of infection, preservation of muscle mass and thus greater strength to walk (and less risk of falls), thus greater personal independence, and fewer problems. Cognitive, depression and apathy.

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How to recognize malnutrition?

Deficiency of macronutrients (such as proteins) and micronutrients (such as vitamins and minerals) is considere as a true disease, “multi-headed snake.”

As identified by nutritionists: Malnutrition is a problem that can appear in many forms, such as cachexia, where the lack of calories and protein is long-lasting and relentlessly “consumes” muscle and fat masses, often occurring in the terminal stage of chronic disease and tumor.

Possible external causes of malnutrition, however, include poor knowledge of the patient’s nutritional needs, immobility in bed, and prolonged glucose and physiological solution treatments, which may lead to weight loss.

Telemedicine and Nutrition platform

It is a remote platform that aims to provide remote food services through the use of innovative technologies, such as telemedicine and devices to detect patient vital parameters.

Also the food service is purchased on a subscription basis, wherein the patient can benefit from the advice of one of our dietitians who will follow along the agreed nutritional path.

In particular, the subscription to the food service offers:

A direct line with the specialist to interact with him via TV, chat and email.

Electronic medical record for reporting human personal, clinical and standard data.

An effective diet in which the system provides the patient with possible alternatives for each meal, based on the food protocol set by the specialist.

Automatic calculation of daily caloric balance, in which the calories eaten are also controlled depending on the activity performed.

Course progress report to assess progress and results obtained.

Automatic detection of patient vital parameters thanks to Movita devices, specially designed for use with the Telemedicine Feeding service.

Fitoont’s Telemedicine Sustenance Counseling Stage furnishes patients with customized nourishing exhortation, diet plans, and furthermore broadened competitors dependent on their weight reduction objectives – free of charge and without time squandering.

Nourishment consultants answer addresses that consistently dwell in patients’ psyches, for example,

  • They address concerns identified with getting thinner.
  • Stomach related problems.
  • Sports sustenance issues.
  • Food sensitivity issues.
  • Particular eating routine plans.
  • Hypertension/cholesterol and illnesses identified with dietary change.

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