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The right physical activity and a good balanced diet help us to regain a healthy weight over time, this is what we’re going to talk about today, what are the best the best  telemedicine stocks 2021, especially in the field of diet, and how it helps to have a perfect body and lose weight in a healthy way.

If we want to lose weight, we must therefore eat (well), because by reducing the caloric and nutritional intake we will obtain the opposite effect, all the functions of our body will slow down, including our metabolic engine of course.

What is the seriousness of following a strict diet?

The mechanism is simple to explain:

If the cells receive little “fuel”, as in the case of a strict diet of subtraction (especially if “do it yourself”), they will perceive this decrease in nutrients as an “emergency”, to which they will be able to respond only by trying to save as much as possible the existing energy reserves, limiting their consumption as much as possible.

However, this highly efficient defense mechanism will prevent our body from losing weight! Our body is an extraordinary work machine that reaches certain levels of performance based on the quality and quantity of fuel it receives.

Only a good balanced food (carbohydrates, proteins and fats), rich in micronutrients and poor in cytotoxic and genotoxic substances, is able to provide our body with all the necessary fuel. Food greatly affects the activity of our hormones.

By increasing the intake of foods rich in nutrients, there is an increase in the secretion of thyroid hormones. And this determines an acceleration of the basal metabolism, which in turn promotes fat loss. First effect: weight loss. But in addition to food, there is also another factor that can greatly influence our body weight: the right physical activity and specifically that capable of increasing the basal metabolic rate.

So, if you are overweight, take a look at your basal metabolic rate values: most likely behind your difficulty in losing weight lies a slowed basal rate.

There are many telemedicine stocks 2021 that allow you to know your (BMR) by just entering some simple data such as: weight, height, age and gender.

Here are the best and most accurate of them:


2- Alevia

3- Active

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Basal metabolic rate (BMR) is the energy expenditure of a living organism at rest, fasting, including the energy necessary for vital metabolic functions (respiration, blood circulation, nervous system activity, etc.). It represents about 45-75% of the total energy expenditure in the day. Raising the basal metabolism means putting the body in a metabolic situation of greater energy expenditure from fats.

It has been found that, in an action subject with good muscle mass, the basic metabolism reaches a much higher value, compared to those of a sedentary subject with low muscle mass.

In short, those who do physical activity, aimed at maintaining and strengthening their muscle mass, will be able to achieve faster weight loss!

Having more muscle also means burning more fat at rest and therefore having a high slimming potential!

This means that a person with good muscle mass will be able to burn more fat even while at rest than someone with poor muscle.

But carrying out constant and adequate physical activity not only helps to lose weight, but also brings a significant benefit on a systemic level:

  • It reduces cardiovascular risk.
  • It has a preventive form against numerous tumors.
  • Prevents insulin resistance and therefore the form of diabetes II and the metabolic syndrome.
  • Protects bones and prevents osteoporosis.
  • Improves functional autonomy.
  • It has an excellent influence on cognitive abilities with reduction of anxiety and depression.

In short, finding the time to practice a sport or a simple physical activity should become a constant choice in your lifestyle.

The problem, as always, is that we cannot find the right balance in our choices:

Either we “massacre” ourselves every day with excessive and exhausting physical activities that over time risk doing more harm than good (especially if we are not followed by a good personal trainer) or we lead a sedentary life, running all day after a thousand commitments which, if badly managed, cause us only stress and discontent which then inevitably find gratification in “junk food”. As always, I invite you to search for the right personal solution. First of all, it is important to engage in a business that we really enjoy and easy to manage.

So, whether it’s a tango course or a walk in the woods or an intense gardening activity. All of them will become really useful for our psycho physical health. Better thirty minutes every day dedicated with passion to a brisk walk or a series of football exercises, rather than one or two hours a week. Perhaps on the same day, engaged in an activity that we do not like. But that we do only because we we delude ourselves that it will help us to achieve the much desired weight loss or toning goals.

One of the secrets that allows us to get the best results is to learn to love what we do. Because this positive mental attitude will stimulate the famous placebo effect: I like it, I believe it, it works! Then you put yourself in a position to love “your” physical activity, regardless of whether it is an amateur or competitive activity. Mind and body always travel in feedback, so it is important to take actions that do not create a discrepancy between the two.

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Aerobics to lose weight by telemedicine stocks 2021:

The first goal to be achieved is certainly constancy and regularity. It is useless to start with a thousand good intentions and then surrender to the first difficulty, of whatever nature it may be. Determination is one of the qualities that most allow us to achieve what we aim for.

As our body gets used to the new physical activity, it is advisable to increase its intensity. The important thing is to do it gradually:

I always push myself to the limit, but I don’t go beyond it, raising the bar of my performance every time. But be careful!

You can communicate with qualified doctors and personal trainers to be able to achieve your goal without getting tired. This will be via telemedicine stocks 2021 like the fitoont platform.

Telemedicine stocks 2021 helps you create a diet plan:

Training, more or less intense, alone does not work miracles. But it is necessary to have, as I have already emphasized: Correct and balanced diet, also based on the physical activity we choose. Because when the body is under physical effort it requires a specific food intake; we need to work on the emotional and mental aspect, to ensure the best management of our relational and social life; it is essential to have the right functionality of our gastrointestinal system. So as to guarantee the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of toxins; we must strengthen our Microbiota, because it will help our immune system to fight any pathogen, whether endogenous or exogenous.

In short, as always, health is a set of healthy and good habits that must become our lifestyle over time!

In conclusion, thank you with all our hearts for your interest in reading it. We wish that we have not wasted your valuable time on something useless. Our team hopes that this article was useful enough to you. So, kindly share this article with all your friends to be useful. Believe me, we want to teach you everything about telemedicine.




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