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HCG 800 Calorie diet Telemedicine Plan To Lose Weight – Fitoont

HCG 800 calorie diet telemedicine from the Fitoont platform provides an opportunity for patients seeking to burn fat through the HCG diet to interact with an experienced and competent nutritionist who has treated hundreds or even thousands of obese patients using a highly flexible weight loss and fat burning plan: An advanced HCG diet plan.

HCG 800 calorie diet is a safe and natural human hormone that is part of a low-calorie diet under medical supervision.

The HCG diet Fat Burn Scheme was started more than 69 years ago in Italy, by endocrinologists. Their original plan was based on searching India immediately after the World War.

They discovered that HCG, in pregnant women, can help non-pregnant women lose weight, burn fat and mobilizing fat from deposits throughout the body.

Hence, the original hcg 500 calorie diet diet has been modified over the years and hence scientists have been interested in developing new concepts for weight loss, including creating low-carb food products.

800 calories advanced weight loss plan

A nutritionist and weight loss expert updated the original HCG 500 Calorie diet using the new hcg 800 calorie diet in 2012 and during this period continued to update and refine the plan.

Notably, since 2010, this diet developer has published 4 books on the Evolving HCG Diet, the most recent of which is the update of the original hcg 500 calorie diet with the current low-carb products of the 800 Calories HCG Diet.

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hcg, diet, telemedicine. hcg telemedicine diet, fitoont, obesity, nutrition, telehealth

By doing this, he removed some outdated old system concepts such as:

  1. Eat for two days
  2. Restricting vitamins and supplements
  3. Automatic stopping points.

Hence, the results of this advanced plan to lose weight and burn belly fat have been successful, effective and extremely safe, used by hundreds or even thousands of obese people across the country.

Telemedicine hcg 800 calorie diet: Acceptable, Safe, and Successful Weight Loss

79% of American adults were overweight in 2018, with 37% of men and 41% of women diagnosed with obesity.

Many people, especially in America, Spain and Italy, who need to lose weight and burn belly fat, face difficulties in finding a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

In addition to the recent Covid-19 epidemic, which has led to the need for plans to lose weight and burn belly fat as well as make access to experienced and qualified dietitians and nutritionists difficult.

However, telemedicine programs are increasingly being recognized by phone or virtual medical visits, also called e-visits.

As it has many distinct advantages in contrast to traditional methods of providing medical care to patients and doctors. It also solves the problems of many patients and the shortage of service providers.

In addition to the convenience and ease of use, recent scientific studies have reported successful weight loss and fat burning and weight maintenance using the Telemedicine hcg 800 calorie diet.

Telemed hcg 800 calorie diet

Let me explain this diet plan from Telemed as it presents this plan in a unique and highly elaborate way to lose weight and burn fat.

The best nutritionists designed Telemed hcg 800 calorie diet with:

  • Online demos of HCG concepts
  • Food menus and shopping for products
  • Discussion of HCG drops versus injection
  • Various oral HCG preparations supported.

The customized HCG Diet program begins with the first requirement for a patient to complete a new online form. In this program, we review medical history, nutritional and medical problems, and previous failed or successful weight loss attempts.

The specialist reviews the plans that worked and failed in the past, as well as medications that may have been prescribed before.

We must encourage the patient to describe his usual daily consumption of foods and drinks, especially during stressful periods of his life, as well as his daily activities.

The focus is on reducing high-impact carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes and many other snacks that we must eliminate as part of the hcg diet

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HCG 800 calorie diet and keto diet:

  • The 800 calories diet of HCG reduces high-impact carbohydrates and increases protein.
  • On the keto diet, fat is also limited. But adding HCG increases fat burning, reduces appetite, and ensures successful weight loss and fat burning.

Patients who follow the plan by telemedicine can lose an average of 0.6 – 1.1 pounds per day.

During the first few days of an HCG telemedicine diet, you might feel a little hungry but very frightened. But this is normal because you drastically reduce your food intake.

Hence, by the second week, many people find that small portions of food are completely filling.

Because everyone has a different weight loss goal; The length of the program will be customized according to your specific needs.

Keep in mind that if you have a significant amount of weight and want to lose it, know that a second or third course of treatment may be required.

hcg telemedicine diet, nutrtion, obesity, telehealth

We will provide you with all the sites and platforms that provide this diet:

1- HCG 800 calorie diet from Dr Lipman

A unique feature, but more than a wonderful one, is presented in a visit to Dr. Liebmann’s virtual website:

The patient can record the meeting completely remotely. As this meeting includes questions and answers between Dr. Liebmann and the patient simultaneously with a computer screen belonging to Dr. Liebmann. These include new food menus, food products and available drug options. You can save this anywhere on the mobile, Google Drive, or any other service so that you can view it again.

2- Kristy Vermeulen, N.D.

You will get strong and noticeable results using the weight loss program offered by Dr. Vermeuline, but you will receive good care as well.

3- Scott Shapiro MD – Dr Charlotte HCG

Dr. Scott Shapiro provides obese patients with an effective weight loss and fat burning treatment, the Telemedicine HCG Diet.

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