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Technology is increasingly betting on the health sector, and thus, there are countless telemedicine diet technology and applications like: lose it app on Iphone that are used to improve diet (weight lose) and / or encourage physical activity. However, do they really help you with weight loss?  (Source)

The pros of the use of telemedicine diet apps

Using mobile apps such as: lose it app, wearables, or other tools when losing weight can provide various benefits, such as facilitating awareness and mental recording of the activity we do and / or the diet we eat.

In other words, telemedicine diet technology can enhance self-evaluation of our habits and this has been associated with significant weight loss. Additionally, they can facilitate records by:

  • Facilitate recording what we eat and the quantity.
  • Automatic detection of our activity.
  • Steps taken or the time we spend being active and sitting.

A study published in the Journal of telemedicine compared weight loss in those who used traditional self-monitoring or self-assessment strategies and those who used telemedicine diet technology in addition to mobile phone technology, and the latter were the ones who lost the most weight. Therefore, in this sense, it could Technology offers a huge advantage.

On the other hand, many quantitative tools or wearables and lose it app have functions that motivate us to eat better or move more and this can be very helpful in improving our habits, as was confirmed by research published in November 2013.

All these functions have been made available to us by various telemedicine diet technology or mobile devices to improve traditional strategies when losing weight and, therefore, can offer benefits when we seek to lose weight.

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The cons of telemedicine diet apps

Just as telemedicine technology can offer advantages for losing weight and has many advantages, its use has some disadvantages that we must know, but they are very limited.

In the first place, self-monitoring of devices and applications may not be completely accurate, because we as users must have consistency in recording those foods eaten or activity time in the case of mobile applications, but we can fail to quantify the amount of food eaten.

On the other hand, a study by the American College of Exercise found that many measuring tools are accurate in calculating steps taken but not very accurate in showing the calories burned. And the accuracy of many data can vary according to the activity being performed.

Likewise, wearables and apps can encourage exercise in some people, but do not produce the same effect in all people, so their effectiveness is variable. Even, it often happens that the positive effect on diet and exercise is temporary, and after a certain time of technology use, habits do not show improvements compared to what they were before use.

Another important aspect is that a lot depends on everyone’s love for the use of tools and mobile applications and also on the correct choice of the telemedicine diet technology in particular that we will use, which is not an easy task due to the great diversity of options that we find today in the market.

Using this data, we should know that the tools and applications of telemedicine technology for weight loss can be used as long as they are used as a supplement to the other strategies and resources that have been endorsed and suggested by health professionals, because they alone may not be of great use or trigger errors without noticing it.

And you, do you use lose it app technology to lose weight? Do you think tools and apps help improve habits?

It’s inevitable and we all know it: it’s Christmas. That is why, after a few days to get rid of leftovers, it is time to think about taking care of ourselves and losing the kilos that we have gained in recent weeks.

To help with that, we suggest the best telemedicine diet technology tools for you to eat healthy food and follow a diet.

All the help is little and there are many tools that can help us eat healthy food, get rid of fats and make our meals and snacks more palatable, to restore the kind we had before the holiday.

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Best 6 Technology For Weight Loss and alternate to lose it app

Diet Piggy

Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement and encouragement not to eat a tasty snack. And this little pig can become your true ally. Diet Piggy is a device that you can place near the foods you love and want to avoid consuming, so every time you open a place where you keep them, it will greet you with a loud “Oink Oink”.


diet piggy for weight loss


Aromatherapy is another interesting option for weight loss, at least that’s what the creators of Slissie claim. This device provides a burst of appetite-suppressing flavors without steam, helping you cut back on snacking and stick to your diet.

 Slissie for weight loss


Hydration is very important when it comes to losing weight, because water speeds up the metabolism and helps to discard toxins and harmful substances more quickly. HydroCoach, a water bottle that keeps a diary of your hydration, is a perfect device to monitor your water intake.

Hydracoach for weight loss


Situ Scale

It is also important to measure portion size and calorie level of food. However, we can hardly get that information quickly. Situ, a simple food scale with a Bluetooth chip that connects to Apple or Android tablets, could go a long way. You can put almost any food in the gadget and get the exact nutritional information about it.

situ scale for weight loss


The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular among those seeking rapid weight loss. And this new gadget is able to help those who decide to give it a try. Keyto is a respiration sensor that tracks the user’s ketosis level while on a low carb or ketogenic diet.

keyto diet for weight loss

Micoach Pacer

This is another Adidas tracker that will teach you to improve your training through simple instructions that are passed to your ears through headphones.

In this way you can run as much as you want to follow instructions so as not to hurt yourself. As an added benefit, you can gain lean muscle, lose weight and it is especially aimed at novice runners with little knowledge of cardio and sports.

Micoach Pacer Adidas tracker



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