Teladoc Stock Price And All Companies With Infographics

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Today we’ll show you a chart and Teladoc stock price statistics and all telemedicine companies in 2021 and especially in March (Source)

A glance at the bar graph provided elucidates the prices of the 7 telemedicine stocks, namely (Teladoc, American Well, Well health technology, One Medical, Gigcapetal 2, NextGen Healthcare and Philips) with American dollar in 2021.

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Overall, What stands out from the graph that there were great fluctuations between all seven companies in their prices, which Teladoc stock price saw inclined rate for the price at this time to reach its peak at 176.89 dollars, and, the price of the Well health technology stock experienced a considerable fallen to reach 7.42 dollars in 2021.

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Regarding the graph, decreasing Teladoc stock price from 176.89 dollars to 56.88 dollars for Philips stock, at this point, this company’s stock is the second place among telemedicine companies.

Looking at the graph in more details, it can see that Gigacapital price stock then saw a marked increase to reach 10 dollars in 2021.

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On 27 march of 2021, there were just over 17 dollars, which makes this stock the fourth place among telemedicine companies. Then this number grew by nearly a dollar in the same year for a telemedicine company called NextGen Health over 18 dollars.

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