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10 Stories for Vaser Lipo Before and After with Tips – Fitoont

Are you dissatisfied because your diet and exercise aren’t producing the desired results? Liposuction is a plastic surgery treatment used to eliminate bulges caused by fat buildup. The Lipo technique is not an efficient approach to reduce weight, while it can assist remove fat in areas where exercise is ineffective. We will now show you several Vaser lipo success stories with before and after images.

1- Vaser lipo before and after for breast

vaser lipo before and after





Hello, I am 35 years old and a little before the summer I underwent breast liposuction.

I won’t hide the fact that when I contacted the Fitoont team I was more orientated towards a minimally invasive technique like laser liposuction.

During the online meeting, the doctor, his wife Maruta and my aunt, who followed me step by step, made me understand that only through the traditional liposuction procedure can I solve my problem in a definitive and satisfactory way.

So far, it’s only been two months, but my life has already changed for the better, to the point that I recommend it to my dad too!

2- Vaser liposuction chest

vaser liposuction

I was born in Mexico. Fitoont was recommended to me by a friend who had previously worked with them and was quite pleased. I must say that I was pleased with the selection of competence and friendliness of all the employees from the first day to the last; they all play their roles with great professionalism and seriousness, and it is immediately apparent that they devote themselves to the client with great care and attention.
I, too, can attest to my satisfaction with the outcome of my breast fat contouring procedure.

3- Vase Lipo before and after arm

liposuction arm pic

Hi, I’m Luliano and I’d like to tell you about my experience with a happy ending and great satisfaction.
After countless searches on the internet, I decided to reach out to the Fitoont team in order to recommend a surgeon for my Vaser liposuction.
Assuming that since my early teens I’ve always had a lot of fat on my arms.
It all happened in the winter, but with the summer approaching, I was haunted by the urge to do intense diet and exercise. I was so nervous that all attempts failed.

Finally, at 32 I made up my mind and said, “That’s enough!”

So I decided among my various researches to dedicate myself to the Fitoont platform, and….what can I tell you..??
They comfort the patient, and they answer all questions with great charisma!
They gave me a lot of advice and sent me a lot of pictures…… Then they advised me about the 4 best hospitals near me for plastic surgery in Mexico

5 stars they deserve!!! I highly recommend this platform!

4- Liposuction arm

vaser liposuction arm before and after

It had become an obsession for me since the fat on my arms was upsetting me so much, especially when I was wearing shorts.
Dr. Richard Richard was recommended to me by the Fitoont telemedicine platform team after he visited me and learned about my concerns. He recommended that I get Liposculpture, which I did, and I am now three months later delighted that I did.
If I go back, I’m not sure I’ll be able to make a decision.

5- Vaser liposuction for arm

arm fat lift

In July 2018, I chose to have a telemedicine consultation with the Fitoont team to decrease arm fat.

During the online consultation, the doctor, who is a diligent, attentive and expert, walked me through the various options with a thorough explanation, and in the end, he advised liposuction and the finest hospital in London for liposuction surgery.

The procedure was carried out a few days later. The procedure took place in collaboration with the surgeon who did the operation for me, as the doctor described in the online consultation.

I must add that everyone at Fitoont Platform and the hospital treated me really well; the physicians and personnel are all kind, helpful, professional, and knowledgeable, and they follow up with you and explain everything in detail so you don’t have any questions.

I am really pleased with everything, as demonstrated in the before and after photographs of arm Vaser lipo, and I discovered a fantastic team of pros. Thanks!

6- Vaser abdominal liposuction before and after

tummy tuck pics




Abdominal liposuction was performed by Dr. Marked, who was selected based on the recommendation of the Fitoont platform. My contact with this team was very professional. Because they have very skilled and honest doctors, it was an enjoyable experience. They answered all my questions and explained what I should expect Vaser lipo before and after. It wasn’t painful at all, very quiet thanks to the staff who are always there. The pain after surgery was mild and I immediately resumed my daily activities. I feel highly recommend connecting with Fitoont with their professional team.

7- Vaser Lipo tummy before and after

tummy tuck pics

I underwent Vaser lipo for tummy by Dr. Richard Westreich at a New York clinic in early January following a recommendation from the Fitoont platform team. Less than a month later, I went to the beach in a swimsuit I hadn’t dreamed of a year ago.

While I was chatting with one of the Fitoont Online team, I was able to talk and laugh which gave me a stinging calm. They told me that the surgery would take about two hours, but the time passed without fatigue or pain.

The surgeon’s integrity and professionalism made me feel so comfortable that I was sorry when it all ended. The result was surprising, exceeding all expectations. Even the Fitoont medical team was excited to see me transformed and happy, radiant, and beautiful Vaser lipo before and after. No one would notice my surgery if the wound did not appear a little long.

Thanks to all Fitoont staff, you will always be in my heart

8- Vaser Liposuction before and after flanks

vaser lipo flanks before and after

My profile has clearly improved as a result of  Vaser liposuction, and I’m delighted I did it.
I found professionalism, decency, clarity and consistency of information, as well as a pleasant, well-equipped, and safe environment, on the fitoont telehealth platform.
Doctor Jess Benito, who was suggested by the Fitoont team, was the surgeon who performed on me.
In the accompanying image, you can see the difference between Vaser lipo before and after.

9- Vaser Liposculpture flanks

vaser liposuction flanks before and after






Hello, One month after my body shaping operation, I’d want to tell my testimony.
Following the advice of the fitoont medical staff, I chose to have this operation. Where I was afflicted by dreadful fat on my sides.

I propose this sort of surgery to everyone who loves me and finds themselves in front of the mirror not knowing how to feel comfortable in what they’re wearing or who feels insecure.

The discomfort was usually short-lived. Pain is subjective, and the consequences can be seen nearly quickly. You can see my Vaser lipo before and after photos here. I appreciate Fitoont’s assistance with this, as well as the staff’s friendliness and kindness.

10- Vaser knee and inner thighs Lipo before and after

vaser lipo before and after








I am very satisfied with the result as there is a big difference before and after liposuction as shown in the pictures, I have reduced the circumference of the inner thighs in a natural way and tightened the skin. The result is wonderful. The Vuitnet team helped me a lot with some things. thank you

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