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Kyrillos Mina, online nutritionist, physiotherapist.
I have been practicing since 2016, I started my work in Egypt with various athletes as a medical assistant for sports teams such as cyclists, boxers, basketball, footballers, jet ski pilots and of course bodybuilders.

I graduated from a national master’s degree in physical therapy, master’s degree in nutrition and biochemistry, sports and therapeutic traumatology, master’s degree in national nutrition academy sport and medicine.

The online Nutritionist consultation includes:

  • A full nutrient analysis based on a 3 day food diary.
  • A detailed report comparing your results to current reference values
  • Personalized advice and support regarding any specific issues
  • Full site membership access for 28 days- including access to the forum
  • All of this for free, call Now to request an e-consultation or to discuss your requirements with your Nutritionist.

If you want to check your diet is providing you with everything your body needs to function at its best, request an online consultation with your Nutritionist. We will compare the results of your food diary analysis to the current reference values for your age and gender. We will then advise you if you would benefit from increasing your intake of any vitamins or minerals and give you practical tips to achieve this by making small changes to your existing diet.

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Advises of our online nutritionist

We can also advise you if you are worried about any particular issue or have any specific symptoms you think may be linked to your diet.

For example, if you are feeling tired and run down. Results from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey suggest many young women, in particular, have inadequate mineral intakes. Mild iron deficiency is common and can leave you feeling tired, rundown and may make you less resistant to infections.

A 3 day food diary analysis will give us a snapshot of your usual intake so should highlight if you are not meeting the reference values for a particular nutrient, such as Iron. Once this has been identified, we will give you practical suggestions how to increase your intake calories.

To make sure the advice we give is as beneficial as possible, please make sure you answer all questions truthfully and give full details of any medical conditions that may affect your nutritional status. We cannot give you the best advice unless we have accurate information.

E-consultation/ Nutrient Analysis

If you want to check your nutrition or think you have a vitamin/ mineral deficiency, contact us for online nutritionist consultation.

For Free, we will analyze a 3 day food diary, where you record everything you eat and drink for 3 days. This will allow us to gain a snapshot into your eating habits. We will then provide you with a detailed analysis for each nutrient and suggest ways to improve your nutritional status. If there is a specific issue you are concerned about, your recommendations will be focussed around solving this problem. You will also have full access to the site, including latest news, reviews and the forum for 28 days.

Why am I the best online nutritionist?

I’m a fully qualified Nutritionist who offers advice based on the current scientific evidence available. I am not clinically trained as a Dietitian so cannot therefore offer diet advice to those with medical conditions, visit your GP if this is what you require and you can be referred to a Dietitian.

I have always loved food and cooking so decided to return to University as a mature student to study Nutrition. I’m passionate about the importance of a healthy diet and hope to help others eat a balanced diet and enjoy the taste and health benefits this brings.

I understand people have busy lives so often do not have the time to spend planning and organizing their meals, which is why I offer practical, personalized advice which takes your lifestyle, food likes and dislikes into account.

Just fill in the questionnaire and complete a food diary and I will give you the help and support you need to achieve your goals and I also have a keen interest in public health nutrition and have worked in conjunction with Government agencies to produce educational resources.

Online Nutritionist Consultation

Online Nutritionist counseling will provide you with a lifetime strategy for healthy eating and exercise. You will receive accurate, up-to-date information, and learn to separate fact from fiction. All eating plans are individualized and tailored to meet your specific goals.

The key is personalization, an element missing from most diet plans. We all have different goals, needs and lifestyles. Some people eat on the run or in response to emotions. Others gain weight from eating too many carbohydrates or have medical restrictions that warrant a special diet. To see results, your eating plan must be tailored to your needs. Let Kyrillos design a personal plan that will help you meet your goals, and live the best and healthiest life you can.

Our Service

1- Weight Loss Plan:

If you are overweight (BMI over 26), we will help you by providing the online nutritionist consultation for guidance and support to enable you to lose excess weight for good with our weight loss plan.

2- Healthy Diet Plan:

If you lack energy, want to stop taking expensive dietary supplements, always seem to catch colds, want to lower your cholesterol or alternatively are trying to conceive/ are pregnant and want to make sure your diet is providing all the important nutrients, sign up for the healthy diet plan.

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What a nutritional consultation will do for you?

  • Are you tired of yo-yo dieting and are looking for a plan that will keep the weight off for good?
  • Confused by all the conflicting nutrition info out there?
  • Do you suffer from low energy levels?
  • Is your waistline expanding as you age, despite a change in diet or exercise?
  • Has your doctor told you that your blood sugar or cholesterol is high?
  • Are you too busy to find the time to eat right?

One hour initial session will include:

1- Obtain info on your diet and lifestyle:

  • How you are currently eating?
  • What your day is like in terms of your schedule?
  • What kinds of foods you like?
  • How certain foods make you feel?
  • What kinds of eating plans you have tried in the past?
  • If you eat out a lot, where your problem areas are, details on your exercise program?

You will be provided an individualized meal plans to help you meet your goals. (Based on your lifestyle, likes and dislikes, medical issues). I will review your exercise program and make recommendations as needed. You will receive a list of goals to work on.

2- 30 minute follow-up sessions:

These sessions include review of food records, review of goals, additional meal planning and problem solving.

Frequently Asked Questions about online

1. How can I book my consultation on the Fitoont telemedicine platform?

It is very simple; Set an appointment on our platform with the an appointment option, then schedule the day and time you want to make your consultation.

The selected doctor will be sending you a link through Google Meet or Zoom so that they can have the medical appointment.

2. How much do nutritionist online consultations cost in Fitoont?

It is for free

3. How long does an online consultation last?

We calculate that an average consultation can last approximately 20 minutes, however this may vary at the discretion of the doctor and depending on the specialty and the nature of the consultation itself, the questions the patient has, etc.

4. What medical specialties are considered in the Fitoont telemedicine platform?

We have considered it appropriate to include physical therapy and nutrition, with the exception of those that correspond to administrative activities of the health system or those that by their nature are of a purely face-to-face nature.

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