5 types of belly fat to burn and what causes them - fitoont

5 Types of Belly Fat To Burn and What Causes Them – Fitoont

We all need a flat stomach, but sometimes understanding where to start is much more difficult than trying to get the right exercise to get it right, so we’ll mention all types of belly fat.

As if that weren’t enough, we all know that abs work, but the truth is that it depends on the form of the matter area to settle on the right workout.

That is why our website “Fitoont” gave you some information about all types of belly fat and tips to eliminate this tiny problem within the best way.

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5 Types of Belly Fat To Burn and What Causes Them

1. Belly fat as a spare tire

belly fat as a spare tire

People with this abdomen, usually live sedentary lives or have a desk job. They also associate their feelings with sugary foods and alcohol.

Bad habits associated with this sort of stomach:

  • Don’t exercise
  • Sit a lot
  • Eat tons of sugar, refined carbohydrates like biscuits and cakes and light bread , and
  • carbohydrates like pasta and polished rice
  • They drink tons

The way to burn this sort of abdomen

  • Get obviate alcohol completely: As you recognize , alcohol turns into sugar and goes straight to your waist.
  • Avoid “diet” snacks: These sorts of products usually contain many chemicals, refined sugars and salt.
  • Eat better: Eat a healthy diet crammed with fresh produce and, if possible, organic.
  • Keep going: If you’ve got an office job, park your car beyond the doorway , go up the steps rather than the elevator, and cash in of your lunch break to urge around.
  • You don’t need a gym: If you walk, squat, or do yoga on the weekends, that ought to be quite enough.

Golden advice for owners of this sort of abdomen

If you often reward yourself for each day at work with a slice of cake, it’s important to recollect that attractiveness go hand in hand with what you set in your body and the way you are feeling about it.

The first change you would like to form is to feel happy and motivated a day.

2. Stressed Belly. (Source)

stressed belly fat

This is one of other types of belly fat that characterized by a bulge that extends from the diaphragm to the navel area.

It is usually caused by stress, excessive coffee consumption, or high-fat foods.

Stress results in irritable bowel syndrome and bloating, which leads to fat concentrations and accumulation in the navel area.

People who are always in stressful situations just don’t have time to eat right, so there are harmful snacks which are also tons of coffee.

Juan Pablo added a clear example of this type of abdominal work is Pilates.

People with this type of belly :

  • They have perfect personalities
  • They are usually prone to medical gastrointestinal diseases that cause inflammation and constipation.
  • Weight is restricted to the front of the navel.
  • This belly is very solid.

Bad habits associated with types of belly fat:

  • Abuse of coffee
  • Eat to rest

How do you burn this type of belly?

  • Go to bed early and sleep longer.
  • Just relax! Try doing some breathing exercises, meditation, and long hot baths that are relaxing and make you believe different things.
  • Limit your coffee consumption to just two cups each day.
  • Drink chamomile tea
  • Take some yoga lessons, take a walk, or swim.
  • Doing strength training exercises with weights and brisk walking.
  • Reducing dairy products and foods that cause flatulence.

The most important golden tips for types of belly fat

Yoga will certainly be your best option, but if it is too ‘light’ you will also look for an outdoor sport like boxing or kickboxing.

Also choose chamomile tea in the evening to relax.

3. Hormonal Belly. (Source)

hormonal belly fat

This is another one of the other types of belly fat

People with this belly:

People with high cortisol levels gain pounds of unwanted fat.

Abdominal weight gain is often caused by an abnormal thyroid function.

Bad habits related to this sort of abdomen:

When women have low levels of estrogen and low testosterone in men, it can cause their stomachs to grow.

How does one burn this sort of abdomen?

  • It is important to regulate your hormones by visiting the endocrine glands
  • Eat foods that assist you maintain stable hormonal levels.
  • The main factor is a workout.

4. Pregnant Mom Belly. (Source)

pregnant mom belly fat

This is another one of the other types of belly fat

People with this type of belly:

After pregnancy, it is normal to be swollen for at least six weeks.

After that, the tummy tuck, which was lifted, continues for nine months for a few women.

These women were unable to exercise or diet to restore their bodies, and their stomachs were still bloated after childbirth.

With reference to this, the expert mainly recommended “focusing work on the lower abdomen, hips lifting, and reverse knees” to tighten the world.

Remember, Kegel exercises will be great for restoring strength and shape in your genitals.

Bad habits associated with this type of belly:

Get back to exercising very quickly and with more intensity.

How do you burn this type of belly?

Fish oil supplements are a great option during this condition.

Try to eat well and do not avoid healthy fats (nuts and oils). Not only will it help you cut back, but it also absorbs vitamins to give you more energy.

Pelvic wall exercises (known as Kegel) are useful for slimming the stomach from the inside. You only have to hit the walls about 15 to twenty times 5 times every day.

Stay away from the abdominal muscles. After birth, the abdominal muscles need a recovery period, so the abdominal muscles do the last.

The most important golden tips to get rid of types of belly fat

Take naps as much as possible and do some stretching exercises before bed to burn some fat and sleep as a form of sleep.

5. Flatulence Belly. (Source)

flatulence belly fat

This is another one of the other types of belly fat

People with this belly:

The stomach area is usually swollen due to reactions to food intolerance or malnutrition. Because they need a flat stomach in the morning and you find yourself with flatulence.

They usually have a sensitivity or intolerance to certain products or suffer from the large intestine.

To combat this type of inflammation, in addition to improving the daily diet, Vitonette recommends doing general work on the straight abdominal muscles, in addition to exercising the oblique and lower limbs.

If that doesn’t work, see a doctor to prescribe the required tests to find out if you have lactose, gluten, or any other type of intolerance.

Bad habits associated with this type of belly:

Eat roughly the same thing daily without realizing it is harmful to them.

How do you burn this type of belly?

  • First of all, you should avoid gluten and carbs (bread, pasta, pizza, cakes, cereals).
  • The key to experimenting is knowing what hurts your stomach and what might relieve stress.
  • Focus on a healthy diet filled with vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Eat a big breakfast, avoid late-night snacks, and drink plenty of water.

The most important golden tips for types of belly fat

Believe it or not, breathing may be the simplest thing to do for your stomach. Try to lie down all day and take 10 deep breaths.

After eating, stimulate your gut and walk for at least 5 minutes.

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