our best 10 tips for losing belly Fat (backed by science) - fitoont

Our Best 10 Tips for Losing Belly Fat (Backed by Science) – Fitoont

Losing belly fat is without a doubt the perfect beauty for both women and men. Of course, it is not all about aesthetics. Following these ten tips for losing belly fat.

In fact, by sleeping better, eating healthier, and not missing breakfast or exercising regularly, your body will generally be in the best possible condition, just like your mind.

Unfortunately, fat is a sticky friend that often prevents us from having big abs To get a flat stomach, there are several ways:
  • consuming fewer calories by following a healthy diet.
  • exercising to burn belly fat and strengthening its muscles.
  • doing breathing exercises that benefit the heart and respiratory system more than losing belly fat.

Fitoont website invites you to discover the 10 tips for losing belly fats that will allow you to have a flat stomach quickly and in a velvet glove by changing your eating habits, doing some physical exercises and saturating with vitamins that will improve your metabolism as well as intestinal transit!

Losing Tummy Fat: Recommended Drinks (Source)

recommended drinks for losing belly fat

Tea, although its price is inexpensive, it is the preferred and guaranteed drink for burning belly fat

One of the best solutions for a flat stomach is drinking drinks that aim to eliminate toxins, such as water, and have a great effect on burning belly fat.

Drinking water should be consumed at a rate of 2 liters per day, so you can say goodbye to a bloated and bloated stomach.

Of course, it is also imperative to adapt this consumption to a healthy lifestyle, but also to your schedule.

If you have a busy day ahead of you, you don’t need to drink two liters of water in the same half hour when you wake up in the morning.

In fact, the benefit is also to give your body a gradual dose of water according to its needs.

With this in mind, feel free to take a pumpkin or thermos with you, so you can enjoy the benefits of some of the recommended drinks throughout the day.

These drinks are numerous and their main advantage is that they can be obtained easily:
  • Green tea and its benefits are aids in digestion, depletes the body and works to burn fats.
  • Water, for consumption without moderation.
  • water or milk with cinnamon, ginger, or mate, and its benefit is to eliminate the fat mass accumulated in the abdomen.
  • Coffee and its benefit is to restrain the appetite and diuretic.
  • Lemon juice is an appetite suppressant, detoxifier and fat burner.
  • Lukewarm water to drink in the morning and its benefit is to filter the body and wake it up gently.
Our main advice is to drink plenty of water:

Drinking gallons of water daily isn’t necessarily fun, but the effects on your body – made up of 60% water – are enormous.

To get the 6 pack abs, you should start drinking water! Your body will thank you.

Tips For Losing Tummy Fat: Reduce sugar, especially in drinks (Source)

reduce sugar, especially in drinks

We always consume soda, water, fruit juice, milk, and many soft and sugary drinks as they fill our daily life and we don’t really know if they are all good for losing belly fat or not

Here is our view on this issue!

Many of those who complain of a big belly or being overweight eat a diet that is very rich in sugary products such as soft drinks, candy, chocolate, or junk food that contains a lot of sugar and carbs to achieve thinness

It has no secrets: you should consume fewer sugars and carbohydrates.

Additionally, sugar (or carbohydrates) is not only found in products known to be very sweet, but is even found in bread.

This type of sugars are slow to absorb, good for the body (unlike the refined sugars in sweets, they are only useful for pleasure), but it is important to limit their consumption, especially when you want to lose your stomach fat.

This also applies to very fatty or high-protein foods, but eating too much sugar harms your body at all levels: it causes diseases of the teeth, stomach, liver, guts and cholesterol.

If you don’t want to have a big belly, consider applying this very important advice.

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Losing Belly Fat: Put food in smaller quantities on smaller plates and eat more slowly (Source

put food in smaller quantities on smaller plates and eat more slowly

In order to have a good digestion and thus avoid excess belly fat, it is recommended to adopt some habits when eating.

First, consider chewing and eating slower. This is a very effective way to achieve fullness and curb hunger more quickly, thus avoiding belly fat.

So take the time to taste the food, to feel the food rolling under your tongue, to understand the feeling of sourness, bitterness and salty. With this technology, you are guaranteed to eat less (but that’s even better!).

If you really want to, losing weight is just a matter of control, avoiding as much of the archenemy and insidiousness as possible which is frustration.

As we said before, it is also a good idea to use smaller plates to reduce portions that are often too large. So you eat less without talking about a calorie deficiency.

Note: Always remember that your weight depends on what you eat, and by eating slower, it allows you to control your appetite without losing energy.

Losing Belly Fat: eat healthy for a healthy body (Source)

eat healthy for a healthy body

What are the tips for losing stomach fat?

Weight gain is often associated with consuming foods rich in sugars, carbs and fats too much. A diet rich in natural fibers is ideal for good digestion and thus elimination quickly.

So always go to the fruit and vegetable section of your supermarket to stock up on the goodies! So, to get a balanced diet and better digestion, you will need to eat:

  • Spicy dishes to reduce appetite and promote weight loss
  • Fiber found in fruits and vegetables
  • Of course vegetables
  • Animal and vegetable proteins in reasonable quantities,

Be sure not to eat too many prepackaged and canned meals of any kind, even if they depend on vegetables. Because they usually contain a lot of fatty acids and salt, which is not beneficial to your health.

It is clear that the ideal and healthy way is to cook at home, using carefully selected ingredients, for up to ten times the effect.

If you don’t have time to cook every day, you might be interested in the “meal prep” principle.

It’s simply a matter of preparing your own meals for the week in advance at one time, and keeping them in sealed boxes in the refrigerator. So no more mayonnaise sandwich or a bad plate being bought on a business day. It is also worth noting that you should brush your teeth after meals

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Tips For Losing Belly Fat: Brush your teeth after meals (Source)

Brush your teeth after meals

Brush your teeth after every meal as this is a reaction that can be beneficial to avoiding snacking during the day or at night.

This actually makes it possible to close the feeding phase and so your body reacts by cutting off hunger.

I hope that everything we talked about is useful to you, right?

Plus, over the course of the days, your brain will begin to realize that brushing your teeth after each meal means the meal is already over.

Ultimately the brain will understand that the feeling of hunger is over, and that evening or afternoon can start without eating!

Practice aerobics, cycling and walking to lose belly fat (Source)

practice aerobics, cycling and walking to lose belly fat

My dear, this is not a war secret, which is that exercise helps in burning fat, especially belly fat.

However, be careful, because if you are a non-athlete, it may be more difficult to burn belly fat this way.

Why is this method effective especially for stomach muscles?

Because you can reach the abdominal muscles very easily and you can do fitness exercises for these muscles in different ways, as they are very many.

In fact, this exercise is especially recommended for losing belly fat, and it also helps strengthen the cardiovascular system.

You can also go for brisk walking and cycling to lose calories. Make sure to listen to your body, in anticipation of the lethal effort that will be the only indicator of your fitness.

You should know that the main idea when you want to exercise to lose the accumulated belly fat is not to force yourself. But to actually find a suitable activity in an organized manner.


The main enemy of this type of approach is frustration above all.

If you love cycling more then do so, and combine this activity with a healthy diet and our little tips for you to notice your belly fat gradually disappearing. And as they say, it takes time!

Tips For Losing Belly Fat: Get enough sleep and a good mood (Source)

get enough sleep and a good mood

We often underestimate the importance of sleep for our overall health, but also for weight loss, as lack of sleep promotes obesity, both in children and adults.

So our advice is very simple but important: Get enough sleep!

A reminder: Teens need between 7 to 9 hours of sleep every night while adults will feel fine with 6 to 8 hours of sleep to work.

Reconcile with your pillow and do not bother her!

Sleeping a sufficient time is also important for diet or exercise, it is important to get a good sleep. Because during the night the work of fats and the most important internal processes are done.

So getting the best quality sleep is the most effective advice to receive when it comes to losing belly fat.

Yes, sleep and calm, here are the keys to supporting your belly fat loss!

Tips For Losing Belly Fat: Never miss breakfast (Source)

never miss breakfast

Breakfast is essential as a key moment of the day to effectively know how to lose belly. Eat big before 9 am and lose large amounts of belly fat for life

We also mentioned that eating in a balanced way is very important. But here we will touch upon the importance of eating in the morning.

However, this meal, which is often neglected, allows you to give you the energy you need in the day, but also to reduce hunger in the meantime.

In short, eating in the morning allows you to eat less in the afternoon and evening.

If you don’t really know what to eat for breakfast, we recommend eggs

This source of protein allows you to eat less during the next 36 hours and is often less caloric than cereals, for example.

If you don’t like it or can’t eat it, substitute it for another source of protein! Whole wheat bread is also a great source of energy.

Tips For Losing Belly Fat: Beware of Fake Friends (Source)

beware of fake friends

You know what’s on your mind now? Which is what friends’ relationship with belly fat and losing it.

I’ll explain to you, it often happens that we think that we consume foods specializing in losing belly fat.

But in fact the caloric intake of these specialized foods is greater than eating traditional forms of food.

These specialty foods are called fake friends, whom we turn to in order to have a flat stomach.

Here is a list of the fake friends we can find in our daily diet:
  • Balsamic vinegar.
  • Fruit juice in a bottle or brick,
  • Ready meals (fresh or frozen).
  • Sandwich bread.
  • Yogurt with fruits.
  • Cereals (such as honey pops or chocapic).
  • For fried frozen vegetables.
  • 0% dairy products (which isn’t 0% at all).

If certain high-calorie foods are your craving for cravings, we recommend that you always keep healthy foods on hand such as fruits, vegetables or nuts.

In addition, do not be afraid to eat protein: it often helps reduce hunger and helps increase metabolism.

Tips For Losing Tummy Fat: Exercising while losing belly fat (Source)

exercising while losing belly fat

Motivating yourself to exercise isn’t easy, especially if you aren’t an athlete, but it remains the most dire way to lose your stomach!

The diet is tough enough, but exercising to lose belly fat is more difficult if you aren’t used to moving.

Your flat stomach program cannot be complete without the addition of physical exercises, even in small doses, in order to slim your body and speed up the weight loss process.

Additionally, losing belly fat necessarily leads to a loss of muscle mass if physical activity is not undertaken.

It is also possible to cause a muscle tear if you perform these exercises incorrectly

So get a little exercise while losing your stomach: Weightlifting, for example, is a perfect activity for maintaining correct muscle mass!

Getting rid of belly fat isn’t just about eating well, eating lightly, sleeping well, or just exercising.

You must know how to combine the best possible so that the effects are as satisfactory as possible.

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Losing Tummy Fat: Learn How To Adapt With Tips (Source)

losing tummy fat: learn how to adapt with tips

Who wouldn’t have thought losing a stomach was an out of reach challenge?

However, these few tips are probably the most effective if you can put it in place the smart way.

We said that, but whether you want to lose your redundant flatulence, all of these tips work on one prerequisite. know how to listen to yourself and adapt to these tips.

In fact, if every body is different in size and physiological nature, it turns out that there are different criteria that play a role in the correct implementation of these tips:
  • Related health problems.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Simply fun.
  • Stimulus.

In fact, aside from the aesthetic aspect of a flat stomach, if you want to lose it, following these 10 tips can be very beneficial for you.

This advice has another important feature: it adapts to everyone, regardless of gender, I say it and repeat it always: The metabolism of men and women is not always the same.


What are the benefits of losing a belly?

Losing belly fat is a challenge, but it is also a health problem, whether you are a man or a woman.

So if your goal is to lose the accumulated fat, make sure you know how to understand and implement these kind of tricks, and then your body will thank you.

You now know almost everything about the good habits to follow to have a flat stomach in the long run like:

  • Continued physical activity.
  • Reduced caloric intake.
  • New healthy lifestyle.

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