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We often ask which hospitals offer the lowest gynecomastia surgery cost? Here we will tell you a lot about the cost of gynecomastia.

Market price for Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

It is a realistic market price for gynecomastia surgery, but if you write the conclusion first, it is often around 1 million yen for some reason. The gynecomastia surgery cost varies from clinic to clinic. There are several patterns for setting costs, so I will introduce them.

Whether or not insurance is applied?

Surgery for gynecomastia is partially covered by insurance. Therefore, it depends on whether you can use health insurance or not. Insurance is available for gynecomastia due to mammary gland development (gynecomastia).

If insurance is applied, the surgery cost itself will be thousands of dollars. “The cost of surgery itself” is stated because most of the insurance coverage is hospitalized for several days and surgery with general anesthesia. Therefore, in addition to the cost of surgery, you will incur costs within the scope of insurance.

Although it cannot be said in a loud voice, it can be said that surgery for gynecomastia is not profitable without hospitalization and general anesthesia if it is covered by insurance.

If you want to do your best to operate on a certain size, you can perform the operation only with local anesthesia, but it can be a deficit in terms of hospital management.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost By Degree

From here, we will talk about self-financed medical care. The first is to divide by the size of the symptoms.

Mild cases are about 1638.61 USD, moderate cases are about 3277 to 4915 USD, and severe cases are more than that.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost by condition

Mild, moderate, and severe are easy to understand and difficult to understand. It’s hard to tell how big your chest is. Therefore, we may set the cost, according to the type of gynecomastia.

In other words, it can be said that it is by surgical method. This type has a cost setting such as this surgical method. Most surgery for gynecomastia is a mastectomy, liposuction, or a combination. Therefore, how much is mastectomy, how much is liposuction, and how much is both at the same time?

About 2457 to 4915 USD for mastectomy, 2457 to 3277 USD for liposuction, and 4915 to 8193 USD for both.

Why do you receive medical treatment at your own expense?

A significant proportion of gynecomastia consultations come from those who want to improve not only the swelling of the mammary glands but also the swelling of the entire breast.

Liposuction is a realistic way to improve the swelling of the entire chest. However, in general hospitals with insurance, liposuction is rarely performed.

Liposuction has a strong cosmetic surgery aspect, and in that case, it is often performed at clinics that mainly provide self-financed medical care.

As a result, frequent liposuction is often done at your own expense to improve gynecomastia.

The reason why Gynecomastia Surgery Cost in Most hospitals is cheap?

At our hospital, we are currently performing surgery for gynecomastia for 4506 USD (tax included).
(Breast amputation + areola/nipple transplantation is an estimate required)

This is the cost of mastectomy and liposuction at the same time or not. I used to go at a lower price than this, but it has become the current price because it was simply unprofitable and difficult to continue.

Why is it this price even if mastectomy and liposuction are performed at the same time?

The reason is that there are more subtle symptoms, and as a result, it is better to do both. Even if you simply want to propose a better method, it is clear that there are often situations where it is difficult to make a proposal due to the high cost. So it’s clear.

It is a stance that we will perform the treatment that we think is good in the discussion for a fixed amount. Gynecomastia surgery is a rewarding treatment where the results are easy to see. Therefore, it is a simple idea that I would like to work hard in a better way.

It’s about half the price in terms of cost, so maybe you’re cutting corners at a low price? It seems that some people think that, but that is not the case. However, the price may increase depending on the future situation.

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost is Very Cheap In 10 Countries

  • South Korea
  • Greece
  • Italy
  • India
  • Taiwan
  • Brazil
  • Dominican Republic
  • USA
  • Thailand
  • Colombia

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