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Liposuction is one of the most sought after cosmetic procedures by men and women who want to leave the body more sculptural. One of the biggest fears of patients who intend to undergo plastic surgery refers to the liposuction scars resulting from the procedure.

At first, we must point out that liposuction does not leave scars, but it is very small, about 1 cm. In addition to being extremely small, the scars resulting from the procedure are quite discreet, usually under the bikini mark, in the breast crease, in the armpits, in the navel, among other areas in which they are almost imperceptible.

The scar refers to the incision made to introduce the cannulas that aspirate the fat, and in the case of liposuction it is not necessary to have large incisions or incisions that allow the plastic surgeon to have a wide view.

What is the liposuction scar like?

Since liposuction can be performed in different parts of the body, the location of the scar can vary greatly depending on the region where the localized fat that the patient wants to extract is located.

Since liposuction does leave a scar, it is important for the patient to know which choices can interfere with the appearance of this scar. Some post-operative care is important for good healing.

Find out which factors allow a better result of liposuction.

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Responsible plastic surgeon

Initially, the choice of the plastic surgeon who will be responsible for liposuction will determine the quality and safety of the procedure, influencing the final result obtained and the scars.

A good professional will check the patient’s clinical condition before submitting her to the procedure, requesting the necessary tests to identify risks during surgery and postoperatively.

Patients with a history of diabetes and smoking, for example, may have problems with healing, and the plastic surgeon must know these factors and carry out the necessary indications for the patient.

Therefore, choosing a trustworthy doctor and member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) is the first step towards safer surgery and adequate recovery, which allows for improved healing.

Region in which liposuction will be performed

Another aspect that will determine the scar is the region where liposuction will be performed. The areas in which the procedure is possible are:

  • abdomen
  • back
  • flanks
  • thighs and breeches
  • arms
  • breasts

An experienced plastic surgeon will always try to perform the incision in a place with less visibility, allowing the resulting scar to be more discreet. However, the location of the incision will be determined according to the patient’s wishes with liposuction.

Regardless of the region in which the procedure is performed, the incision is small, being only necessary for the introduction of the cannula.

Liposuction scars: how does it happen?

The surgeon will perform the technique according to the treatment objectives and the area desired by the patient. To understand the liposuction scars, let’s look at the most common liposuction technique:

  • The doctor will make appointments at the place where the patient will perform the procedure.
  • The patient receives general or spinal anesthesia, but if the procedure is in very small areas, it may be local anesthesia.
  • A sterile solution will be injected, consisting of salt water, which will help to remove the fat; an anesthetic, which will help relieve the pain; and a drug that causes blood vessels to contract.
  • The surgeon will make incisions in the region for the passage of a cannula that will suck the fat, because it is connected to a powerful “aspirator”.

To facilitate the entry of the cannula into the skin, which could cause a chafing burn and also intensify the liposuction scars, surgeons can also use lubricating or protective products at the incision site to facilitate handling of the device in the body.

The process may take a few hours. Why? Depending on the size of the area the surgeon will suction

After the procedure, the surgeon can leave the incisions still open, with drains, to promote fluid drainage. After removing the drains, in a few hours, it will close the cuts with stitches.

Pain relievers and antibiotics can be prescribed immediately after the procedure.

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Post-operative care and tips

The postoperative period is a fundamental period for good surgical healing. It is important to follow medical instructions for food in the early days, rest periods, and time away from activities. Especially those that are heavy like exercise, driving, etc.

Lymphatic drainage sessions after liposuction are essential for a good result, as they help to improve swelling and prevent fibrosis.

The patient should also use a compression mesh for at least one month after surgery. It is also important for the patient to avoid exposure to sunlight for the first few months. Why? So that the scar and red areas are not distinguished.

With these precautions, it is possible to have the definitive results of liposuction between four and six months after the procedure. Healing is also more effective, making the normally discrete scar virtually unnoticeable.

It is noteworthy that, even with small and discreet scars, it is essential to be very cautious during the postoperative period, especially in the first days of recovery. Having a good diet, always keeping well hydrated, it is essential to avoid physical exertion and exposure to the sun for the patient’s complete rehabilitation and to avoid any inconvenience in relation to scars.

Therefore, it is essential that the patient follows all the recommendations of the surgeon responsible for the procedure. Observing each step indicated by the professional will guarantee an excellent liposuction result and leave imperceptible scars.

Watch out for some factors

What before the liposuction procedure? The surgeon orders a series of examinations of the patient. This is in order to analyze the physical conditions of the operation. Thus, he identifies factors that could impair satisfactory healing, such as diabetes. In addition, smoking is also a factor that hinders the healing process. And it can be an obstacle not only when undergoing liposuction, but when performing any other surgical procedure.

These factors, it is worth remembering, need to be discussed with the medical surgeon. Without a doubt, the professional will bring you the best guidelines to perform liposuction safely, ensuring efficient healing.

Choose an experienced professional

The quality of the work performed by the surgeon is also fundamental for the scar to remain unnoticeable. Therefore, choose a qualified, experienced professional who is a member of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. Thus, you will have a correct orientation and guarantee a safe procedure with excellent results!

Even being in discreet places, being careful with the scars in the postoperative period will guarantee the quality of the liposuction. Following your doctor’s recommendations, therefore, will leave you with a more harmonious body and no visible scars

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All of these precautions are important to help liposuction heal. It also prevents leaving larger marks at the incision sites. Also, it is important to know that each person has a different healing behavior.

After 30 to 60 days of surgery: It is possible to assess whether the Liposuction scars are evolving well. Or if it has had collagen absorption or if it is thickening.

However, there are people who have a tendency to form keloids, which are hypertrophic scars. For these cases, the surgeon may also prescribe the use of topical and intralesional corticoids.

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