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We will provide comprehensive advice for liquid diet before Bariatric surgery. This diet is successful and the patient has access to all the information available regarding to the operation.

It is essential that this team emphasizes that Bariatric surgery is only part of the strategy to achieve significant and permanent weight loss.

Bariatric surgery is not a magic solution that works by itself, the patient must know that to achieve successful results they must make lifelong changes in their eating and exercise habits.

It is also essential that the patient does not hide any information from the team and that he answers each of the questions honestly, and communicates with him if:

1- Questions for everyone who wants to undergo Bariatric surgery

  • You have an allergic reaction to any medication.
  • Suffer from any neurological disorder or heart conditions.
  • You have stomach problems.
  • You have lung problems (bronchial asthma or emphysema).
  • Have an endocrinological disorder (diabetes or thyroid).
  • You are a smoker.
  • You use alcoholic beverages or some other type of drug.

Bariatric surgery offers morbidly obese individuals an alternative to weight loss by restricting food intake. As we have seen, there are currently various types of surgeries and all of them have as a common denominator the reduction of the amount of food that the obese patient can consume.

2- Why is the liquid diet so important before Bariatric surgery?

The liquid diet before Bariatric surgery is undoubtedly the most important part during the preparation of the period prior to the surgical intervention. Why? Because it represents a crucial moment in the attitude and decision of the patient to adopt a new lifestyle and demonstrates his determination and mental balance and physical.

Changing your diet before surgery prepares you physically and mentally for your new lifestyle after your operation. The pre-op liquid diet also prepares you for the post-op diet, which limits your intake of carbohydrates, fats, and sugar.

During the preoperative period of weight loss surgery, the team of specialists will provide various recommendations in order to achieve greater success in surgery and a better recovery.

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3- When should I start a liquid diet before obesity surgery?

The patient who will undergo a Bariatric procedure must follow a liquid diet before Bariatric surgery. This surgery will be determined by consensus by the team of specialists. Especially according to the assessments of the nutritionist and the surgeon. This diet will be established based on different factors, taking body mass index (BMI) is more relevant.

The diet must be followed with strict instructions. The goal is for the patient to lose as much fat as possible, especially abdominal fat, to decrease the size of liver and visceral fat and reduce surgical risk.

The liquid diet before Bariatric surgery can start from three to four weeks or up to three months before surgery. It also largely depends on the type of intervention that has been decided to perform.

4- What are the stages of liquid diet before Bariatric surgery?

The liquid diet can be divided into two steps. The first consists of 2 weeks of feeding with clear liquids consisting of complete nutritional supplements. Broth without any residue, sugar-free tea and occasional oral serum.

The second step is another 2 weeks with complete liquids, in this one dairy products are already included. In addition vegetables are blended in broths or soups, the nutritional supplement is maintained. Your doctor may not require you to be on a liquid diet all the time, usually the liquid diet should be started two weeks before weight loss surgery.

The diet is usually low in calories, between 800 and 1,200 calories a day. You should generally consume sugar-free, low-carbohydrate, high-protein beverages. Proteins help preserve lean muscle mass and help you recover better from surgery. Expect to consume between 70 and 120 grams of protein per day.

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During the liquid diet before Bariatric surgery, the non-liquid diet is a good start to the transition afterwards to the liquid diet. A liquid diet before weight loss surgery allows for solid foods. But restrict the consumption of alcoholic beverages, and limit sugars, including:

  • Soft drinks.
  • Carbohydrate consumption.
  • Approved dairy will be low-fat.

5- Benefits for liquid diet before weight loss surgery

The liquid diet is essential before Bariatric surgery to be successful and to achieve the best possible results. It works as a way of preparing the body mentally and physically to face the change that a new lifestyle and eating habits represent.

These diets veto the consumption of saturated and trans fats from fried foods and, of course, strongly prohibit the patient from falling into gluttony. This healthy diet will include seafood, eggs, vegetables, fruit, and high-fiber grains like oatmeal in moderation.

If the patient experiences protein deficiencies, they can resort to nutritional supplements. If the diet is not rigorously followed, the doctor must find out. Therefore, it will be possible to consider postponing the intervention, so as not to compromise the risks associated with the anesthesia, your general health, the surgeon’s maneuverability and the patient’s life is not in danger

6- Why is it necessary to follow a liquid diet before weight loss surgery?

In the pre-operative period, a diet mainly based on clear liquids has many functions such as reducing the size of the liver and helping with intestinal cleaning while reducing stress on the digestive system. This pre-operative diet can mean the success or failure of the surgery.

7- What should I do before a weight loss surgery?

You will have to follow a liquid diet before Bariatric surgery, about 3 or 4 days before the intervention, in order to cleanse the stomach and intestine of residues. During this period you cannot drink stimulant drinks with caffeine, then, isotonic, alcohol, etc.

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