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The Ultimate Guide to The Plan Of Harvey Diet – Fitoont

Harvey Diamond .. He is a natural nutritionist in America who adopts a natural diet plan called harvey diet to obtain nutritional balance and get rid of belly fat. (Source)

Harvey diet depends on the natural food cycles in the human body. Harvey says: Food passes through the body in three natural cycles:
  1. The course of eating and digesting it, which starts from the afternoon and extends until eight in the evening, is a course dedicated to eating.
  2. The cycle of absorption and food assimilation, which is from eight in the evening until four in the morning. In this cycle, the body completes what was done in the first cycle and absorbs the digested food after it reaches the intestine to be used.
  3. The third and final cycle is the excretion and removal cycle. This cycle is responsible for ridding the body of toxins, waste and residues in the body and preventing their accumulation. It extends from four in the morning until noon.
Harvey, a nutritionist for quail wishing to get rid of their belly fat, says:

And those who are looking for permanent fitness say to them: They have to focus on the elimination and excretion cycle in order to get what you seek from fitness and get rid of obesity.

And what is required of quail to do in the excretion and removal cycle in order to get rid of their belly fat and maintain their agility?

Harvey explains what is required of them and says: Two important matters are required of them during the directing period, “from four o’clock in the morning until noon.”

  • The first thing: Eat foods rich in water. Water has the ability to cleanse and wash the body from toxins, waste and residues, thus helping to reduce weight.
  • The second thing: Eat foods that do not consume a great deal of energy in their digestion in order to provide the body with sufficient energy for the process of removal, excretion and cleaning.

Harvey believes that eating fruits .. Only fruits accomplish these two things in the excretory cycle. How?

Fruit is one of the richest foods in water, and it contains an average of 80% of its weight as water, which is needed to get rid of waste and residues in the body and prevent their accumulation.

Also, digesting fruits does not require much effort and does not require much energy, as digesting them does not usually take 30 minutes, while other foods, including meat and fats, take 3-4 hours.

This means that fruits do not consume much energy and provide the body with its energy to benefit from in the process of removal and excretion. .

Harvey says eating fresh fruit or its juice for breakfast “take-out” is central to his diet plan.

Other benefits of fruit

Rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients necessary for the health and vitality of the body.

Resist the occurrence of constipation, and reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood because it contains a high percentage of water as well as fiber.

Eating fruits reduces food intake in the following meals, and this is confirmed by researcher “Judith Rodin” in New York.

Fruits are also loved by most people, and you seldom find someone who does not like fruit.

Important recommendations at harvey diet

  1. In the food intake and absorption cycle, you should not eat mixed foods mixed together, because this would cause indigestion and the food to remain for a long time in the stomach, causing its fermentation and clotting.
  2. It is not preferable to combine meat and starches, or between meat and fats, but it is preferable to combine meat and fresh vegetables, or between starches and water-rich vegetables, or between starches and other carbohydrates.
  3. In one day, meat should not be eaten more than once, but it is better to eat it only three times a week, with a variety of meat types.
  4. It is not preferable to delay dinner until late at night, and it is best to eat it at least three hours before bedtime, which is the time needed to leave dinner for the stomach as it begins its journey to absorption. Also, breakfast (fruits) should not be delayed until the afternoon so as not to cause disturbance in the cycles Natural food.
  5. Any fitness program will not work without exercise, especially in the open air, such as aerobic exercise or walking (at least twenty minutes a day).
  6. You should avoid eating preserved fruits that have worked thermally or chemically, or have any preservatives added to them, but fresh fruits rich in water are eaten.

Key features of Harvey Diet to Get Rid of Belly Fat

The breakfast:
  • Always fresh fruit, fresh fruit juice, or fruit salad without any additions.
  • When feeling hungry, eat one or two “bananas”.
  • In the case of watermelon or melon, it is preferable to eat it before other fruits.
  • Do not eat dried or preserved fruits.
  • This meal continues until noon.
The lunch:
  • A cup of fruit juice without sugar, slices of carrots or tomatoes, a fresh green salad, or fresh vegetable juice.
  • Baked vegetables (sauteed)
  • Meat, fish, boiled or grilled chicken and free of fat (200 g) + a little bread is added in the narrowest limits.
  • When hungry, it is possible to eat fresh fruits or vegetables (lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, artichokes …) provided that three hours have passed since lunch.
The Dinner:
  • Fresh fruit juice or fresh vegetable juice (half an hour before eating + legumes or yogurt or yogurt + green salad rich in water).
  • When hungry, it is possible to eat fresh fruits or vegetables as stated above.

Harvey diet does not depend so much on determining the amount of food as it is concerned with the quality of the food and the timing of eating it .. It invites you to eat until you are satiated, but without overeating.

When you want to lose weight quickly, it is possible to replace the lunch and dinner meals with fresh fruits for two or three days a week .. That is, fruits are eaten in the three meals these days.

For more weight loss with tangible results in slimming, you should avoid high-calorie fruits such as grapes, dates and figs, while minimizing mangoes and bananas.

Why is it not preferred to eat fruits immediately after food?

Harvey says: The good consumption of fruits is not to eat them with or after any other food and eat them immediately after eating, as many people are accustomed to.

Where it resides in the stomach for a long time with the rest of the compound foods and its long stay in the stomach leads to its fermentation, which causes digestive disorders and indigestion and reduces its required effect in the process of removal and excretion.

As we learned previously, fruits do not stay in the stomach for more than 30-40 minutes, while other foods may last from 3-4 hours or more.

Therefore, it is best to eat fruits on an empty stomach on an empty stomach or 40 minutes before eating or at least three hours after eating.

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