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Modeling the silhouette like that of a dancer is the goal of many people. Love handles don’t make us very happy. However, 360 Lipo is an unbeatable solution: in one session you will remove excess liposuction.

Defining the figure, eliminating fat cells located in key points, such as hips and love handles is a task that requires a perfect knowledge of anatomy. To do this, surgery is needed, because there is still no appliance that will achieve, in a single session, the results of 360 Lipo.

360 Lipo

The Dr. Kyrillos, founder and medical director of the Fitoont online platform in Canada, explains that “The 360 Lipo is not to lose love handles, but to reshape the body contour. It is aimed at overweight people who find it difficult to lose a high number of kilos just with diet and exercise “. These patients are quickly demotivated because they don’t see immediate results. Hence, “circumferential liposuction is a good alternative to initiate a change of habits in your life.”. Its results are satisfactory in love handles loss and, therefore, in improving health.

Liposuction is one of the most demanded surgical procedures by both men and women between 35 and 50 years old. And it is the second most requested surgery after breast augmentation.

The art of modeling the body with a balanced sense

Doctor Ángel Martín masters the technique and has an artist’s eye. To perform a 360 Lipo you have to know where to remove to eliminate up to 8 kilos of fat.

And to become a master of this technique, he learned from Professor Pierre Fournier, who in 1985 introduced a different technique than what had existed until then: tumescent Liposculpture. This technique consists of applying large volumes of anesthesia with serum in order not to do vascular damage so that the patient does not bleed anything. “I put local anesthesia and sedation – explains Dr. Martín to Belleza Pura – so that the patient can move, have good supports and good angles to do it differently in each area.”

“Of all the cosmetic surgeries out there, I believe that Liposculpture is the most creative. You move many volumes of fat, many shapes, even areas in which you have to achieve symmetry, buttocks, cartridge belts… For that, you have to have a lot of experience, it is not only about removing fat. But about doing it evenly to leave a harmonious body. In the end, it is as if you are carving, drawing, that’s why it impacts me so much. There is a creative process. When I remove 6-7-8 liters of fat, I have to study a lot how I remove it, where to leave it, how the tissue is, respect the lines of the body, etc. “, says Dr. Martín.

360 lipo Before and after

The key to 360º liposuction is to work in the round

The most important thing before getting into surgery, whatever it may be, is getting the diagnosis right. There are cases that cannot be operated on, such as if there is excess flaccidity, poor condition of the tissues or if the possible patient is very old. Nothing is left to chance. Dr. Martín explains that “you have to take into account how the tissues are, analyze each case personally. From there, explain to the patient what we want and what we are going to achieve”.

“ When I started to specialize in this technique I realized that a system was needed to cause a retraction of the skin, to reposition it. At first I worked areas individually, but now I treat it as a whole, hip, abdomen, armpit area, flanks… I do all the areas within the body circumference because when you remove large volumes of fat, the skin has to be readjusted, and in this way, almost no sagging remains.

The main thing is to reorganize the tissues around

Calculating how much fat to remove and how is part of the plastic surgeon’s experience. “From experience, I calculate the fat, more or less, when I paint the patient, I explore her, I touch her, and ‘I know’ what I have to remove in each area and how. Then I finish defining it in the operating room, based on the retraction of the skin. Normally, when I’m painting the patient, I already see it, and I adjust quite a bit. I use two types of cannulas, depending on the areas, and then I finish with a superficial Liposculpture to retract the skin.

The fundamental difference with other Liposculptures is my experience, knowing what tissues you are treating. The purpose of all is to extract the fat, but how it is extracted, how much, where to use one or another cannula, that is only known ‘for sure’ with experience”. This experience is what gives the security of eliminating large volumes of fat.

The price ranges between 6,000 and 9,000 euros.

In this way, the holsters, the inside of the legs, the entire thigh are treated and the skin is completely adapted. If only the holsters or abdomen are made, the skin cannot be repositioned.

Once the surgery has been performed, the normal thing is that a patient who has had between 8 and 10 kilos of fat removed, take a week to lead a normal life. This normality translates to going out, going to work or walking. You will be able to exercise in a month or so (always as directed by the surgeon).

The final results are seen at 6 months. During all this time, the patient will have to wear a girdle and perform manual lymphatic drainage every other day to avoid edema and inflammation.

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360 Lipo for beginners: the 14 answers that surprise the most in the first consultation

Thinking of getting a 360 Lipo to get rid of stubborn fat once and for all?

According to the latest annual report of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) of 2017, Spain ranks number 12 in the ranking of countries in which more plastic and aesthetic interventions are performed in the world; of all of them, liposuctions account for 14%. Or what is the same, 14 out of 100 women who enter an operating room to retouch their physique, do so to get rid of localized fat. A priori, we all know what it is about, a posteriori, it is a full-blown surgical intervention, with forty years of history, yes, but with many myths and unknowns that we invite you to clear up. Plastic surgeon Javier Mato Ansorena reveals the ins and outs and truths (which are not always told) about an operation whose demand does not stop growing.

1. Can I remove up to 4.5 kg of fat at one time?

Perhaps the biggest myth about this interference is. No, liposuction does not lose weight. More importantly, it is a process of body shaping, not love handles loss. “90% of us are water. The extracted fat leaves a space and is instantly filled with supernatant; Javier Matto Ansulina said, this way we will gain weight. The difference after surgery will be more Appears on the mirror instead of on the scale. Therefore, the ideal patient for liposuction is someone who has a healthy lifestyle and has no overweight problems, but still accumulates fat in very localized areas.

2. The fat removed from one area, if I becomes fat, will be installed in another?

“The number of adipocytes – the cells that accumulate fat – are determined in the second year of life, clarifies the expert, which means that their number does not vary according to our weight. The reason we get fat is that those cells expand. Therefore, if we extract a specific amount of adipocytes from an area of ​​the body, they will not appear again. Thus, the propensity to have a tummy or some holster will be history ”. Or what is the same, where the grease is sucked in, it does not settle back. “But that does not mean that we do not gain weight in other areas where the fat is unscathed.” In fact, if bad habits are not corrected and healthy behaviors are encouraged in diet and lifestyle, you may not have cartridge belts again, but you will have love handles

3. Dreaming, I take off my holster and put it on my chest… Is it possible?

It is one of the more mature trends in recent years, and it’s called fat transfer. Also called fat filler, it consists of using excess fat in a certain part of the body to inject it into another area of ​​less volume or projection; the most common receptors are: buttocks, cheekbones, lips and breasts in the latter area, says Dr. Mato Ansorena does not recommend this because it can cause breast cancer. This is an intervention that is not recommended in all situations, since the injected fat can be reabsorbed by up to 40%, so it is recommended only if the fat from the last liposuction was sufficient.

4. Do I have to lose love handles before entering the operating room?

Good News. Losing weight before surgery is not recommended. Reason? The doctor explained that if there is fat, the process is simpler and the result will be better. So yes, it is highly recommended, because there are more fatty acids in the blood and it is easy to remove” In addition, you may not gain weight again in the treatment area, but fat can indeed migrate to other areas.

5. Does skin tone affect results?

“Yes, skin pigmentation is an important aspect to consider. Smaller traces of microcracks created by the microcannula used for extraction generally disappear on the more superficial skin. On the contrary, darker skin may have hypopigmentation (Lightening) in the area. Therefore, if you want to expose yourself to the sun 3 months before the intervention, it is important to maintain a relationship with the sun, where sunscreen is the poetic protagonist.

6. Can cosmetic treatments be applied to fabrics to improve the effect?

The effect of 360 Lipo technique depends largely on the quality of the skin. “Adequate hydration and nutrition is very important, so it is strongly recommended to perform hydration and exfoliation procedures at home before the intervention,” the expert said. In addition, it is best to train and relax the treatment area; in this sense, exercise and medical equipment help to achieve better results. Shaving the body is also highly desirable because it greatly facilitates surgical procedures. In short, if a person is already taking care of himself, then there is no need to establish any beauty agreement. Otherwise, it is recommended to pay attention to skin care at least a month before the intervention.

7. Can I take a shower after the intervention?

In the first 48 hours, the body should not be wet, and bandages should be maintained and not excessive activity. Starting from the third day, after passing the first inspection of the consultation, you can resume your hygiene routine and have objections. “Although soap and water will not harm the improvement of wounds and enema in principle, it is recommended to use mild soap with a neutral pH to avoid skin damage. Ideally, for the same reason, the water should be warm and the pressure should not be too strong, as there are also areas that will become hard and uncomfortable. But the most important thing is that the wound is well dry, and at the end of the shower, if the belt is being washed, we will move on to compression stockings, the plastic surgeon clarified.

8. Compression strap… Will it prevent me from going to the bathroom?

Regarding the regularity of going to the bathroom, it does not usually have much impact, although patients usually do not eat anything or hardly eat during the immediate postoperative period, which does reduce the frequency of bowel movements. In general, this is highly dependent on the person. Compression bands are increasingly comfortable and essential for skin contraction. So it is very important to wear them within the few weeks specified by the surgeon, which will depend on the liposuction area.

9- I had 360 Lipo and was fine after 4 weeks. Am I ok?

No, not at all, so planning your recovery time is very important. “During the operation, the expert explained that the normally functioning lymphatic tissue responsible for removing lymph from the body was severely damaged. Therefore, during the postoperative period, the body swells a lot, with various edema and stiffness, and it is difficult for the skin to withdraw to the new environment. All these diseases mean that the results of the intervention cannot be evaluated 100% for up to six months, although the normal situation is that the impending bruising effect disappears at 34 months. For example, you can Own a bikini without paying attention.

10. If you do not do well, liposuction will make you “sneak up”. Do you have liposuction?

When consulting surgeons for possible liposuction by a famous woman, people often turn to the “eye clinic” argument, which will not fail: evidence of dimples and irregular skin surfaces. These are the products of fibrosis. This term is used to describe irregularities left in the contours, even gaps that appear after poor liposuction. Therefore, you must put yourself in the hands of experts who master the technology, because the “whistleblower” is more difficult to remove than the fat that tortures you (in many cases you can’t). Don’t believe in low prices, you will pay an indelible mark of low prices.

11. Is the fat from liposuction used to improve arthritis?

Yes, if you have this situation, the unknown purpose can help you. As the experts explained, “the material aspirated during liposuction is full of fat cells. In the United States and other countries, injections have been started to improve the discomfort caused by arthritis, especially in the knees and wrists. In addition to relieving pain, the benefits of cartilage regeneration have also been observed.”

12. Can it be done in ‘The Mount of Venus’..?

By the way, it revitalizes the private area. “Uncontrolled weight gain can lead to fat accumulation in the pubic area, which can be removed by 360 Lipo technique without scarring. The demand for this intervention is greater than it seems, and it is usually related to other surgical procedures to beautify the private area. For example, Labiaplasty, which represents 1.5% of the total number of plastic surgeries in Canada

13. The abdomen is the most dangerous area for surgical operations?

Absolute Truth. With the care and experience, plastic surgery and the risks of plastic surgery are much lower than any other surgery. However, liposuction is the most complicated step. The risk is high, especially since the esthetic results are not optimal, especially since the abdomen contains particularly important organs.

14. Can I remove my double chin with 360 Lipo?

The effect of submandibular liposuction with double chin removal (Genioplasty) is very satisfactory. It is very difficult to remove fat from the face and neck in other ways. This intervention is very fast and effective. Except for the cheapest “360 Lipo“.

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