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What is a tummy tuck? What are the disadvantages and benefits of this process? Who is the candidate patient? How much does a tummy tuck cost, especially in Texas? Of course, all the questions that come to your mind always. Do not worry, we will answer all these questions for you. Just please read this article prepared by Dr. kyrillos Mina

What is tummy tuck?

Abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, lipectomy or abdominal surgery is a surgical operation that aims at the aesthetic and functional correction of the abdominal wall, eliminating excess skin, localized fat, stretch marks produced by fiber breakage, and also allows to recover the firmness of the muscles of the abdominal region.

It is a surgery that is indicated for both men and women who, due to lack of exercise, significant weight increases or losses, overweight or in the case of women due to abdominal distension due to pregnancy, want to achieve a flatter abdomen and a narrower waist.

The abdominoplasty lasts 2 to 4 hours, an incision is made at the top of the pubic hair which runs until the hips, the skin of the abdomen is released and the abdominal muscles are strengthened, once done, is it pulls the skin down and the excess skin is removed.

The operation under anesthesia

The operation will be performed under local anesthesia + sedation or general anesthesia, depending on the technique decided by the surgeon or if. On the contrary, it would have to be combined with another liposuction type surgery.

Full recovery from the surgery takes a few months, although after 3-4 weeks you can return to your daily activities taking into account a series of recommendations with your physical therapy, during the postoperative period you should wear a special compression girdle and it will be essential not to make efforts.

The scar will remain around the navel and in the lower abdomen, although these are large scars, it is very discreet and can be easily hidden with a swimsuit or bikini, however, with the passage of time the scar will improve significantly.

For your safety, at Texas clinics all surgeons belong to the main societies of Medicine and Plastic Surgery in this country, which guarantee the training and experience necessary to perform this type of surgery. The main medical societies  are SECPRE, the American Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery.

How is a tummy tuck performed?

The plastic surgeon will be in charge of evaluating and diagnosing the patient, observing the amount and location of the accumulations of belly fat, excess skin or the distention of the abdominal muscles, with this he will choose the surgical technique to be performed, evaluating the risks and contraindications of the patient.

In the tummy tuck procedure, the plastic surgeon will remove excess abdominal skin and tighten the abdominal muscles with special sutures.

As a general rule, two incisions will be made

  • The first horizontally just above the upper part of the pubis that will extend to the hips, in the case of women who have a cesarean section, it may coincide with the previous scar.
  • The second will be done around the navel in order to reposition it once the skin is stretched and the excess is removed.

With regard to the abdominal muscles, the surgeon will suture the fasciae of the muscles, to make them firmer, which will provide a flatter “bellyand a more defined waist.

If the patient has excess tummy fat, it will be necessary to remove the fat from the abdomen through liposuction, before rebuilding the abdominal wall and tightening the muscles, it is a new technique called “Lipoabdominoplasty”.

The result is very satisfactory, so in addition to achieving a firm abdomen without sagging, we will achieve a body contouring.

Once the surgery is finished, the surgeon sutures all the incisions and will leave some drains to avoid the accumulation of fluid that will be removed the following days in consultation.

After the first days, the swelling will decrease and the feeling of tightness in the area will gradually be eliminated.

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Types of abdominoplasty or dermolipectomies

There are different types of tummy tuck, each one has its indications and the choice of the same will depend on the structure of the patient and the alterations of his abdomen.

The flaccidity of the abdominal wall will be assessed, and it may be minimal, moderate only below the navel, moderate above and below the navel, or be significant and global.

Our team of plastic surgeons will assess the advantages and disadvantages of each of the techniques, always thinking about the result that the patient will obtain.

10 different types of tummy tuck:

  1. Suprapubic transverse abdominoplasty: This is one of the most used techniques for leaving a scar that is easily hidden with clothing. It is the most aesthetic and is very useful when the alteration of the abdominal wall can be solved in this way.
  2. Circumferential abdominoplasty: It resembles the transverse abdominoplasty but extends to the back and is usually indicated for patients who have undergone Bariatric surgery.
  3. Medial abdominoplasty: This dermolipectomy technique is the least used, as it leaves the scar visible, they are only indicated as a complement to a hernia or eventration treatment.
  4. Anchor abdominoplasty: Also called fleur de lis, it allows a good treatment in hernias or eventrations.
  5. Submammary abdominoplasty:  It is used when there are scars in this area or when it is associated with a breast reconstruction.
  6. Mini tummy tuck: It is indicated for those patients with volume and flaccidity only in the lower abdomen.
  7. Abdominoplasty and liposculpture: In this technique two surgeries are combined with the aim of shaping the area while eliminating the excess skin.
  8. Lipoabdominoplasty:  This technique is used when the patient has excess fat and it is necessary to perform a liposuction of the entire abdomen
  9. Lipoabdominoplasty with umbilical detachment and reduced abdominal detachment: This is a technique that allows treating a moderate flaccidity in the upper and lower abdomen with an incision of an acceptable size, which allows liposuction to be performed, leaving a natural and aesthetic navel.
  10. Liposuction without abdominoplasty:  Patients who have excess fat, but do not have flaccidity.

For whom is an abdominoplasty indicated?

As a general rule, patients who request this type of surgery, also called dermolipectomy,  are men and women who wish to correct the abdominal contour deformed by excessive accumulated fatty tissue, with sagging skin and skin stretch marks caused by breaks in the elastic fibers.

These patients have generally suffered from some type of obesity or, in the case of women, it can also be caused by multiple pregnancies that have developed a diastasis of the abdominal muscles.

Among other indications, abdominoplasty is frequently included as part of the therapy for those patients who have suffered:

  • Morbid obesity.
  • Undergone gastric-restrictive surgery.
  • Patients with abdominal wall deformities.
  • Patients with burn sequelae.
  • Post-surgery scar defects.
  • Abdominal wounds.
  • Congenital deformities.

Recovery from an abdominal plasty

After undergoing a tummy tuck, the surgeon will inform you in detail of the steps to follow to obtain a satisfactory recovery without complications and will inform you when you will be able to return to your daily activities normally.

The recovery time varies depending on the patient, a complete recovery where you can begin to see aesthetic results requires several months.

In the first days, you will feel moderate discomfort and the total priority will be to avoid complications, the first 48 hours as a general rule, you will remain admitted to the hospital taking antibiotics, with the back elevated and the legs slightly bent and elevated.

The first week after  the abdominoplasty procedure  will be the worst due to the discomfort or possible drains that are placed to avoid fluid retention in the area.

As the weeks progress, you will regain full mobility and improve your physical condition, during this period you should wear a compression girdle both day and night, which can be removed for short periods of time to relieve the feeling of pressure.

The compression garment is very important to reduce inflammation and to provide support to the skin, this will promote healing and flaccidity and will prevent the formation of seromas in a very high percentage.

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How long do the results of a tummy tuck last?

The results of a tummy tuck are permanent as long as the patient leads a healthy life, except in cases of new pregnancies or significant weight gain.

The results are not only physical, but also directly related to the emotional and mental aspect. This is because having a strong belly improves self-esteem and self-confidence in people undergoing this surgical procedure.

In the same way, people will be more motivated to change their lifestyle, taking care of their diet and doing physical exercise, which will lead them to preserve the results.

Where will the abdominoplasty operation be performed?

This type of aesthetic operations will always be carried out in the operating room in any of the hospitals with which we have arranged operating rooms, such as:

All of them equipped with ICU or ICU for patient safety.

Treatments, as well as all pre- and post-consultations up to the patient’s discharge from hospital, will be performed on Fitoont telemedicine platforms.

Tummy Tuck Cost In Texas

What does the cost of a tummy tuck surgery in Texas?

There are many possible patients who wonder how much does a tummy tuck cost in Texas?. The cost of a tummy tuck for both men and women in Texas varies depending on the aesthetic correction required by the patient and the type of technique used, the cost ranges between 5,693.75 USD and 6,390.18 USD. In cases where liposuction had to be performed together With the tummy tuck, the cost would amount to approximately 7,785.07 USD.

When calculating the cost of a tummy tuck in Texas, several factors must be taken into account, such as:
  • The type of technique used.
  • The hospital.
  • The type of anesthesia.
  • The complementary surgeries that the patient needs.

In very few cases, social security covers this type of intervention, only in cases of hernias or congenital problems.

The cost of a tummy tuck in Texas is similar to that of other cities. It will depend above all on the fees of the Plastic Surgeon. All surgeons are specialists in Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery members of the most prestigious Americans societies.

How much does a full tummy tuck cost in Texas?

The cost of a complete tummy tuck surgery in which problems such as excess skin are treated, the repair of the abdominal muscles, reconstruction of the navel, etc. has an approximate cost of 5,809.42 USD

This type of intervention includes hospital expenses, anesthesiologist and operating room expenses, instruments, and fees for the medical and clinical team.

In this type of surgery, we include the compression girdle in the cost.

After an evaluation by the Plastic Surgeon, we will evaluate your case and offer you a budget with all the detailed costs.

What is the cost of a tummy tuck with Liposuction or Liposculpture in Texas?

As we have said previously, the costs of this type of surgery in Texas vary depending on the technique and the needs of the patient.

The cost of this type of a tummy tuck + liposuction has an approximate cost of about 7,785.27 USD  which includes hospital, anesthesiologist and operating room expenses, instruments and fees for the medical and clinical team.

Both interventions will be performed at the same time, being able to extract fat from a localized area of ​​the abdomen in the case of abdominoplasty with liposuction and from the abdomen and the hip area in the case of an abdominoplasty with Liposculpture.

The cost of this surgery as in the previous cases will be provided in consultation after a diagnosis by the Plastic Surgeon.

All surgeons in Texas are specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery. They are affiliated with the major American plastic surgery associations such as the prestigious ISAPS

Full Abdominoplasty (Video)

What is the cost of a mini Abdominoplasty in Texas?

The costs of a mini tummy tuck in Texas do not vary excessively due to the fact that it is called a mini tummy tuck, the costs of the operating room, hospitalization, anesthesiologists, etc. Are the same, so the costs are usually between $5,229.68 and $6,390.42. As in any case, to know the closed cost, you should go for a consultation with the specialist.

Contraindications of an abdominoplasty

Like any other procedure, there are patients who are contraindicated for this type of surgery. Among the main contraindications obesity represents a certain degree of contraindication, in some cases a weight loss plan is necessary.

If the patient has a history of cadiopulmolar ailments, chronic respiratory diseases, metabolic diseases or poorly controlled diabetes, it is possible that this type of surgery cannot be performed, he must notify the plastic surgeon to evaluate the case.

One of the most common contraindications is unrealistic expectations, it must be clear what results will be achieved as well as possible scars resulting from the operation. However, you must always report any type of illness that you suffer or have suffered.

Risks of a tummy tuck

Undergoing surgery, whether it is a tummy tuck or any other surgery, involves a series of risks. This does not mean that the surgery is done poorly. And although thousands of successful tummy tucks are performed each year, the risks and potential risks must be considered.

Among the most prominent are the following:

  • Seromas:  They are accumulations of body fluids, they are usually prevented with the drains that we place at the end of the surgery.
  • Hematomas:  They are usually mild, although in some rare cases it is necessary to make a small cut to release the accumulated blood.
  • Infections: With such a large scar, infections may occur even when all measures are taken.
  • Scars:  Poor healing can produce a poor quality scar, which sometimes, the patient will have to undergo a second surgery to repair it.

Days before proceeding with the surgery, you will be given a document outlining all the risks involved in the surgery. This document enables you to discuss any questions you may have with your plastic surgeon.

Smoking patients should quit smoking as much as possible before surgery. Because smoking increases the possibility of complications and delays recovery.

However, you should carefully follow the instructions given by your plastic surgeon before and after your tummy tuck to reduce the risk of complications.

Tummy Tuck before and after

When undergoing a tummy tuck or tummy tuck, you should take into account what the before and after will be like. In the following link we show you real examples of before and after a tummy tuck.

Tummy Tuck Before And After

Abdominoplasty scar

The scar after a tummy tuck  is perhaps one of the cons that one must assume before undergoing this surgery.

In general, the scar from a tummy tuck will be perfectly concealed as we have said before. But there are cases that due to the healing process do not end up having the appearance that we would have wanted,

Currently there are no means to make them disappear, but their appearance can be improved with various aesthetic medical techniques. However, a small outpatient surgery may be performed, with local anesthesia to suture again and improve their appearance.

The main types of scars after a tummy tuck can be:
  • Normal: It is considered normal when it has healed perfectly. And theoretically there is a fine line of the same color as the skin or a little redder.
  • Atrophic:  This type of abdominal scar is rare but occurs when the skin has not been able to create enough collagen to form tissue fibers. They are characterized by holes or depressions in the scar.
  • Hypertrophic:  It is type, also infrequent, they are produced by excess collagen, the scar usually rises and exceeds the normal surface.
  • Keloids:  It is very similar to hypertrophic but much more bulky. It can cause itching and burning in the area. (More common in blacks.)



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