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Telemedicine Can Offer An Amazing Program To Lose Weight

Studies indicate that those who suffer from abdominal fat have lost weight much more than their peers who did not undergo a telemedicine program to lose weight. (Source)

Scientists have reached amazing results, as they confirmed that health training using the program to lose weight and fat using telemedicine technology has definitely become effective in reducing body weight clinically (more than 10 percent) in adults who are overweight and fat accumulated.

Main Elements of telemedicine program to lose weight

The program to lose weight and get rid of accumulated fat that we use on our “Fitoont website” combines four important and main elements to improve the results of weight loss and accumulated fat, namely:

  • Low-calorie diet.
  • Preference for low glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Monitor physical activity.
  • Supporting attitude change.

The intervention group lost an average of 12.8% of accumulated body fat, while the control group lost 2.1%. And 10 out of 15 participants in the control group lost a significant amount of body fat, compared to 2 out of 14 in the control group.

This scientific study consists of a total of 40 individuals ranging in age from 22 to 66 years with an average BMI of 33.9. Ultimately, 26 participants completed this study for losing weight

All participants were classified as:

1- Stable in weight, which means that their bodies do not contain excess fat
2- They were not tobacco users
3- They do not suffer from metabolic disease or kidney disease
4- They weren’t using drugs known to alter their metabolism.

Then everyone began to participate in the scientific study in the program to lose weight and accumulated fats in the body by telemedicine technology for a period of 13 weeks.

With the knowledge that all participants in the scientific study received a blood pressure monitor, a body composition scale, and an accelerometer. The devices provided participants in both groups with real-time feedback.

All participants have downloaded a video conferencing application about offering weight loss study. As one of the conditions for using telemedicine technology is to have:
1-an Internet subscription
2-an application through which you can communicate with the doctor.

At the beginning of the study:

A physician gives each participant a low-calorie diet to encourage body weight loss and fat gain between 2 and 3 pounds per week.

Patients were assigned to only two groups:

  • A first group is a group of video conferencing with a health coach.
  • The second group is the control group without a health coach.

During the study, the first group received an online curriculum with advice on weight loss. Stimuli, self-monitoring and goal setting.

Then a registered dietitian gave users weekly notes during a weekly video session.

The control group took the same test based on the conference. And caloric recommendations at the start of the study. But even after the intervention, she did not see a doctor or dietitian again.

At the end of the scientific study:

Self-monitoring is the most common reason for people to download apps to lose fat accumulated around the body.

But this is often not enough for people looking to get rid of their excess fat and weight.

The scientists who conducted this study indicated that the procedure for recording health-related information in the application such as: food, exercise time, weight and some other information is useful.

As it provides immediate and powerful feedback to the user as it enables him to find great information.

Yes, enthusiasm helps get rid of excess fat indirectly.

However, without direct feedback from a health care provider. Self-monitoring is often not sufficient to promote long-term engagement or change. This has been clarified in this scientific study.

Participants in the control group were provided with the same (Bluetooth) device. As well as nutritional recommendations, and applications.

Participants in the conference group lost more body weight and increased their steps per week, compared to the control group.

The study indicates that the participation of the video groupers and their coach contributed to success weight loss process.

The economic and social situation was an influencing factor in this study and one of the main constraints.

As all participants must have an iPhone in order to use this application. So which may mean that there is a bias towards people who are financially wealthier.

In the future, the research team said, there could be more support for using video conferencing-based health coaching, as well as patient education tools, to lose weight more effectively.

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