How Is Belly Fat A Risk Of Low Back Pain?

How Is Belly Fat A Risk Of Low Back Pain?

Our patients always ask us if it is true that the more stomach fat, the more low back pain.

Is there a relationship between excess belly fat and low back pain? (Source)

At Fitoont, we sought information from experts in this regard. And we can conclude that there is a direct relationship between appendicitis and lower back pain. The reason is that the weight of the gut puts pressure on the lower back, which leads to gradual atrophy and erosion, which causes chronic pain.

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Correct measurements to avoid having a large belly

To find the correct abdominal contour to avoid lower back problems. We look at criteria provided by cardiologists who are considered appropriate to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The circumference of the woman is 88 cm and in the case of the man 100-102 cm. If we can keep the abdomen just below these levels, that is much better.

To reduce belly fat, we should not “crush” with sitting, but rather aerobic exercises  (walking, cycling, aerobics, aerobic exercises …), in this way we reduce fat. The abdominal muscles help us to strengthen muscles but it is necessary to lose fat.

Fat and level of scoliosis

If the level of belly fat is high, we wonder if we can twist the spine. The answer is not the deviation that usually occurs due to more genetic material, but ultimately to overloading the area and generating chronic pain and injuries that can involve risky surgeries.

Therefore, the best prevention is to maintain a varied and balanced diet. Light dinner and do not miss your meals. All this is accompanied by an exercise that helps us release muscle tension.

One piece of advice, in order to motivate ourselves to lose belly fat, it is best to set small goals that we avoid. For example, when the volume is lost, about 3 cm. Once we get to it, we add sizes, so we don’t get discouraged.

There are mattresses for people who are overweight, ready to make their rest more pleasant, and when we rest well for 7 hours or more … it shows!

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Back pain in pregnant women and children

An example of the relationship between the abdominal circumference and lower back pain appears in a pregnant woman.

As the months of pregnancy pass, the digestive system grows, and the lower back suffers from weight gain and spine curvature.

Hence the importance of exercises that help us maintain good posture during pregnancy.

From the data, we highlight that 80% of the German population suffers from lower back pain caused by poor posture or lack of exercise.

Low back pain is the second reason for sick leave in Germany.

If we look at children, back pain is getting more and more frequent, partly due to:
  • Increase in childhood obesity (55% of children under 12 years old)
  • High weight backpack
  • It is because of an excessive and inactive lifestyle. Thus 50% of children complain about their appearance.
It is necessary to find a solution to this problem such as:
  • Inculcate good posture habits
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Reducing the weight of backpacks, which reach an average of 5 kg, when recommending a maximum of 3 kg.
Treatment of back pain resulting from excess belly fat

To treat and prevent pain, it is important as we said to do exercise.

In this way, we strengthen our back and lower back area as if we have incorporated a lumbar belt that prevents the area from suffering.

It is important that we put ourselves in the hands of a physical therapy that may benefit us in these exercises.

They can also describe the lumbar girdle necessary for our disease. Lumbar girdles can be of different types, each one is recommended for any type of disease, it should be the specialist who prescribes the person we need in each case.

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