Rectus Abdominis Muscle_ Important For A Flat Stomach

Rectus Abdominis Muscle: Important For A Flat Stomach – Fitoont

One of the most important postural muscles in addition to being the flexor of the spine, is the rectus abdominis muscle.

It is belonging to the category of the abdominal muscles and about which we now want to give you all the information, as well as explain how you can strength it.

What you know about this muscles?

1- It is a double muscle, on each side of the median line, that forms the anterior abdominal part.

2- wrapped by a durable anterior fascia that multiplies its tension.

3- It is a very specific muscle of the human being.

4- It keeps the abdominal viscera in place.

5- They are wrapped by a common fascia, which gives this area greater inclusion and serves as a sheath for the displacement of the rectus abdominis muscles.

6- It is a polygastric muscle that created by 4 muscle bellies separated by 3 tendon bands, The lowest is at the level of the navel, while the highest is at the level of the 8th rib.

7- Each region receives separated nerves that innervate each part, except in the intermediate part that remains without innervation, becoming an aponeurosis.

rectus abdominis origin and insertion


Its origin at the upper verge of the pubis by means of a small tendon of 2-3 cm.


This muscle is inserted at the anterior face of the 5th, 6th and 7th costal cartilages and xiphoid appendix.


It is innervated by the thoracoabdominal nerves.

They override between the transverse muscle and the minor oblique muscle layers, and pierce the rectus abdominis sheath.

The nerves are simply the anterior divisions of the 7th to 11th inferior intercostal nerves

These nerves continue to supply the abdominal wall after the intercostal spaces to which they supplied end medially.

Function of the rectus abdominis muscle:

1- The strength of the rectus abdominis muscle give a share in maintaining an alignment and healthy position, and keeping internal organs preserved.

2- Its shrinkage boost intra-abdominal stress and contributes to drive out abdominal contents during dejection.

3- It results flexion of the spine through the ribs, and it is the main muscle of the core and the one that allows us to perform more efficiently in sports activities.

4- Its unilateral contraction produces lateral side inclination of the trunk towards the same side, accomplish to enhance the work of the obliques and the waist to a minimum extent.

5- A good tone of the rectus abdominis limit maximum inspiration and favor expiration , so the stronger it is, the utmost the lung amplitude we will have.

How to exercise the rectus abdominis muscle?


  • Start with the body in an alignment line and your both hands a little  wider than the shoulders.
  • Keep your toes and the palm of your feet touching the ground firmly.
  • Fetch one knee up across the center of the stomach and then speedily alternate between the legs.

It is a very profitable exercise, not only to work the rectus abdominis area, but also to sweat and burn belly fat.


  • Lie down on the floor in a lateral position and lift your body with the help of your arm.
  • Your body should be in a lateral position and fully extended, without flexing any joint.
  • keep it for about 30 seconds.
  • Do this same to the another side.


There are numerous leg raising exercises, but in this case we focus on those performed lying supine on the background.

In this case we can also perform numerous exercises, such as alternative leg raises, with bent or unbent legs, or lumbar raises.

All of them are exercises that will help you work the rectus anterior area.


Abdominal planks are also called isometric and consist of standing, like a plank, for as long as possible.

You have several ways to do them and to complicate the difficulty, but the most basic and main one is by resting your elbows on it and the tips of your feet on the ground.

Here we can work the entire core, including the lumbar, as well as the legs and arms, due to the tension generated by holding.


Hypopressive abdominals are one of the most difficult exercises to perform, because they are based on the control of breathing and the diaphragm.

  • curb injuries and pain.
  • Strengthening the lumbar and abdominal wall.
  • General toning of the body Prevents injuries and pain.
  • Improve intimate relationships.


Not everything is based on exercising routines based on doing sit-ups or anaerobic exercises, there are also other physical activities that are very profitable for the rectus abdominis.

You have to remember that this muscle is really habitual to work, so you could say that it needs this liveliness.

we have to name Pilates as one of the most best pursuit and that they merge many of these exercises.

It helps you get in shape, burn belly fat and tone the abdominal area.

That is why Pilates is very suitable for those women who have recently had a child and have problems of pelvic weakness or flaccidity in the abdomen area.


  • Supine on your back on the ground.
  • Tangle your fingers behind your ears.
  • Bend your knees across your chest and raise your both shoulder barbs without pulling on your neck.
  • lift your left leg at a 45-degree angle while together bending your torso to the right, fetching your left elbow toward your right knee.
  • alternate sides, fetching your right elbow toward your left knee.
  • Now you will have to switch the two sides, making a movement identical to pedaling that is done on a bicycle, for about 15 duplication.


  • Get into a particular chair for crunches and keep on to the sides to stabilize your upper body.
  • Press your back against the chair and shrink your abs so that you elevate your both legs without sitting.
  • permit your knees be pointing across your chest when you have raised your both legs. Don’t switch your back and remember to breathe kindly.
  • bring down your both legs bit by bit and do 15 reps

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