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Telemedicine Services: Great Between Doctors And Patient – Fitoont

Although the medical community has championed the rise of telemedicine doctors’ services for years. Not yet many people in the country have the opportunity to try it on their own. As, it is useful for elderly people with mobility impairments who live in rural areas within hours of the doctors’ presence. SOURCE

To protect patients and themselves from the coronavirus, telemedicine doctors in nearly every specialty have made the leap in virtual appointments. You can use telemedicine backed by expanding coverage of practice by the Fitoont website.

“People in America are taking a crash course in telemedicine,” says the founder of the website Fitoont, which promotes the use of technology in healthcare.

Next, what will people say: Why do I have to go to the office, wait an hour, and get sick?

The founders of telemedicine doctors services pointed out that it is especially beneficial for elderly people with reduced mobility, and for those who live in rural areas, hours away from the nearest specialist.

Although there are still many medical procedures that can only be performed personally – such as blood draws or operations.

The Coronavirus pandemic is encouraging patients across the country to learn about the benefits of telemedicine services.

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Advantages of telemedicine for patients and doctors

1- Saves time and effort:

William Samuel, 71, feels he needs to see a dietitian, who was anxious about leaving his home in Pennsylvania during the coronavirus outbreak.

So when he called the nutrition clinic’s last month to see if he’d agree to switch his visit to a virtual one, William was relieved, even though he had never tried telemedicine before.

A few days later, via Fitoont, William contacted his doctors, who asked him some questions about his symptoms, prescribed medication and a diet program along with some daily exercises.

William says he not only felt more confident but he was also more comfortable dating in person.

“It took less than 15 minutes,” he said. “Normally, I had to get in the car, and drive for 35
A minute, wait at the office, then return to the car and go home. This takes about half of the day.

William added, “It is really very nice to use this technology in such critical situations and times.”

2- Expense Containment:

Citizens benefit from it as telemedicine has been often an effective strategy to contain and reduce health care costs.

This is by avoiding more expensive healthcare options, such as dieting and obesity sessions

3- It is comfortable and builds confidence:

Olivia Isaac, 62, from Greece, has used teleconferencing for years in her job as a professional development coach. But his primary care doctor did not provide remote visits until last week, in response to the coronavirus crisis.

“I felt we were on the same level,” says Olivia. “It was much more personal than a phone call. My doctor has so much energy, and it was great to feel the connection.”

She added that she feels “comfortable and confident” because she knows she can reach her doctor over the Internet. “As you get older, you are more likely to have movement problems, and you want to know you can talk to someone.”

The only downside, she says, is that the doctor was unable to check her blood pressure remotely. But she has already ordered a sphygmomanometer so that in the future, she can take her blood pressure on her own during virtual appointments.

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4- Better efficiency and comfort for the patient and the doctor as well:

When it comes to health, our country has to deal with two elements that characterize its population: 24% over 67 and 39% suffer from chronic diseases, for a total of 22 million people, of whom 14 million are infected.

These ratios and figures illustrate an understanding of how telemedicine is the solution to simplify collaboration between the various stakeholders interacting along the path of patient care, improve the interaction between physician and patient, take timely actions, and reduce risks.

But the benefits don’t end here:

Several platforms have been adopted that facilitate the smooth interaction between professionals and citizens, thus it is also possible to mitigate the other major health challenge which is the shortage of doctors.

5- Easy to use, even if you are not an expert with this service:

Bill Jovitch, 66, from Washington, says he should be vigilant about his exposure to the infection even in the absence of a global pandemic. Because his immune system is weakened by treatments for stage III prostate cancer. .

In the past 40 days, Bell has left the house only once, and was due to give himself an injection that would require treatment for cancer.

Last week I had his first experience with telemedicine services, which is a hypothetical appointment with an oncologist. The two were connected to a remote healthcare video platform called Vidyo. Both his doctor and nurse were online, and Bell was able to ask her questions about the side effects of the treatment. He and his doctor were able to joke a little bit to avoid the stress, as always.

“I am not an expert in computers, but I did well,” he says, adding that the only downside is not seeing other employees. I missed seeing them.”

However, not having to wait to see a doctor has its advantages. “I was able to be here at home, doing what I want, 10 minutes ago, when I got a text message from the nurse asking if I was ready.”

6- Improving the quality of care and healing by ensuring continuity of care:

With telemedicine , health care can be guaranteed safely, and patients avoid going to doctors’ and specialist clinics, or treatment facilities, and vice versa, it allows doctors to remotely follow the people they care for.

This aspect is more important when it comes to chronic diseases, especially in the Corona pandemic, as it allows for more rational patient management at home.

Moreover, the ability to rely on telemedicine doctor services also allows patients to benefit from medical and curative support regardless of their location. This is the case, for example, on the “Fitoont” website.

7- With telemedicine services you can get a fast and efficient diagnosis:

Liam Ethan, 72, from Florida, recently had a hypothetical appointment with her physiotherapist to check out spine-related problems. Since your doctor usually checks every inch of your muscle, he wasn’t sure how to make this appointment.

The doctor asked Liam Ethan, who was suffering from pains in the muscles surrounding the spine, to take an MRI scan and report the complaint in detail and email it before their appointment.

“When I spoke to my doctor, he was looking at pictures,” said Liam Ethan. “He thought it was not good, and he asked me to do some tests on the bed. I just turned my phone on and did whatever it asked of me.”

Liam Ethan added: The good news is that his medical attending physician was able to assess my condition remotely and that my condition was not a cause for concern.

The interesting aspect is that he gave me some videos in order to learn how to do the exercises correctly.

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8- Equal access to all places:

Thanks to telemedicine, it is also possible to reach patients who are in hard-to-reach areas such as mountain communities, small islands, or rural areas with little connection to cities.

Fitoont telemedicine services and diet

Fitoont website now offers a telemedicine doctors service option for most of its weight loss programs. This allows you to set up a meeting with your doctors in the comfort of your home.

Meetings will be over the phone or via the WhatsApp application. However, you can make all follow-up visits via chat if you don’t want video calls.

How will the weight be measured?

We will depend on the weight of your home scale for your weight. Have this ready before your visit.

How will prescriptions be prescribed?

For controlled substance prescriptions, you must provide us with a sealed timer of your blood pressure.

Or you can check your blood pressure during the visit while speaking with the provider of the video if you have a blood pressure problem.

The second option is to go to your local pharmacy and take a picture to measure your blood pressure.

The uncontrolled material will be prescribed electronically directly to your pharmacy without checking your blood pressure.

If you are interested in this telemedicine doctors weight loss program, please request a consultation today.

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