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The Ten Commandments For A Successful Diet To Burn Belly Fat

There are Ten Commandments for persons with belly fat to burn it. If you follow these commandments with your diet, you will feel full with the least amount of food .. So know and act upon them:

Ten Commandments

1- Drink 3 large cups of water before main meals: (Source)

Water has no calories and fills the stomach emptiness and thus reduces food intake.

2- Eat grapefruit or apple cider vinegar before you eat: (Source)

As it reduces your sense of hunger and limits your food intake.

3- Start your food with green salads, with two tablespoons of vinegar added: (Source)

These salads reduce your intake of other high-calorie foods and give you a feeling of satiety for a long time, while at the same time their calories are low.

4- Make sure to eat foods rich in fiber: (Source)

As it has been scientifically proven that fiber takes a long time in the chewing process, which reduces the feeling of hunger and leads to satiety with the least amount of food.

5- Eat your meal very slowly: (Source)

If you can increase the duration of the meal to more than 20 minutes, you will reach the satiety stage quickly without filling your stomach with many foods. On the contrary, eating quickly fills the stomach with many foods before it reaches the satiety stage.

6- Cut the food into small pieces, and each piece to a smaller piece: (Source)

It has been found and scientifically proven that you are satisfied after eating a certain number of pieces, and not after a certain amount of food .. That is, the number of expulsions from the plate to the mouth is more important than the quantity in giving you a sense of satiety.

7- Use children’s tableware. What is the meaning of this? (Source)

Meaning that the dishes, spoons, forks and knives are very small, this reduces your intake of food and at the same time increases your sense of satiety.

8- Base of spoon and fork: (Source)

Put the spoon or fork on the table after each time you use it, then chew the food well, then use the spoon or fork again and so on, and you can rest minutes in the middle of eating.

9 – Eating in large containers increases the size of the abdomen: (Source)

Keep large utensils filled with food away from the table and the rooms are done in the kitchen, then transfer the food to the table, keeping the eyes as far as possible from the food in general.

10- Do not ejaculate foods: (Source)

Do not throw any new food into your mouth before you swallow completely what is in your mouth. And avoid eating food standing up and eating it while you are calm and relaxed.

Of course, if you abided by these commandments in how to eat, along with exercising and daily exercises, they will be a guard for you not to fill your stomach and stomach without limits, but they will help you to be satisfied with the least amount of food.

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