vacation diet plan secrets to fire Belly fat - fitoont

Vacation Diet Plan Secrets To Fire Belly Fat – Fitoont

Following a diet on vacation is a problem by all standards, but we cannot underestimate the importance and necessity of changing everything during the vacation.

So we will present to you the surprise diets, which is the vacation diet

In addition to eating unusual food, which is often not prepared at home and is one of the important ways to enjoy the vacation.

Therefore the idea of ​​abstaining from eating these foods is an impractical and unacceptable idea.

The alternative proposed by Carol Hendson, an American nutrition expert and innovative vacation diet, is for a person to determine the dishes he would like to actually eat.

And to define for himself through his daily menu some dishes, so that he tastes all the dishes he craves without fear of gaining weight.

Vacation diet rules

  1. Beware of neglecting to eat a meal to eat a larger amount of food at the next meal. A person gets rid of excess weight faster if his meals are regular. As the body gets used to reducing the combustion process at the time of the meal that he omits. And thus the speed of fat dissolving decreases.
  2. It is allowed to eat half a cup of skimmed milk daily, and 15 grams of low-fat butter with brown bread. Noting that in some countries slices of brown bread are eaten without butter and this is better of course to increase the effectiveness of the vacation diet.
  3. Drink 6 to 8 cups of water and herbal drinks daily.
  4. Do not continue this vacation diet for more than a week.
  5. You must resort to the method of grilling, as it is a healthy and ideal way to maintain texture, as we grill meat and fish and mix them with herbs and lemon.
  6. Soft water should be replaced with natural juices and mineral water, and if you are addicted to carbonated water, try to drink it within one cup, not more than a week, provided that it is free of sugar.
  7. You should take advantage of the long summer nights in exercising at least half an hour a day with friends and family.


Carbonated water is not preferred at all. Rather, it must be replaced with natural juices, and in the case of drinking it, it is within one cup per week without sugar only.

The vacation diet plan is as follows:

The breakfast:
  • A cup of skim milk without sugar.
  • Boiled egg (do not eat if the age is over forty years).
  • A piece of medium-fat white cheese, and cottage cheese is preferred.
  • A piece of toast diet.

Other breakfast diet..

  • 3 tablespoons of fava beans with lemon and spices.
  • A piece of toast diet.
Between breakfast and lunch:
  • Fruit of a fruit.
The lunch:
  • Half a grilled chicken or 4 grilled liver pieces.
  • Green salad without tomatoes or sautéed vegetables.
  • Boneless chicken soup or cabbage soup.
  • Half a loaf of brown bread.
The Dinner:
  • Fruit, except forbidden fruits or a cup of natural fruit juice.
  • A cup of skimmed yogurt.

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