When can I exercise after a tummy tuck?

When Can I Exercise After Tummy Tuck? – Fitoont

Outcome Tummy tuck surgery will be significantly more rewarding for the patient if it is followed by regular practice of a set of prescribed exercises. So, we will answer the most important question: When can I exercise after tummy tuck? (Source)

The skin and musculature of the abdomen are not the same after pregnancy as they were before. The muscles and dermis expand away from the midline to create places for the fetus. As a result, there is more skinner and muscular flaccidity. The same thing happens to overweight people, but instead of making room for a baby, the extra space is used to store fat.

For many people, the end outcome is unpleasant in both cases, resulting in a major aesthetic complex that impacts their psychological well-being. Tummy tuck surgery, fortunately, may cure flaccidity in the abdomen. A surgical procedure that results in a flatter stomach, tighter skin, and a smaller waist for the patient. Before answering the question “When can I exercise after tummy tuck?”, you should know more information about exercises after tummy tuck.

What are the advantages of exercising following a tummy tuck?

After surgery, the area in between is damaged and inflamed. Performing the exercises will greatly contribute to a satisfying recovery process. During exercise, the contribution of blood flow to that area is much greater and promotes recovery in the following ways:

  • Better healing
  • Elimination of swelling
  • Recovery of abdominal tissue.
  • It also reduces the chance of venous thromboembolism (the risk of this surgery).

It is highly recommended that all patients undergoing abdominoplasty perform a specific series of exercises to facilitate recovery. Every patient should ask himself  this important question When can I exercise after tummy tuck. And that his physiotherapist is organizing an exercise program

When can I exercise after abdominoplasty ?

when can I exercise after tummy tuck?
When can I exercise after tummy tuck?

Regular exercise helps keep your skin and muscles at their best, in addition to many other well-known health benefits. However, after abdominal surgery, the patient must wait a reasonable period of time. This depends on several factors.

During the first fifteen days after surgery, it is not practical to force the abdominal muscles due to the small space and problems with the recovery process.

However, after this time, unless the patient feels discomfort, it is recommended that the patient begin a short walk and gradually increase its pace. Other types of exercise or sports are not recommended for the first few weeks.

After 4 or 6 weeks, when the stitches are removed, the patient can start exercising under the supervision of a physiotherapist. Note that this should be done gradually, especially so that the body can be reset after surgery to the rhythm used previously. In any case, your doctor will decide whether and how much you can exercise.

What types of workouts are recommended to promote the results of tummy tuck?

exercises after tummy tuck
exercises after tummy tuck

At first, it is advisable to perform stretching exercises in the abdomen, thus eliminating the common post-operative tension. Exercises such as yoga or Pilates are recommended to increase muscle elasticity, although like all sports, they must be practiced under the supervision of a professional trainer.

As we mentioned before, after 4 or 6 weeks, patients can start doing abdominal strengthening exercises, never doing strenuous sports or heavy lifting.

In these exercise routines, the following are typically done:
  • Before starting to perform the movement, always practice breathing in a relaxed manner to exercise the muscles in that area.
  • Then the breathing exercises become a little more intense and the muscle tissues begin to work.
  • After this breathing period, start doing toning exercises, repeating short sequences so as not to squeeze the abs too much.
  • Finally, flexibility exercises will be performed.

They are very simple habits, but quite beneficial for getting better in the medium to long term. Post-operative exercises for tummy tuck give you the great benefits of helping you recover from surgery and achieve much better results. But above all, playing sports will always be your ally to avoid weight gain, keep your muscles toned and your skin smooth and elastic.

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If you have any questions, please contact a reputable esthetician or physiotherapist. If you don’t know who to contact, contact us and we’ll help you find the closest one. Your belly complex has a very effective solution, encourage yourself to get the look you’ve always wanted.

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