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My Experience With Keto Diet To Burn Love Handles – Fitoont

It happens to many of us, we know everyone follow the keto diet and want to lose weight or burn love handles for many reasons: to look pretty, to feel attractive, to be able to fit in a certain size, so that our back or knees do not hurt. The reasons are not lacking, but in some circumstance, these reasons are not they become motivated.

My story

In my case, I have always been visceral fat since I can remember, there was a short period in my life when I lost the love handles when I was about 20 years old, but then I got fat again. My parents had their extra pounds, but they were never obese, my sister was a stick and my brother was too. Regarding to some reason, for many years I resigned myself to being the fat woman in the family. For me the past times were never better.

For my graduation from my degree, I had to have a dress made by a dressmaker because there was nothing in the stores that would fit me. A month before my graduation party, I got rubella: poor diet, stress, and being overweight and having love handles affected my immune system.

Going To doctor

That year I was already working in a company, and one day I noticed that several of my colleagues (all men) had lost an awful lot of kilos. I asked and they referred me to an internist doctor, who had me do a lot of tests (blood, thyroid, EKG, ultrasound), and the day I had the ultrasound changed my life.

For those who have never had a pelvic ultrasound, they make you drink a huge amount of water before going to the exam. Then they uncover your belly, put a very cold gel and pass a device all over your belly to be able to photograph “your insides” as the old ladies would say. Well, there I was, lying down with a great desire to go to the bathroom while the technician crushed my belly with the device. Then passed with this device and went over the same place, put more gel and crushed with more desire. And I resisted the urge to go to the bathroom. The expression on his face was one of anguish and despair. He marked little crosses on the screen and then erased them. He moved the device and repeated the entire operation. I was scared!

-Something happens? Asked.
– I can’t find the baby
– What baby?
– What is not pregnant?
– NOT!
– Ahhh, then I’m done

I ran to the bathroom, then went to the reception to give me instructions on when I could collect my results. I left the place and could not help crying. My tummy was so big it looked pregnant! At that moment I realized that I couldn’t go through life like this. If at that age, I didn’t do anything for my body, then I wasn’t going to be able to solve it. A quarter of a century of my life had passed, did I want to live the rest in an eternal pregnancy?

And as the song of Mudanzas says, I decided that: Today I am going to change! I started following the keto diet to lose love handles with a simple workout since April 2020. Below is information about my experience and results.

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My experience with keto diet to burn love handles

Before I begin to follow the keto diet, I previously had a low percentage of carbohydrates. I was not strict about the amount of sugars I eat, but I used to restrict all starches and made sure to diversify my diet. I have come to the conclusion that I feel unwell when eating large amounts of carbohydrates. This pushed me to eat more fats and proteins. After hearing about the keto diet, I began to think what my health would be like when I tried it for a while.

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Here are some of my notes during the first period

1- For the first few days, I didn’t feel any problem at all:

Many say that the adjustment period will be very difficult, but I have been restricting the amount of carbohydrates in my diet a long time ago, so my body was ready for this change.

2- Your body loses a lot of weight in the beginning:

Most of the weight lost is water, because carbohydrates make you keep more fluids and make you appear more weight.

3- Eating permitted foods in keto is simple and easy:

I didn’t care about what tasty foods are, as the foods rich in healthy fats are many and varied.

4- During the first week in the keto diet, you may feel very tired and have a poor concentration:

This is because your mind is going through the difficulty of obtaining energy due to a lack of carbohydrates, but it will be for a short period.

5- I did not lose my muscular strength:

I was able to maintain my ability to exercise. But at the same time, I couldn’t take more intense workouts and exercises like hypopressive abs workout because I haven’t adapted yet.

6- To alleviate the negative side effects of adapting to the keto diet:

I became more calories, drank more fluids to increase moisture in my body, and make sure to get more sodium.

7- The best thing I noticed is that my sleep quality has improved dramatically:

When I was in the condition of ketosis, I was able to sleep for long periods of time, for up to 6-8 hours without waking up. In the morning, I could feel energetic and energetic.

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My experience with the Keto Diet to burn love handles after 3 months

After months of following the keto diet, I can say that this was the best decision I made in my life with regard to nutrition and health. Now that I have enough energy all day, I feel the ability to work anytime, anywhere. Most of the time, when feeling tired and lethargic, I don’t think it is the result of following a keto diet, but it is the result of other factors. Because I know that keto gives me more perfect energy. My health has improved. I had no medical problem, and I do not remember the last time I had hypoglycemia or felt faint due to low blood sugar.

I no longer feel hungry at all. Rather, I feel full quickly and constantly because my body has access to energy from fat whenever it wants and rarely eats an extra meal a day. I noticed an increase in focus and productivity. This is why this extra energy has become an opportunity to do other creative and productive things. My performance got much better and I no longer feel tired. Contrary to popular belief, I was able to build muscle mass and improve every aspect of my life.

My stamina is getting better little by little and I feel stronger and more mobile. Until now, and despite the passage of 3 months of following the keto diet, I did not get all the benefits of this diet, because every day I discover new things. The feeling that I have energy all the time and the delicious foods that I eat make it an ideal diet.

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The change

The truth is that my emotional state was so fragile that I took it very badly. Perhaps I should have been much more emotionally intelligent like this girl, who made a very conscientious and funny analysis on: how to react if they think you are pregnant? – when you are not? .

Stop resigning myself, I no longer wanted to accept nicknames for “chubby” when the reality is that I was obese. The internist doctor recommended a keto diet, from April to December I lost more than 10 kilos.

That was over 1 years ago, and every day I have to make a conscious decision to do something to keep my weight off and lose love handles or not. I’ve had ups and downs, but I’ve never even been close to a size 15 again. On a really good day I can fit a size 6.

There will be many women who will say that they accept themselves, that they want them that way, etc. And they are within their rights.

In my case, I got sick of:

  • Not being able to buy clothes in a normal store.
  • Having to buy wide shoes because my foot looked like cake.
  • Walking two blocks and running out of air.
  • Wearing elastic clothes because there was nothing else that would fit me.

I got tired of feeling tired all the time.

Nowadays obesity has become normal (clarifying that the term normal in statistics is what is repeated the most, not what is healthy), to the extent that it is a terrible epidemic. The current generation may be the first whose life expectancy is shorter than that of their parents. Mexico has the first place in the world in childhood obesity and the second in adults espicially with people who have love handles. The government wants to implement measures to try to eradicate the problem through laws and they will not work.

If I don’t care about my body, why would a law make me change my mind? It is the experiences that make us change course, not the words written into legislation.

My life changed when I lost my weight and visceral fat.

My personal opinion about Keto Diet

For me, the slight limitations of the keto diet are insignificant and not difficult compared to the benefits. What I mean is that you will be able to live healthy and your weight will be perfect after burning love handles thanks to this diet.

If I have to sacrifice some carbohydrates, bread, potatoes or fruit to be able to feel these benefits, I will sacrifice, because that would make me live a better life. Despite all of that, this diet provides you with a very diverse range of delicious foods, so I consider the keto diet to be the undisputed best diet.

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Ketogenic diet mistakes I made

Not all my days with keto diet were amazing, as I made some mistakes in the keto that could have been easily avoided:

1- I have eaten a lot of carbohydrates:

Not too much that causes me to get out of ketosis. But I sometimes had to eat just over 20 grams each day. This made the adaptation process more time required.

2- Eat a lot of protein:

The same thing happened to me with regards to proteins. Increasing the protein will cause the body to convert the protein into glucose sugar by analyzing it. However, if you stick to 1 gram per kilogram of body mass, you’ll be on the right track.

3- I didn’t get enough electrolytes:

To avoid stress, anxiety, stress and relieve cortisol, add more salt to the water and drink bone broth.

4- I suffered a lot from stress:

What cortisol does in the body is unlike what the case of ketosis in the body does, because the hormone cortisol increases sugars (glucose) in the bloodstream. So I was drinking more water, sleeping more than usual and trying not to strain. My sugar levels are within normal limits. After a few weeks, I felt better when the levels of ketones in the blood became high and my body became dependent on them for energy instead of sugars, and I never felt tired after that.

All the benefits of the keto diet are correct and I have already tried it. You may think that you are now in good health, but you have not tried a ketogenic diet and its benefits. Your body must stop burning sugar as an energy source until you feel better.


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