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Scoliosis is treated or embraced differently. Some people get “scoliosis surgery scar tattoo”. Others use tattoos to accentuate their scars or modify them into something more visually interesting.

Scoliosis Tattoo – Medical Concerns

Again and again one hears about medical concerns when it comes to tattoos on the spine. These relate mainly to the spinal cord injection, also called PDA or spinal anesthesia.

Whether it’s a caesarean section or leg operations, it doesn’t always have to be general anesthesia. Spinal anesthesia is often sufficient. It numbs the lower half of the body.

For this purpose, the anesthetic is introduced with a syringe between the vertebrae in the area of ​​the lumbar spine. So directly to the nerve tracts near the spinal cord.

And this is exactly where there is a problem: the tattoos on the spine are often exactly in the area where the PDA injection is placed.

How do you get scoliosis surgery scar tattoo?

Also, do scoliosis surgery scar tattoo hurt? However, as a general rule, scar tissue is generally more painful for a tattoo than unbroken skin. And in some cases, it can be very painful. Experts say scar pain is common, especially for people whose scars have caused nerve damage or pressure, such as amputation scars.

Does scoliosis surgery leave a scar?

Yes, it will leave a scar but it will fade gradually over time.

What causes a scar after back surgery?

In fact, scar tissue after back surgery is a normal part of healing. As the incision site and wound heal, scar tissue naturally forms as your body produces collagen fibers to seal the affected area.

Tattoo on the scoliosis surgery scar- the fear of spinal anesthesia ?

The needle of the spinal syringe is relatively thick. The concern with an existing spine tattoo: color pigments from the tattoo could get through the syringe needle into deeper layers of tissue or into the sensitive cavity filled with brain fluid. And cause irritation, allergies or even inflammation there due to their ingredients. Or a so-called granulomatous reaction, i.e. the formation of nodules.

Nobody can really estimate how exactly the consequences or even long-term consequences of a syringe needle stuck through a tattoo look like. Doctors are therefore advised not to pierce through tattoos during regional anesthesia.

An animal study has already shown that there can be complications from piercing tattooed skin. (Source)

My experience with scoliosis surgery scar tattoo

The tattoo is for life. We can choose it to forever celebrate an important moment on our skin, to remember a person or a place, to laugh, to escape… Today, Marilot gives us the meaning behind the drawings that adorn his body.

“I started tattooing my back a few years after my last back surgery; I suffer from scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and at that time I was always trying to hide this huge scar. As the tattoo progressed, I learned to appreciate my back, it’s unique and tells my story.”

My first tattoo is a lotus flower at the back of the neck just above the scoliosis surgery scar, it symbolizes rebirth (because the flower takes root in mud to better open up to the world) as well as the possibility to bounce back and move on after tough times.

Scoliosis surgery scar tattoo

They discovered my scoliosis, when I had just entered adolescence. I had never heard of it before and now they talk to me about fairly heavy operations and treatments. I started physiotherapy several times a week and had to wear a corset to try to stabilize my spine, but the deflections were already too big and the operation was inevitable.

Unsurprisingly, I missed the school year due to several absences and ended up alone at another school, so I also had to deal with depression. Five years later, I noticed an abscess in my lower back, which was due to an infection that nearly cost me my life. I stayed in the hospital for a few months and after several operations in an effort to preserve the material that had been placed along my spine, the surgeon decided to remove everything from me. Once again, I failed my year and had a very difficult time recovering completely before so many months.

Scoliosis surgery scar tattoo to love yourself more

Several operations left me with very unsightly scars. I always wore tops that covered my back, and I had a lot of trouble exposing them. At this age, it’s really complicated to love yourself. But with my scars and my posture leaning slightly forward and to the side, it was more than that.

Whether it is in my friendships or romantic relationships, I consider this obstacle to be an obstacle. I am not free to do what I want, I cannot walk for long,.I quickly feel physically exhausted, etc. Now, I’m more able to accept scars, especially thanks to the many tattoos that draw attention to them rather than to them.

But the notes I can often receive, like, “How about your back? Does it hurt? Why do you lean? Make me think about those complicated times in the past that are always hard to let go of and move on.”

I’m afraid to get old, because there is a risk that the scoliosis will get worse with menopause. And I wonder how I will be able to continue walking etc if my condition worsens.

Somehow I still consider myself lucky, this process can be very dangerous and paralyzing. I can still walk and run but differently from the others.

This handicap made me grow and mature quickly. And I definitely wouldn’t be the one I don’t have today that I think I finally accepted.

Is an epidural even possible for people who have tattoos on their scoliosis surgery scar?

In fact, there are doctors who refuse to use regional anesthesia or even a simple vaccination on tattooed skin. In this case, the risk that something could happen is just too high for them.

Nevertheless there are possibilities. This allows the anesthesiologist to choose a different skin segment for the puncture if possible. Or cut the tattooed skin with a scalpel and place the syringe needle below the tattoo.

However, only the anesthesiologist can tell you whether an epidural can be performed, and if so, how and whether such an anesthetic is even possible. Therefore, use the opportunity of the anesthesia consultation before each operation, ask the anesthetist your questions and show him your spine tattoo.


A tattoo on the spine is a very aesthetic body decoration. A spine tattoo looks gorgeous and is equal parts hidden and showy.

However, if you are considering getting a spine tattoo, you should consider the potential limitations of spinal anesthesia.

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Pictures for scoliosis surgery scar tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo
Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo
Scoliosis Surgery Scar Tattoo

What happens in scoliosis surgery?

During surgery, a bone graft (small pieces of bone) will be placed over the vertebrae (bones of your back) in the area of the bend. Pieces of bone and vertebrae will grow or fuse together to form a solid back bone that prevents the curvature from getting worse.

Is it okay to cover a scoliosis surgery scar with tattoos?

However, you have to wait until the scar is completely healed before you can cover it with a tattoo. In most cases, the scar should be white and not red or pink. Avoid covering new scars with tattoos because the more advanced the scar, the better it is to take the ink spot.

How long should the scoliosis surgery scar heal before tattooing?

18 months

Can you draw tattoo after scoliosis surgery on scar?

Scar Camouflage is a long-term solution to masking the scar with tattoo treatment. Covering your scar with a flesh-colored tattoo can go by many names, including scar camouflage, corrective pigment camouflage, and skin-color tattooing to name a few. But the most common term is scar camouflage.

What is life like after scoliosis surgery?

In the month or two following spine surgery, the patient will be very limited in activities and need to manage pain with medication. Full recovery takes 6 to 12 months, so it’s not a process to be taken lightly. The normal movement of the spine is altered.

How successful is scoliosis surgery?

The success rate of stable fusion and spinal deformity correction is very high in experienced hands. The average curve correction was about 70 percent, and the probability of complications was about 2 to 3 percent overall. Bone fusion (allowing bones to grow together) is permanent.

Can therapists correct scoliosis?

While chiropractic treatment cannot “fix” scoliosis, routine adjustments can help with overall spine alignment and position, reduce pain and improve quality of life. For some people, chiropractic care in combination with regular brace use can completely get rid of the pain associated with scoliosis.

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