the chemical diet has side effects if misused

The Chemical Diet Has Side Effects If Misused – Fitoont

Your desire to lose weight may make you constantly search for the type of diet that is right for you, which gives you rapid weight loss and significant change. For sure, on your research trip, you came across the so-called chemical diet, and its great and rapid effect on weight loss. We talked before about the chemical diet method, its advantages, how and how to use it, but of course it has many side effects if we misuse this system. We will examine the side effects of this system through this article, and be careful not to follow this system until after consulting your doctor. Source

What is chemical dieting?

A chemical diet is a type of diet that has become popular, as it is one of the diets that help you lose weight in a matter of days. But many are unaware of what this system is and its benefits and harms to the body.

Chemical dieting depends on eating a type of food for about two weeks and causes a loss of 10 kilos in this short period, which endangers the lives of its followers for many reasons that we will learn about together.

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Below you will find everything you need to know about this diet in detail.

Effects of chemical dieting

This system guarantees for everyone who follows it, a rapid weight loss in a very short period in a very short period, as it relies on the basics of vegetables, fruits and foods that contain a low percentage of protein and carbohydrates, and the body becomes full and consumes less fat, which helps in losing weight. This system gets you ready-made meals ready to be printed, making the body more comfortable and energetic, avoiding saturated foods. Foods with fiber.

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Damages of chemical diet:

The basis of any healthy diet is that it contains all the nutrients that the body needs, but by reducing the number of calories, not by drastic reduction. But the number of calories decreases in proportion to the condition of the body and the health status of those who will follow it. Also, the number of calories in general does not decrease to a very small number. Try from 800 to 1000 calories per day, which will harm the condition of people who follow this type of diet.

As for what happens in the case of chemical dieting, it is that it mainly depends on eating one type of food or a certain number of foods with the complete exclusion of the rest of the types. Which deprives the body of the nutrients it needs. Which leads to serious damage to human health and in many cases may pose a threat to the lives of its followers.

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Is chemical diet has side effects?

One of the main reasons a chemical diet is harmful to health, is because it is weak in all dairy products. In addition, it is highly dependent on animal protein, which leads to breast cancer.

This diet is based on a certain number of foods, and thus it lacks many important elements In the body, including dairy products. The foods in this diet contain a high percentage of fats, which leads to a high level of harmful cholesterol in the body, and increases the likelihood of heart disease and atherosclerosis.

These meals reduce the number of meals to 2-3 meals per day, making them unbalanced throughout the day. Rapid weight loss leads to faster weight gain and sagging skin. Excessive intake of protein increases the amount of ammonia in the body, which causes fatigue to the kidneys and causes bad breath. This diet reduces the intake of foods that contain carbohydrates responsible for secreting the hormone serotonin, which increases feelings of sadness and depression. As we said before, eating more animal protein increases the risk of breast cancer.

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Chemical diet side effects:

Dr. kyrillos enumerates the dangers that threaten health due to the chemical diet

  • Deficiency of the kidney function and the emergence of stones in it.
  • Hepatic insufficiency
  • Dizziness
  • Headache
  • Muscle loss
  • Menstrual disorders
  • Constipation
  • Hair loss, dryness and cracks in the skin.
  • Constant fatigue
  • Disturbance of heart function and blood pressure.
  • Rapid weight gain and a short period when stopping knees during the rest period, during a period of time during a period of time in the case of deprivation. Per day it is 1200.
  • Because the diet is far from foods with high nutritional value, continuing to follow it over time will negatively affect a person’s health and fitness, as over time the person will feel inactive. Therefore, it is recommended to follow it for long periods.

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