coffee and lemon for weight loss after bariatric surgery

Coffee and Lemon For Weight Loss After Bariatric Surgery – Fitoont

It is strictly forbidden to drink coffee and lemon for weight loss after Bariatric surgery. Especially during the first stages to help the stomach recover completely without any problems.

Recently, the trend is to take coffee and lemon to lose weight. But many people are unaware of the necessity that will result from drink of coffee and lemon for weight loss after Bariatric surgery.

If you have had Bariatric surgery, it may be wise to find an alternative to coffee and lemon. As caffeine and acidic drinks are generally strictly prohibited after Bariatric surgery such as gastric sleeves.

For patients who have had or are considering gastric bypass surgery, here is what you need to know about drinking coffee and lemon to lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery.

It is safe to avoid drinks that contain acids and caffeine, such as coffee and lemon, after gastric bypass to lose weight

It is known to people that moderate consumption of coffee and regular drinking of lemon daily have many health benefits such as reducing the risk of infection from:

  • Heart disease
  • Blood vessels
  • Some types of cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • stabilization of blood pressure levels

So with coffee and lemon for weight loss generally being a healthby drink in moderation, you might be wondering why your surgeons recommended you stay away from them after bariatric surgery.

As previously stated, following a gastric sleeve, all caffeinated and acidic beverages, including as coffee, lemonade, tea, cola, and energy drinks, should be avoided.

Coffee and lemon for weight loss after Bariatric surgery: Complications and risks:

Coffee and lemon should be avoided after and before Bariatric surgery for a variety of reasons. The most important of which is that coffee can lead to nutritional malabsorption, which is already a concern in obese patients. The lemon drink, on the other hand, includes acids that might cause the stomach pouch to expand.

Coffee can also induce indigestion by stimulating acid secretion by activating certain cells in the stomach. Also, it prompting them to produce hormones that trigger acid production.

Lemon after Bariatric surgery

Early after Bariatric surgery, you must be extremely cautious with lemon and acids, since they may have an adverse effect on your stomach.

Any citrus products should be avoided at all costs. You should stick with a non-sugar drink like Koolaide and Crystal Light. Sugar-free popsicles are also a lifesaver during the first week, as they are totally relaxing.

Lemon and Coffee drink after weight loss surgery:

Your taste for lemon and coffee may alter after Bariatric surgery: we don’t know why. But some people who enjoyed this drink before their weight reduction surgery no longer want to drink it afterward.

Finally, a lemon and coffee weight loss drink promotes stomach acid output and might irritate the esophagogastric mucous membranes. You may no longer be able to handle it as a result of these factors following weight loss surgery.

Please note: In the first few months following Bariatric surgery, you should avoid coffee and lemon drinks to lose weight.


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