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Jenna Jameson Keto Diet Tips and Other Celebrities Diets – Fitoont

The keto diet of Jenna Jameson to burn visceral fat and lose weight has in common, and that is why she gets such incredible results in such a short time, So follow these 9 tips created by the same health and fitness experts who train celebrities.

Jenna Jameson keto diet

1. Famous and his tricks

Keep in mind the reason why you want to burn visceral fat.

Is it for health reasons?

Is it because of the appearance?

In both cases, you can achieve this with a healthy diet full of vitamins and minerals, so focus on what you are eating instead of what you are not.

Separate daily calories between three meals and two snacks and control daily calorie intake.

Your plate should be about a quarter of carbohydrate, low GI (glycemic index), as the whole sweet potatoes or pasta, room proteins (preferably lean) and half of the plate consisting of vegetables.

Snacks are recommended to include low-fat dairy, such as plain yogurt or skim milk to help get rid of love handles.

The chemical diet used by singer Katy Perry, who is constantly touring around the world, owes much of her success to this simple trick.

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2. Think long term

“Don’t think of diet as a short-term solution, you have to take it as a lifestyle” Never skip a meal, if you do, you will tend to eat something sweet to alleviate hunger and there that’s when the problem begins.

Moderation is the key to success in this matter. Extreme diets will generate a bad mood and hunger.

Just understand that choosing food wisely will lead you to achieve your goal within a reasonable time.

3. Replace food

Oisin Devitt says: “A tip to follow is: Replace white carbohydrates with others rich in fiber, rich in nutrients, complex carbohydrates”

Generally speaking, the same serving will have 20-40 percent fewer calories.

This is a key in the keto diet of Jenna Jameson, who obtained excellent results in her body after her pregnancy.

A keto diet always uses this as a rule, and it is one of the main causes of success , as it really makes a big difference.

4. Relax with yoga

Take your time to do at least 10 minutes of deep diaphragmatic breaths every day, and this also can to get rid of boobs man

Place one hand on your chest and one on your belly, and feel both the lift when you inhale and the drop when you exhale. Focusing on deep breathing encourages your body to burn visceral fat or belly fat.

It will also help you relax and stay calm, which reduces stress.

Stress reduction is really important when it comes to losing visceral fat, as the body’s metabolism slows down when stressed, causing poor digestion.

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5. The first course is important

Bridget Benelam says: “Eating a light dish, like salad, before your main course helps reduce and control daily calorie intake

The studies carried out showed that eating one dish before the main one helps to be fuller and thus not overeat later.

6. Spice up your life

Research suggests that caspicia (the component of hot peppers), increases metabolic rate and suppresses appetite to help control daily calorie intake, and then burn love handles.

A keto diet that uses this principle a lot is Rihanna’s.

7. Brush your teeth

Scientific studies have shown that brushing teeth after each meal helps to leave the person with less cravings, since it removes the taste of the food in the mouth.

8. Exercise

Actress Jenna Jameson makes exercises 5 to 6 times a week.

His routine includes 40 minutes of cardiovascular and hypopressive abs exercises.

Then, once a week does hypopressive abs and yoga three times a week. Jenna Jameson also stretches and crunches before going to sleep.

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9. Manage your expectations

We all want fast results! But one should not expect miracles on the first day.

If you are thinking of some kind of magic that makes the results show within a few days, then you will simply feel unmotivated, because you will not be able to see the small changes you are making.

Now that you know the secrets of keto diets, we want you to try them and see the incredible results you will get!

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The other diets that celebrities follow

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson spoke of her keto diet that helped her lose visceral fat and 36 kilos that she gained during her last pregnancy and that blurred her statuesque figure. Willing to regain her former body, she started a keto diet, that is, a very low-carb diet.

Through her social networks, Jenna Jameson has been sharing photographs of her ‘before and after’, while explaining in detail what her diet consists of.

In one of his latest posts he commented that, “This is how I started keto:

I started rearranging my refrigerator and pantry.

I threw out all the processed and packaged foods and also started reading each of the food labels I buy.

You’d be amazed at how many companies hide corn syrup, potato starch and lots of fillers and sugars in their food. ”

She added that she has since focused on consuming whole, organic foods and plenty of water.

“One of my tricks to staying slim is that I always cook my own food and rarely go out to eat.”

On the other hand:

she assures that he is not a lover of going to the gym and that his kilos have lost them thanks to his diet,

So she also emphasized the importance of “informing his family and helping them build healthy bodies.”

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson alkaline diet

The Alkaline diet, followed by actress Kate Hudson, is one example.

This diet proposes to remove foods that contain lactose, gluten, wheat, among others, and replace them with alternatives of plant origin.

However, its results are unproven and a study by the University of Alberta indicated that it could complicate metabolism.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston zone diet

For her part, Jennifer Aniston popularized the “zone diet”, by which protein and fat are increased.

The foods on which it is based are fruits, fish, dairy, among others.

Meanwhile, a research by the Nutrition Research revealed that this routine does not offer additional benefits compared to other diets and that it should be followed by a professional.

Jessica Biel

Jessica biel paleolithic diet

Actress Jessica Biel follows the Paleolithic diet, which consists of consuming foods that were available in the Paleolithic era, such as fish, meats, nuts and seeds with the aim of increasing protein and fiber.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow intermittent fasting

While the actress Gwyneth Paltrow confessed that she tried the diet of the Uruguayan Alejandro Jünger, called Clean, which consists of a 21-day detoxification.

This diet focuses on intermittent fasting, with 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, in addition to incorporating only a solid meal at noon and eliminating irritating and processed products

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