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Tummy tuck 6 days post op, you should focus on rest and healing. Your sole activity after the second day should be getting out of bed every two hours and walking for 10 to 15 minutes with help. You should be able to undertake light chores like housekeeping and walk without help by the end of the week.

This article describes the recovery process of abdominoplasty step by step and daily.

Knowing the process of this procedure and its recovery can help patients who want to undergo this type of surgery. As with other surgical procedures, recovery time can vary based on physical characteristics, genetics. All patients.

There is no exact answer as to how long it will take to fully healing from tummy tuck. However, if you have an average or normal period, you need to consider different factors for each person. One of the highlights is:

  • The age.
  • The Health care.
  • The type of abdominal wall plasty performed.
  • Postoperative development.

We gives individual advice on the type and scope of abdominoplasty to achieve the desired results and recovery process.

The recovery period after tummy tuck depends on several factors, including physical health and the type of tummy tuck. When the abdominal muscles are tightened during abdominoplasty, the healing process is complete until the scar disappears. This can take several months. However, the cut is always set to be completely covered with underwear or bikini.

Tummy Tuck 1 Day Post Op

In clinics and hospitals where abdominoplasty is performed on the day of surgery, the surgeon will see you within 24 hours after surgery for safety, so patients usually stay for 1-2 nights.

  • Immediately after surgery, the abdomen is covered with a surgical bandage, a belt and two drains.
  • Requires a rest of in a 60 degree position.
  • During hospitalization, always start walking (through the hospital room and corridor) under the supervision of nursing staff.

Tummy Tuck 2 Day Post Op

On the second day of your hospital stay, an exam will be done to see how your postoperative period is progressing and drains will be removed, if possible.

We will discharge you with recommendations and medications, so that you can continue your abdominoplasty recovery at home and have a good postoperative time.

During your entire stay at home, you will have an emergency number available to you 24 hours a day at your disposal by medical staff if you have any questions or concerns.

Recovery Tips For Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op:

tips for tummy tuck healing time

  • Follow the directions on your pain medicine.
  • Wear compression clothing.
  • To relieve pain and swelling, apply ice to the affected area.
  • Maintain a small bend in your waist.
  • For the first three days following surgery, provide attention and support 24 hours a day.
  • Keep yourself moisturized
  • Remain in bed and sleep

You can watch this video for more details here:

FAQs About Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op

What Should I Expect With Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op?

The hospital stay will last one to two days following the procedure. During admission, the doctor and nursing staff will let you know which motions we may start with. The wounds are inspected before discharge, and the drains are removed if feasible. You’ll be given instructions on how to administer the drains if you have to take them home.

Is It Necessary To Wear The Belt With Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op, And What Is Its Purpose?

The belt was created and constructed expressly for this sort of procedure. The idea is to do specific actions easier, so that the abdominal muscles don’t have to work as hard. This is very beneficial for pain and stress relief. Furthermore, it is critical that all mobilized or liposuctioned tissues adjust to their new location. The belt must be worn day and night for more than tummy tuck 6 days post op and up to a month and a half due to the relevance of this garment in preventing problems and increasing outcomes. The medication is then progressively tapered off till the doctor deems it safe.

After A Tummy Tuck, How Long Are The Drains Kept In?

The drains collect the serous fluid or blood that is produced during surgery; they do not prevent the creation of a hematoma, but they do prevent the formation of a seroma.
As a result, they are expelled after the body has produced the maximum quantity of fluid it can absorb (it does not have to be 0 production, but it must be scarce).
The removal of the drains is not contingent on hospital discharge because the major reason for their removal is that the daily volume of fluid generated reduces.

What Remedies Will I Have To Perform At Home During The Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op?

Cure will be exclusively in consultations as long as drains are carried. Following the removal of the drains, the following procedures will be carried out:

  • Shower every day.
  • Dry in the cold air.
  • Wounds with topionic touches.

Will I Be Able To Resume Normal Activities During The Tummy Tuck 6 Days Post Op?

You will have some discomfort and fatigue during the tummy tuck 6 days post op.

  • When moving, the discomfort becomes more acute, especially when muscles contract and when the skin and fatty tissues are contacted or supported by inflammation.
  • It is suggested that you do not schedule anything significant this week.
  • Make time for yourself and ensure that someone can look after you or assist you.
  • You should not stay in bed all day; strolling about the home might assist decrease inflammation.

Will The Wound Cause Me Pain In The First Week Post Tummy Tuck Op?

Because there is a lack of feeling below the navel, especially in the first few weeks, it is unlikely that you would detect discomfort in the wound during tummy tuck 6 days post op.

This sensitivity will return, and it is typical to have some hypersensitive areas after a few weeks since it is waking up. It will take several months for your sensitivity to fully heal.

What Foods Should You Avoid After The Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck 6 days post op

Processed or refined meals, such as commercial pastries, candies, and other high-carbohydrate, high-saturated-fat foods, supply a lot of calories but lack nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. All of these meals are prohibited during tummy tuck 6 days post op.




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After A Tummy Tuck, How Long Should I Walk Stooped?

Tummy tuck 6 days post op, you should focus on relaxation and healing. Your sole activity after the second day should be getting out of bed every two hours and walking for 10 to 15 minutes with help. Check this article to know when can you exercise after tummy tuck?

We hope it has been helpful to you! We wait for you!

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