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Neck and shoulder pain, especially on right side discomfort is extremely inconvenient and prevalent also, like low back pain (I wrote an article about low back pain). Unless you are in excruciating pain, it is not a medical problem to be concerned about. Neck pain is frequently caused by itself, and a home cure may be learned to alleviate the agony. Although slight strain or stiffness around the neck may occur, certain episodes of neck discomfort are life-threatening. So, Read this article to find out about home remedies for pain relief

Neck and shoulder pain on right side discomfort has a variety of causes.

Slouching or sleeping with your neck twisted are two self-inflicted causes of back discomfort. You may experience severe back discomfort or right shoulder ache in the morning, which is usually caused by poor sleeping habits that strain the neck. The tensions cause the neck to enlarge and the muscles of the neck to spasm.

Whiplash damage is another source of neck discomfort. This is most commonly caused by an automobile collision involving abrupt acceleration or deceleration, resulting in neck spasm. Falling from a higher elevation than the ground, such as a ladder or a bicycle, can result in damage and neck pain.

Inflammation around the neck is caused by a neck infection. Shoulder and neck problems on right side are caused by injuries to the muscles and soft tissues.

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Shoulder And Neck Pain On Right Side Symptoms

Neck discomfort can be short-term or long-term (long-lasting pain). You can feel stiffness in your neck and shoulders on right side. The discomfort is extremely significant, and it may spread to your arms, upper back, and shoulders. You may feel tingling, numbness, and weakness in your neck, shoulders, and back in right side. The numbness is produced by pinched or injured nerves, whereas the weakening is caused by acute muscular discomfort or bone movement.

It might also be difficult and painful to turn your neck back and forth. A headache might also be caused by neck discomfort. You may also notice that the injured region turns blue in color. This indicates that the arteries or veins have been damaged. The presence of redness or rashes in the area indicates that there is an infection in the neck, which causes pain.

Shoulder And Neck Pain On Right Side Home Remedies

The kind of causation for neck discomfort influences how it is treated. If the condition is not severe, several treatments can be performed at home. A physician must first make a diagnosis in order to discover the reason if it is unknown. This is critical since a major case must be treated right away to prevent additional harm.

If you have a basic neck discomfort as a result of your activities, a home treatment may be a simple answer. A doctor can better treat chronic pain by ordering X-rays and CT scans.

Following the diagnosis, your doctor will prescribe medication to help relieve neck discomfort.

You might try the following home remedies to assist relieve your neck pain:

  • Every 2-3 hours, apply a heating pad for 15 to 30 minutes. An ice pack applied to the painful area may also assist to relieve the discomfort.
  • Pain relievers such as aspirin and ibuprofen are available over the counter.
  • Neck discomfort can also be relieved by exercising your neck and shoulders or going to physical therapy.

Treatments for Shoulder and Neck Pain

It’s typical for people of all ages to be impacted by the shoulder and neck discomfort, which can be severe in a variety of situations. It depends and varies from person to person whether you have shoulder or neck discomfort, or if you have shoulder and neck pain at the same time. The problem of shoulder and neck pain might be mild if you are simply experiencing strains and muscular aches, but it can be catastrophic if you are experiencing substantial shoulder and neck pain as a consequence of a major injury, accident, or trauma. The difficulties of shoulder and neck discomfort can be healed if the symptoms are discovered early and therapy is given.

Shoulder and neck discomfort become more prevalent as individuals age, or if you begin working out unexpectedly, you may have muscular strains that result in shoulder and neck pain. If your muscles and joints’ range of motion exceeds their limitations, you risk major injury and muscular strains, which can lead to immobility. Dislocation of muscles, excessive exercise, fracture in the collar bone, misuse of muscles, pinched nerves, uncomfortable sitting or sleeping positions, ripping or swelling of the tendons, whiplash injury, and so on are some of the causes of shoulder and neck discomfort. If any of these signs appear, the strained area may produce discomfort, strain, or stiffness. It is preferable not to move at such moment since it may aggravate the discomfort. If the pain is not relieved by hot water therapy, painkillers, or the use of cold and hot pads, you should consult a doctor very once.

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X-ray and CT scans To Know The Proper Diagnoses

If you begin to have severe shoulder and neck discomfort, you should seek care and medication at a hospital. Your shoulder and neck will be x-rayed to see whether there are any fractures, slippage, immobility, or harmful lesions. For the diagnosis of your neck and shoulder discomfort, you may need to use MRI, Electromyography, Myelography, or Nerve Conduction Velocity. The use of heat or ice pads to the area of your shoulder and neck discomfort, the use of medications such as acetaminophen, and a corticosteroid injection for the shoulder if the pain is minimal are all frequent therapies. On the other hand, if your shoulder and neck discomfort is severe, surgery may be required.

Because one may be the source of the other, shoulder and neck discomfort are frequently linked. If you have persistent shoulder and neck discomfort, you should visit a doctor right away since it might be an indication of a catastrophic injury. Seeing a doctor will assist you in undergoing a medical examination and diagnosis, following which you will be supplied with suitable therapy, guidance, and medicine to alleviate your discomfort.

Early Pregnancy Shoulder And Neck Pain

When women become pregnant and their dream of being a mother becomes a reality, it is usually a joyous occasion. Surprisingly, additional facts, together with the state of pregnancy, begin to creep in. One example is the neck ache experienced by some women during the first trimester of pregnancy. Several abnormal illnesses are going to be seen on the woman’s body throughout the early stages of pregnancy. It is impossible to rule out the possibility that the lady may begin to grow in size and weight.

A variety of behavioral variables contribute to shoulder and neck discomfort.
Sleeping posture:

The position in which a woman sleeps is one of the most important elements in the discomfort she experiences. The fetus is extremely delicate throughout the first week to 14 weeks of pregnancy, and any unexpected stress on the body has a significant impact on the fetus. The stomach begins to enlarge as the fetus develops, changing the contour of the body. It is recommended that a pillow be put at the woman’s lower waist level in such a condition. When she sleeps, she is in a more balanced position as a result of this.

Mother’s agitation:

The fetus is at danger of dying throughout the first and second trimesters of pregnancy. It is recommended that moms get proper rest and avoid stressful work as much as possible. When a pregnant woman participates in a lot of activities during these times, it impacts the weight on her back, which then spreads to her neck. She would frequently move around and swing her neck back and forth while at work, causing shoulder and neck pain.

The seated posture:

Pregnant ladies may not have the luxury of sitting in their customary position since it would affect the baby. Back rest chairs may not be as popular as they once were, as the growth on the buttocks may not make them as comfy as they once were.

The infant in the woman’s womb is extremely delicate and must be handled with caution. Moat, especially when the fetus’s activities begin to shift in terms of development. There will be instances when the mother desires to perform particular activities, but is hampered by the presence of the infant. Exercise is clearly out of the question at this time of pregnancy, and this results in a lot of cramping in the woman’s muscles. Despite this, she was only able to perform a few activities to ensure her body was safe and ready for birth.

Here are some workouts that a pregnant lady can do.

  • Pacing about: She might pace around in a small area to assist raise her metabolism and burn some fat around her body.
  • Turning the neck: She should sit down and turn her neck to the side and in the opposite direction. This helps to relax the neck muscles and reduces cramping in that area.
  • Arms up: she should lift her arms while standing from time to time to meet each other, then lower them again. This should take roughly five minutes to complete. This allows the shoulders to relax, which is beneficial as the pregnancy progresses and more strain is placed on them.

Neck and shoulder discomfort is not a universal emotion for women in early pregnancy, since various women have varied responses and symptoms.

Exercises useful to get rid of the shoulder and neck pain on right side

Now let’s see the exercises useful  for passing arthrosis to the cervical, or pain in the cervical vertebra, one of the seven that makes up the cercival rachis, and that gives support to the neck. In fact, believing that I am doing a good and useful thing for all those who, like me, have arthrosis of the cervical spine  and want to solve the problem of neck pain and cervical pain, I decided to write this article, posting the solutions that gave me the doctor, including the choice of some exercises for the neck (“find them on the internet” he told me, ” there are many!”).

However, the important thing is to make the neck more elastic, and therefore the entire cervical area. In this way, by relieving the tension in the neck, inflammation and pain in the neck are passed thanks to constant training and exercise.

So, to relieve the pain in the neck, in addition to anti-inflammatory  to relieve swelling, the doctor prescribed me a physiotherapy  (not compulsory) and exercises for the neck, to be found on the internet.

Assuming that for video terminal operators an excellent support for problems related to the cervix is ​​certainly the use of an ergonomic chair,  and also very important the use of a pillow for the neck (in practice, especially these 2 solutions of ergonomic chair and pillow for the cervical have helped me a lot in preventing neck pain) I went to work and found some useful exercises to pass the pain in the neck, back and also in the arms, caused by the cervical. Here are the best exercises that bring results.

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Gymnastic exercises for the cervical, shoulders and neck

The main goal of the cervical exercises is to loosen and  stretch the neck, so that the inflammation passes. Now I will show how to pass the cervical through some simple exercises to do standing or sitting.

Exercising, keeping fit, is one of the best natural remedies for neck pain. In addition to general sports, however, there are exercises aimed at relieving neck pain resulting from this disease. Here are some useful exercises to loosen the neck and therefore also the cervical one, helping to pass the pain and, possibly, the inflammation.

1. Exercise to do for cervical osteoarthritis

Standing or sitting in front of the computer, with your back straight and well supported on the back (or back) of the chair, slowly flex your neck to the side, first to the right and then to the left, trying to get as close as possible to the shoulders, and pausing for a few seconds between one flexion and another in the starting position.


2. Seated exercise: flex the neck from one side to the other

While standing or sitting, slowly flex your neck to the side, first to the right and then to the left. With the hand on the side towards which the neck is bent, grasp the wrist of the opposite arm and pull it slightly downwards to tension the contralateral Trapezius and shoulder muscles. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds and switch sides.

cervical exercise 3

3. Exercise while standing or sitting: flex the neck forward and back

While standing (or even sitting) slowly move your neck, first backwards, trying to make it touch your back as much as possible, and then forward, bending your head down until your chin touches your chest. See the image below. With this exercise the tension in the neck is released, giving the neck more elasticity, and therefore relieving pain. This type of training, if followed consistently, can benefit the neck by bringing significant improvements against pain.

4. Exercise for neck pain No. 4: standing up, move the neck to the side with the help of your arms

While standing, slowly flex your neck to the side; with the hand of the side towards which the head is bent, push the head slightly downwards in order to apply a slight tension. Then bend the other arm to 90 degrees, bringing the hand of this arm behind your back. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds and switch sides.

cervical exercise 4

5. Rotation of the neck: another exercise for the cervical

Standing or sitting with your back straight, slowly flex your neck to the right, back, left and forward to make a complete circle of the head. All this to loosen the neck muscle and release cervical tension. Keep your shoulders and neck relaxed throughout the movement and repeat in reverse.

cervical exercise 5

Exercises and gymnastics of this kind can significantly help to pass neck pain, especially if done continuously, at least 3-4 times a day.

Exercises for Shoulder And Neck Pain On Right Side: Video

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shoulder and neck pain home remedies

In this article the focus is on exercises for the neck, and to relieve pain as well as prevent it. Furthermore, we have already dealt with all the most effective cervical remedies in a much more complete article, and I recommend that you read that article to learn more.

In any case, below I list some of the simplest and fastest remedies that, together with the exercises for the cervical, can give relief to the shoulder and cervical in a short time.

The neck pillow

There is also another solution to help the neck pain pass. It is the neck pillow, that is a pillow with a raised part right at the neck. The pillow then lowers to support the head and then rises again. This particular shape gives the pillow the ideal shape to support the neck and head and allow you to sleep in a better and more relaxing position for the neck and the entire cervical spine.

The pillow against the cervical is formed by a more raised lateral part, and a less raised one, with a central downward curvature. This allows the neck to assume a more correct position .
This particular type of pillow, supporting the neck, allows you to rest better and assume a more correct and relaxed neck and back position for the whole night.

And thanks to this pillow you wake up with relief from neck and shoulder pain caused by the cervical.

Obviously the neck pillow does not replace the exercises, which must be done anyway (it would be ideal to do them constantly) but it certainly relieves pain and allows you to rest and therefore better relax the body for the whole night or rest time.

There are different types of neck pillows, and each one has its advantages and benefits.

Cervical nausea

However, it is often when you have cervical problems that you feel nauseous. This is due to the presence of the vagus nerve, which when you have contracted muscles could happen to have an overstimulation of this nerve, and therefore feel nausea.

Some remedies for nausea in these cases are a wet patch on the forehead, a collar and rest. In fact, it is necessary to dissolve the section in which this nerve is overstimulated due to the contraction of the muscles.

However, you must certainly first act on the problem of muscle stiffness, so for example with exercises, or even with heat to loosen the muscles.

Neck massager

I recently discovered a fantastic product that, when you have neck pain, helps to get rid of the pain in no time (really!). I was also very surprised to see how, when the pain has just started and is mild, not too strong, this massager helps in loosening the neck and cervical muscles, and in making the pain go away.

The massager in question (maybe there are also other much more valid ones, but I tried this and I found myself very well, among other things the price is very low, I bought it for less than 35 USD) is called massager for cervical Naipo, I briefly explain its characteristics and why it is useful for relieving pain:

  • It is self-heating: that is, once positioned in the right way behind the neck, lying on the bed, and once started, the massager heats up, causing a pleasant sense of well-being and relief to the cervical tract, and loosening the neck muscles. In my opinion, the fact that it is heated helps a lot to loosen the cervical muscles. In any case, if you feel too hot, you can turn off the heating and leave the massager to run without heating. However, if you are in pain, I recommend that you always leave the heat of the massager on.
  • It has the ideal shape for massaging the neck and cervical tract: the shape of the massager is perfect for massaging both the neck and the cervical tract, causing a sense of well-being already a few minutes after its use.

So the neck massager is another great remedy for when the pain has already begun to hit the neck and neck.

The anti-cervical remedy of heat (spa or sun)

One day when I had severe neck pain, I went to the beach and sunbathed (often with my back turned) for about 2-3 hours.

Once he got home, the pain was almost gone!

That time, unfortunately, the pain when I went to the beach was already very strong, and then after a couple of days it returned, albeit relieved.

In any case, the heat (not only from the sun, but also the artificial heat of the spa, or of the sauna or Turkish bath) is an excellent remedy when you have neck pain and you want it to pass quickly.

Obviously this is also a palliative, and it is then necessary to follow the advice that I will list below, to prevent pain and make sure that it does not occur, or that, when it does occur, it occurs in a mild form.

The neck pillow

One of the best remedies that has been recommended to me to fight and prevent neck pain is the neck pillow.

The anti-cervical pillow is made in such a way as to lift the neck, keeping it in the correct position, so that we can sleep better and prevent wrong positions of the neck and back.

In this way, the relief from the neck pillow was almost immediate. In a short time, not only did the pain I had gone away, but it came back much more rarely.

So the pillow is one of the solutions and remedies that I recommend most of all (given the negligible cost of 20-30 euros, compared to the benefits it brings).

An ergonomic chair

The worst period for my neck was a few years ago, when I was working at home and I was sitting at the PC on a wooden chair, very uncomfortable. At that time my pain was unbearable.

Then I decided to buy an ergonomic chair for home too, since I’m often at the PC, not just in the office. On the advice of my friend and colleague Simone I got an excellent ergonomic chair for just over 8 USD . Money well spent.

The ergonomic chair has also helped me a lot in preventing and treating neck pains, so, especially if you are a person who spends a lot of time on the computer, I recommend that you spend some money on a good ergonomic chair, and thus reduce the chances to have pain in the neck, maintaining a correct position for most of the time you are at the computer.

Doing sports (especially backbones and swimming)

Sport is a fantastic activity for preventing neck pain. Personally, it has helped me a lot to do sports in the gym, especially the back and back equipment.

But most of all the swimming pool helped me. I have recently started doing it, although I often like swimming in the sea in the summer.

In any case, swimming is one of the most suitable sports for those suffering from problems and pains in the cervical tract and neck.

I therefore recommend everyone to do sport and swimming, obviously, especially for more serious cervical cases, it is advisable to go and ask a doctor for information if the sport you decide to do is good or not for your problem.

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