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We have talked a lot about scoliosis, but today we will learn how to fix scoliosis naturally. We previously knew scoliosis is a spinal problem that affects a large number of people. Even these people are in pain and think that they cannot do any exercise, which is not true.

There are specific exercises for scoliosis sufferers, which can help and not worsen the patient’s condition. In fact, the treatment of scoliosis depends on the degree of the problem, as well as the symptoms, and physical the

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a common disease among young adults. And if it is not treated properly, it may cause many problems in the future. In fact, scoliosis is a disease caused by the abnormal curvature of the spine to one side of the body, due to the rotation of the vertebrae. This distortion can be seen by looking at the person from behind… Why? Because from the back, you can see the letter C or S shape of the spine from the back.

Scoliosis types

There are two main types of scoliosis: structural or functional.
  1. The first type, structural scoliosis, is congenital, meaning it comes on from birth or when a person is very young and is usually irreversible, and is associated with other diseases.
  2. The second type, functional scoliosis, the structure of the vertebrae remains unchanged, and scoliosis is the result of a misalignment of the body, usually muscular and this treatment.

In general, scoliosis is genetic, affecting many teens during the period of greatest growth, called a growth spurt, which affects girls more than boys. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and recent studies, the cause of scoliosis cannot be determined in 75% of cases.

As a result of a deviation of the spine, the patient may show some typical signs, such as:

It is always important to note that in the case of adolescent scoliosis, the sooner the diagnosis and the initiation of treatment, the better. There are also other classifications of scoliosis, such as:

  • Congenital scoliosis (at birth)
  • Scoliosis after trauma
  • Degenerative scoliosis in adults.

Signs and symptoms of Scoliosis

  • Muscle pain in the spine region;
  • Visible asymmetry of the shoulders;
  • One side of the rib cage or one of the legs may appear smaller;
  • Body leans more to one side;
  • Feeling of fatigue in the back, especially after a long period of sitting or standing.

Causes of Scoliosis

The vast majority of scoliosis cases (75%) are idiopathic, that is, the cause cannot be determined with certainty. But among the cases in which it is possible to determine the cause, the main ones can be:

  • Orthopedic, muscular or neurological changes in the body.
  • Inadequate, repetitive and prolonged posture.
  • obesity.
  • Neoplasms.
  • Performing improper physical activity.
  • Sedentary lifestyle.
  • Smoking.

3 Ways to diagnose scoliosis

before to know how to fix scoliosis naturally, you should diagnosed by an orthopedic surgeon or, in the case of adolescents, an herbalist and even pediatricians may be suspicious of this diagnostic hypothesis.

  1. A thorough clinical examination should be performed and the patient observed from the front, back and sides. In addition, imaging tests such as radiographs may be ordered to aid in diagnosis.
  2. X-rays are also important to check the position of the vertebrae, wear and to measure the curvature of the spine.
  3. In the particular case of children and adolescents, there is a specific test called the Adams test, which is nothing more than bending the torso forward and downward, to show curvature of the spine. This test is very useful for early diagnosis.

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Scoliosis treatment options

Upon diagnosis, physical therapist will teach you how to fix scoliosis naturally and conservatively. When possible, it is important to establish the cause so that the underlying disease can also be treated. For example, in the case of obesity, it is necessary for the patient to lose weight to improve the condition.

The method of treating scoliosis depends on the degree of scoliosis.

In fact, conservative scoliosis treatment includes physiotherapy, with postural re-education. In the case of pain, conservative treatment also includes a prescription by an orthopedist for anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs. The physiotherapist uses TENS devices to relieve pain.

Surgical treatment should only be an option in cases where conservative treatment is not effective and in adult patients with curvatures greater than 50°C, which are associated with other symptoms such as severe pain and involvement of other organs, such as the lung.

Scoliosis care and prevention

Some care is important for a patient who already has it, as well as for someone who wants to avoid scoliosis, such as:

  • Keep yourself within the ideal weight for your height.
  • No smoking.
  • Always practice physical activities under the guidance of a professional.
  • Maintaining the correct body position while sitting.
  • Stretching and not staying in the same position for a long time.
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle.

Scoliosis exercises to know how to fix scoliosis naturally

There are several exercises indicated for scoliosis sufferers, precisely because they strengthen the spinal and abdominal muscles and do not aggravate the curvature. Among these exercises, Pilates exercises are well suited, as they allow you to improve flexibility, without causing further damage to the vertebrae. In addition, there are other exercises that can be performed by scoliosis sufferers, with the aim of strengthening muscles and relieving pain. Here are three simple exercises you can do to relieve pain, help strengthen muscles, and normalize your spine.

1 – Small plane

  • Stand tall. Then bend your torso forward, arms open toward your shoulders and one leg raised behind you.
  • Maintain balance by remaining in the position for at least 20 seconds.
  • Then do the same movement to the other side with the other leg.

2 – Side plank to strengthen the abdominal muscles

  • Lie on your side, leaving an elbow below your shoulder.
  • Raise your hips while keeping your upper arm elevated.
  • Stay in this position for 10 seconds and then repeat on the other side.

3- Indicator for muscle balance

  • Get into the position labeled 4 brace and raise one arm and opposite leg.
  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then do the exercise on the other side.
  • Always raise the opposite arm and leg.

4- In addition to doing stretching exercises

  • Lie on your back, hugging your legs and tightening your legs and hips.
  • Stretching is important because it helps relax the contracting muscles, which improves pain.

There are specific exercises that each physiotherapist can perform depending on the degree of scoliosis presented and the patient’s level of pain. It is always important to remember that improving pain and eliminating inflammation if found is essential, because the patient will not be able to do any exercise in acute inflammatory conditions.

How to fix scoliosis naturally with physical therapy?

Physiotherapy contains techniques to improve pain, such as electrical stimulation, massage, and myofascial release, which can be used depending on the patient’s condition and the degree of Cobb’s angle.

First: The evaluation

It is necessary to evaluate the physical therapist who will collect the information provided by the patient, as well as to evaluate an orthopedic referral and imaging tests such as X-rays and MRI.

Second: The technologies that will be used

Depending on the condition presented by the patient, several techniques may be indicated, including RPG, which greatly helps scoliosis patients. In the RPG, positions work, with breathing exercises, the development of body awareness and balance.

Third: SEAS Method


You can watch this video to know how to fix scoliosis naturally in 4 minutes by SEAS:

It is an individualized exercise program by physiotherapists that has been scientifically adapted to all aspects of conservative scoliosis treatment based on the latest research.

The SEAS method is a scoliosis treatment method that focuses on regaining posture control and improving spinal stability through exercises that include effective self-correction of the scoliosis posture.

Effective self-correction is carried out first through patient education and patient awareness of their deformity.

Once the patient is aware of their deformity and the changes needed to correct it, the patient is able to make conscious adjustments to their posture (active self-correction) to find the best possible alignment of the spine at all spatial levels.

The SEAS method focuses on stabilizing the spine and maintaining posture through a variety of exercises according to the physical therapy studies to help achieve self-correction of unconscious posture by stimulating sensorineural postural mechanisms.

For mild to moderate curves during active growth, SEAS is used alone to reduce the need for reinforcement.

Already in more pronounced bends, from moderate to severe, during active growth, SEAS is used in conjunction with reinforcement in order to slow, stop, and possibly advance the reverse curve.

Finally, to know how to fix scoliosis naturally in adult scoliosis patients with progressive spinal curvatures or a consolidated spine, SEAS helps stabilize the spine and reduce disability.

The SEAS method is based on the active self-correction technique of scoliosis that is performed without any external assistance and is combined with functional exercises.

Evaluation tests guide the selection of the most appropriate exercises for each patient. Improving spine stability in active self-correction is the main objective of EAS.

In contrast, SEAS exercises train neuromotor systems to activate the self-correcting posture reflex during activities of daily living.

How to fix scoliosis naturally with Team approach?

Another very important component of the SEAS method is the “team approach” that includes the physician, physical therapist, orthopedic surgeon, and the patient’s family.

In fact, this approach is based on the belief that teamwork produces greater success in treating these patients than the work of a single professional.

How many physical therapy sessions to fix scoliosis?

The program can be conducted on an outpatient basis (2-3 times per week for 45 minutes) or as a home exercise program for 20 minutes per day in conjunction with 1.5 hour specialist physiotherapy sessions every three months for continuous assessment and custom adjustment. of the curative treatment programme.

What happens if you don’t know how to fix scoliosis naturally?

Mild scoliosis should be detected as soon as feasible and treated. As a result, it’s crucial to pay attention to how youngsters sit and whether they have obvious asymmetry in the spinal area. Pathology might develop, accompanied by emotional issues, if not treated properly, especially in adolescence.

  • In addition, if not treated properly, scoliosis can worsen, causing respiratory issues.
  • In maturity, this can result in spinal cord injury and lower back discomfort.
  • Infections are another reason that may be more likely in those with severe scoliosis.
  • Finally, present scoliosis makes bone synthesis more difficult in maturity.

Is there prevention for scoliosis?

The vast majority of cases of scoliosis are idiopathic, that is, the cause is not known for sure, which makes it difficult to think about prevention when the exact cause of the problem is not known.

However, in developed countries, there is screening for scoliosis in children and adolescents, precisely to identify the problem when the patient is young.

With early identification, before the growth phase, less is spent on treatment in the future. As well as removal of these people due to the pathology.

Appropriate physical exercises have already proven effective in reducing the use of orthopedic braces, which are indicated in the treatment of scoliosis.

In a study conducted in 2007, designed to confirm whether the indication for treatment with specific exercises for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis confirmed the effectiveness of exercises in reducing the rate of progression (especially in precocious puberty) and improving the Cobb angle.

Therefore, preventing the worsening of the scoliosis condition, with the association of early diagnosis, physical therapy and adequate exercises, can greatly improve the future condition of the patient with scoliosis.

However, it is important to remember that the use of orthopedic braces, depending on the case, is essential to prevent the progression of the disease, being a very confirmed treatment method with positive results.

My story with Scoliosis

After the surgery, I set up a Fitoont community to help people how to fix scoliosis naturally

My name is Kyrillos, I am 28 years old and I found out I had scoliosis when I was 11 years old. I was training to play soccer when the coach talked about “crooked spine”. Some relatives had already noticed something different in the spine, but nothing was very visible.

The next week, my routine completely changed. There were radiographs, hospitalizations, consultations, swimming, and RPG, as well as a diligent search for a spine specialist. I remember being evaluated in a huge room, where several boys were in spine jackets, which I had no idea what it was all about.

A few months later, she was with my own jacket. I used to spend 23 hours a day wearing it. Football practice has been cancelled. The principal was warned to try to mitigate the exertion that I might be experiencing. I was ashamed of the jacket and the manager and bullied by my friends.

What did the doctors tell me?

However, scoliosis continued to increase. After some time, the doctor told me that my condition would only be cured by surgical intervention. I even heard from some doctors that surgery would be very risky. They even advised me not to do it.

At that time I no longer had the Brace to try to hide. I changed school, which was a relief to me. Because no one knows about my scoliosis. I was in my first year and I’m still in hiding. I didn’t take physical education classes, for example, so I wouldn’t have to take off my sweaters.

Scoliosis surgery appointment

During this period I stopped doing everything I love. And I stopped living as a teenager and going out with friends and visiting places. In the midst of this madness, I met a young man Dr. Marcus underwent surgery and convinced me to be evaluated, too. At the first consultation came confirmation of the need for surgery. It all happened so quickly, I didn’t even have time to think. I had the surgery in July 2008, four weeks after I graduated from high school and the recovery wasn’t as difficult as I had imagined.

Hope and happiness after injury

After the surgery, I started sharing experiences with people who had already gone through the same thing, and suddenly I found myself among many other boys with scoliosis who had been like me before the operation: full of fears and doubts and who had no one to talk to respect.

Founding a Fitoont community

Thus, she created a community on the social network of rehabilitation at the time (Fitoont), with the aim of bringing together patients or family members with scoliosis and exchanging experiences. However, this soon took on much larger dimensions. People started coming from different parts of the country and I created an internet bridge between them and the physiotherapists.

I have heard many beautiful stories, met boys and girls, who today are perfect and strong. I found desperate, emotional mothers and families united for one cause.

I’ve been very involved in scoliosis, and I’ve given many interviews about it. I cried, spoke, showed and dreamed with all those who had not yet realized the dream of being “straight”. We even wore a T-shirt about why. Lots of girls asked me to use it.

I studied physical therapy

So I decided to study physical therapy in college. I have taken care of people with the same problem as me. I was part of the first meeting of people with scoliosis, in 2015.

So, i still dream about raising awareness of the disease and the early diagnosis project in reality. And learn them how to fix scoliosis naturally. The ability to support all families. And the ability to show everyone that there is someone here just like them. Educating and guiding them with all affection is what they deserve and need.

Don’t be afraid of scoliosis

I lost a part of my childhood and spent all my teenage years in hiding. I was afraid and today I wish no one else would go through this. It is necessary to prove that it is possible to live a normal life after surgery: marry, have children, graduate and even dance. In other words, be what you want.

My eternal gratitude to Dr. Carlos, who allowed me to experience all of this and who supported me at all times. Who did not stop searching for knowledge and providing solutions to me.

Hey you! Don’t be afraid or shy. Life only teaches you to be strong and not give up. Take this pillar and show the world what you came for!

He will be fine,

With much love and gratitude to all


Not all scoliosis sufferers feel back discomfort, as we discussed in a recent post. According to recent research,

  • Only 23% of those who went to the doctor for the first time had back discomfort.
  • During the study period, another 9% of the participants complained of back discomfort.

As a result, proper diagnosis and treatment are critical.

Exercises, bracing, therapy, and multidisciplinary methods can all be employed with a patient with scoliosis. This depending on the degree of curvature, symptoms, and course of the problem. As a result, it is critical that the patient seeks early diagnosis and know how to fix scoliosis naturally as soon as feasible.


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