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J-Plasma liposuction or “ionized plasma” is a procedure that surgeons resort to, and it is the last step after completing the liposuction procedure.
Well, it is the latest in body remodeling. The Ultrasonic liposuction is one that dissolves the fat through the cannula incorporating ultrasound. And thus the “post – surgical trauma” incredibly reduced with virtually no pain or bruising.
As well as the result of remodeling the body is much more defined, achieving curves that will make the difference between “before” and “after” hard to believe.
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What is this that sounds so “from another planet”?

Well, it is a last and innovative step where through a cannula we infiltrate between the skin and the muscle this ionized gas (totally innocuous, painless and without any side effect) that causes an absolute retraction of the skin, so that it is eliminated any possible flaccidity resulting from traditional liposuction.

The skin remains attached to the internal tissue directly in surgery, ensuring that flaccidity is history after this intervention.

Of course, there are still cases where, if there is an overweight and a marked initial flaccidity, procedures such as abdominoplasty must be carried out. Since the ionized plasma retracts and adheres the skin to the tissue but does not make it disappear in case there is excess tissue.

For this reason, this type of procedure is indicated for patients who seek a remodeling of their body with a definition that “sculpts” their body not from being overweight. But from a situation of elimination of localized fat in certain areas, achieving that dreamed result.

What type of procedure is j-plasma liposuction?

It is a surgical procedure with general anesthesia, the approximate duration is about 3 hours depending on the areas to be remodeled, which are generally the abdomen, flanks and back, and can also be completed with thighs. In addition, if you have enough fat to extract, the lipotransference to the buttocks can be performed. in the same procedure, which already contributes a definite plus to the reshaping of the body by creating rounded buttocks, somewhat prominent and sculpted.

Usually the discharge is received the same day of the surgery; provided that recovery from anesthesia is normal and our surgeon determines it.

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How is the recovery from this surgery?

The healing process is quick and painless. It should be borne in mind that when using ultrasound, the body trauma is much less, the appearance of bruises is reduced and the pain is almost non-existent.

It is very important, if not necessary, to follow the post-operative protocol your surgeon will give you.

Our postsurgical protocol begins the day after surgery:

  • Day – surgery: Doctors will perform the procedure and they will discharge you (if everything follows its usual course). They will place your girdle directly in the operating room and you will stay with it until you come to see us the next day.
  • Day 2 to 12: The postsurgical protocol begins: You will come every day to the clinic and they will perform manual post-surgical massages that will finish eliminating any rest of the interior of your body (liquid, anesthesia, fat) being eliminated by the small points drainage that the cannulas have left in the surgery. As they progress each day, they will incorporate wood therapy, radiofrequency or any other technique that we consider necessary to ensure an impeccable result.
  • Day 12 onwards: It is very likely that you will receive the final discharge from our surgeon. Depending on your recovery, they will advise and recommend you if you need to continue with your massages so that the result is even better than you could imagine.

So, if you are thinking of preparing for what is coming this year, of bringing out “your best version”, of achieving the body you dream of, do not hesitate to find out about this procedure that is causing incredible results.

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Benefits of J-Plasma with Liposucion

Fast recovery

Unlike other aesthetic interventions, those that use the Renuvion J-Plasma do not require more than 4 or 5 days of recovery.

However, it is essential to take into account the exact indications of the treating physician, since each body is different and the conditions for optimal recovery depend on the responsibility assumed by the patient and their healing process.

Leaves no visible scars

Since J-Plasma Liposuction is performed through small incisions, the chances of leaving scars are very low compared to other cosmetic surgeries.

Can be applied to different areas of the body

It is usually applied to the arms, neck, thighs and abdomen. Regardless of the area, if the well-defined instructions of the doctor are followed, the results are extraordinary.

It is an adjuvant therapy in the result of liposuction

J-Plasma Liposuction does not expose the body to great risks and on the contrary, in patients who do not require a lipectomy, it is an option that guarantees highly visible and long-lasting results.

Now that you know a little more about the advantages of liposuction with J Plasma, we recommend you seek the advice of an expert who will clarify any doubts you may have about opting for this surgery.

If your problem is flaccidity and you really do not require a lipectomy (avoiding scars on your skin), it is probably the most appropriate as long as you go to specialists that you trust.


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