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In men and women, most of the fat accumulation occurs in the trunk region, that is, in the abdomen and on the sides or flanks, affecting the back to a lesser extent. Through liposuction flanks or also called Liposculpture we can eliminate these unsightly fat accumulations that often do not respond to diet or exercise. We also make a marking of the mid, lateral and horizontal lines of the abdomen to simulate a muscle building of the anterior abdominal wall

Liposuction types

By type, abdominal liposuction is the most frequent, with a fifth (20.3%) of those performed in our country, followed by flank liposuction (14.8%), thigh liposuction (11.6%), the trochanters (the prominences in the head of the femur, with 11.2%) and the rest (knees, circumferential, thoracic, legs, cervical, etc.), with percentages lower than 10%. After going through this surgical operation, the results are multiple and vary depending on each patient.

Flank fat is one of those “stubborn” spots on the silhouette. You do diet, you do sports, you are even thin… but there it is. Those unsightly love handles that appear at the end of the back and even stick out above the pants. They don’t only alter the harmonic silhouette, but also prevent the waste from looking defined.

If you are determined to end flanks, we will tell you how. But let’s now what is flank fat?

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Flank fat: accumulated and localized 

Flank fat is a problem that occurs in both women and menWhat we know as lipodystrophy is nothing other than localized fat. Put more simply, it is fat that accumulates in very specific areas of the body. In the case of men, the abdomen, chest and flanks are the weak areas. For women, also the skinny ones, but also the thighs, the knees, the abdomen, the holsters or the arms. 

In both sexes, that flank fat accumulates on the sides of the body. It is located at the end of the back and before starting the gluteAnd it alters the silhouette so that it ceases to be aesthetic and harmonious.

Why flank fat is hard to remove?

The problem with flank fat is that it does not react to diets. Nor does it disappear with regular physical exercise. It’s just tough, because it usually (under normal circumstances) doesn’t burn when the body needs energy.

The main factor in that resistance is hormones. Although there are also other factors that can influence, such as genetics or fluid retention. Or the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.

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Liposuction flanks: the most effective solution for the flanks

The best option to remove flank fat is liposuction. The results are fast and, above all, definitive. Fat accumulations are removed and thus disappear forever. Even if the patient were to gain weight later, they would not do so in those areas of the flanks, but in another. Therefore, the ideal is to maintain a stable weight and avoid changes that alter the body contour. After the “Lipo” you have to take care of yourself or the fat will accumulate in other points, even if they are not the flanks.

Liposuction is a star surgical intervention. Its long history and good results guarantee its success, which survives over the years. This surgery eliminates the fat accumulated in the flanks. But also in other localized points such as holsters, thighs, knees…

The accumulated fat is extracted through fine cannulas that are inserted, in this case in the flanks, and aspirated. This procedure requires local anesthesia and sedation. Bruising and some swelling may appear in the next week or two. That is why the specialist may recommend that you wear a compression girdle in the postoperative period.

There will hardly be any marks left, since the extractor cannula has such a small diameter that it does not cause scarring.

Liposuction, in any case, is not a method to lose weight. Just reshape the contour and eliminate those fatty accumulations resistant to the diets and sports. The patient has to do his part so that the results are maintained over time.

Other treatments for localized flank fat

If the patient does not want a surgical solution, there are other options that can be used to remove flank fat. Non-invasive methods that do not require surgery. One of them is Mesotherapy. These are infiltrations of homeopathic medicines that help reduce body fat. This reduces the volume of the areas of concern, such as the flanks in this case.

Another treatment for localized fat is carboxytherapy (CO2 microinjections). Also the radiofrequency (Thermage or Thermacool). In this case, it does not require injections and is the preferred option for sagging skin.

If you are interested in removing fat from the flanks, do not hesitate to ask us for an appointment without obligation. Our experts will study your case and inform you of all the possible options. Summer is about to arrive, you still have time to regain a harmonic silhouette and to like yourself again when you look at yourself in the mirror.

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How is the intervention performed?

It consists of the introduction of a tumescent solution (which can carry local anesthetic in the event that it is performed under this type of anesthesia) through incisions of between 2 and 3 mm usually. Subsequently, liposuction is performed using different types of cannulas to treat the superficial and deep planes of the skin and mark the muscle lines. At the end there is edema or inflammation in the area so we have to wait a while to see the optimal results.

We perform this surgery using local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia if the amount of fat to be removed is greater. It can be ambulatory or require an admission of 12 to 24 hours depending on the type of anesthesia

Post liposuction flanks surgery

Postoperatively, it is necessary to wear a compression girdle for 3 or 4 weeks in the areas that have been treated for a better adaptation of the tissues and a relative rest is required for 24-48 hours. The liposuctioned areas will be edematous (swollen) and with some bruising due to the surgery for a variable period of time. The stitches of the incisions for the introduction of the cannulas are removed in about a week. In the postoperative period, lymphatic drainage is recommended to promote tissue adaptation and reduce the sensation of swelling.

The return to work occurs between 2 and 5 days depending on the activity.

The scars of the small incisions require postoperative care that varies between 6 months and a year using sun protection and gel pressotherapy, which are clearly explained in the consultations after the intervention.

Due to the decrease in fat cells in the liposuctioned areas, if after liposuction the patient gains weight, it occurs more homogeneously along the body contour. However, for the optimization of the results it is imperative to maintain an adequate diet and the practice of physical exercise, as well as to follow all the indicated guidelines.

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All surgical intervention involves certain risks that it is important to know before making the decision to have surgery. On the first visit, I explain in detail the possible complications of each intervention and provide a copy of the informed consent for reading and understanding. It is important that this intervention is performed by a qualified plastic surgeon to minimize possible risks and to know how to treat complications if they occur.

Liposuction flanks surgery presents the risks of any surgical intervention such as bleeding, infection, problems with incisions or scars… To these we have to add those of liposuction, such as the alteration of the temporary sensitivity of the liposuctioned areas and the presence of small asymmetries that may require a small touch-up intervention.

Video Description of Liposuction flanks

Is liposuction flanks surgery painful?

Postoperative discomfort is mild and easily controlled with oral pain relievers. After 24 hours, pain only occurs with mobilization of the area or strong compression of the same

Can I get liposuction flanks in summer?

It is very important to wear a compression girdle in the postoperative period for the adaptation of the tissues. Therefore, it is preferable to perform this surgery avoiding the hottest months due to discomfort and sweating. On the other hand, it is not advisable to sunbathe until the bruises have disappeared (between 1 and 4 weeks).

When will I see the results?

Sometimes if we have extracted a lot of fat, patients can observe the decrease in volume immediately after surgery. However, the appearance of edema is inevitable, so it is usual to see optimal results in 3 months.

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