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The laser Lipo is the most advanced technique to eliminate body fat, since it allows to tighten the skin at the same time, thanks to the “heat action” of the laser. For this reason, laser liposuction is especially recommended for certain areas of the body. These areas require a major tightening procedure after fat removal. Examples of these areas are: the inner face of the arms and legs, double chin, or the alimentary canal. Although also areas that are difficult to access through traditional liposuction such as back fat, calves, upper stomach area, etc.

What are the advantages of laser Lipo?

It reduces the volume in a short time, it is a very safe technique and has a simple postoperative period (less inflammation and bruising) and without pain, which allows you to return to work in 3-4 days.

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Laser Liposuction: technology with finally redefining your shape

With the Laser Lipo, you can regain the figure you had before or finally get the one you want. You will quickly notice the results of the lipolaser on the silhouette in terms of volume, although it will take another 2-3 months from the operation so that you can appreciate the definitive results; that’s the time it takes for new collagen to form in the skin’s structures.

The great advantage of lipolaser is that the aesthetic results are better than those of traditional liposuction, since the skin adapts better to the new figure. How does the laser do it? Dissolving fat and at the same time contracting the skin in the areas where you want to eliminate fat. That is the true revolution that lasers have brought to the field of body shaping!

It must be clarified that the results of the Laser Lipo are final as long as the variations in your body weight do not exceed 10% in the future (6 kg if you weigh 60 kg).

How does laser Lipo work?

The Laser Lipo consists of using the light beam emitted by a 980nm diode laser, introduced under the skin to dissolve and eliminate fat. The laser manages to liquefy the fat and at the same time cause a skin contraction effect, by depositing heat under the dermis. This fat, converted into an oily liquid, is not extracted using a suction cannula, as in traditional liposuction. But is reabsorbed, leaving the purification task to the body’s own natural mechanisms. With all this, the volume reduction effect is faster and the skin tension is better worked, allowing the contour to be defined with much more precision.

One of the medical recommendations that it is essential to follow after undergoing the Lipo laser to wear a special reducing girdle.

The main contraindications of Laser Lipo are common to other cosmetic surgery techniques, basically obesity (it only serves to eliminate localized fat), hypertension and diabetes, clotting problems and pregnancy.

The alternatives to Laser Lipo are traditional liposuction (for larger amounts of fat and with an extraction cannula), and Liposculpture (for smaller amounts of fat and more focused on redefining the figure, even filling areas of the body with fat extracted from other to make them more attractive).

Recover the figure you had before or get, finally, the one you want.

Before and after laser Lipo

The Laser Lipo has brought about such a big change in the redefinition of the contour that it is one of the treatments that I recommend the most in cases of small amounts of localized fat and a tendency to flaccidity. Another of the great advantages that it has brought is that patients can rejoin quickly to your routine tasks, because it is a very safe and minimally invasive technique. The contact with patients treated with Laser Lipo, however, is full, and I closely monitor the results, which take a few months to be definitive. Both women and men are much more attractive and self-confident when I can finally confirm. After that time, that new collagen and elastin have formed where the fat has disappeared. Without a doubt, it is a satisfaction to achieve these results in such a safe way… .

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FAQs About Laser Liposuction

1. What is a laser Lipo for?

The Laser Lipo is used to sculpt areas of the body that you do not like:

  • Cartridge belts
  • Prominent upper abdomen
  • Fatty accumulations on the back
  • Double chin
  • Inner face of arms and legs
  • Calves

It is the definitive solution to eliminate excess fat in areas localized and, without a doubt, the most effective cosmetic surgery technique to redefine a body that presents areas that are not very harmonious with respect to the rest.

2. What is the difference between Laser Lipo and liposuction?

The Laser Liposuction is a more advanced technique, which has the same purposes as liposuction: to destroy localized fat in the body. To do this, the Laser Liposuction uses an optical fiber that emits laser light. This light destroys fat while depositing heat under the dermis, helping the skin to contract, thus obtaining two desired effects in one. Many doctors establish one or another intervention technique based on the Body Mass Index (BMI) of each patient. While for a liposuction a greater overweight can be admitted, for a Laser Lipo, the deviation from normal weight should not be more than 10 percent.

3. What is the Laser Lipo technique to fat removal?

The Laser Lipo is an advanced liposuction technique, which introduces a very fine optical fiber under the skin, which emits a beam of laser light (Diode 980nm). This light mobilizes and destroys fat deposits in deep areas of the skin by melting it at a very high temperature. As it has a minimum diameter, no major cuts or incisions are made, so the risk of infection is reduced and the skin heals better.

4. When do laser results start showing?

This is an aspect that depends on each person and their postoperative period. After 30 days, the redefined area begins to be seen, but the final results are not yet… By giving a generalized average, we can affirm that two or three months after the intervention, more stable results are already noticeable. However, it also depends on the areas… For example, the calves or thighs are areas that can take between six months and a year to show the final results of this cosmetic surgery intervention.

5. What anesthesia is used for cosmetic surgery with Lipo laser?

Typically, it is performed under local anesthesia plus sedation, which produces minimal complications. Only in very specific cases may it be necessary to use general anesthesia for this cosmetic surgery operation. In general, people who have undergone the intervention comment that they have only felt discomfort similar to soreness, such as when doing intense exercise or going to the gym, and in any case it can be mitigated with a pain reliever.

6. How is the postoperative period of the liposuction laser?

You don’t have to stay in the hospital to have laser liposuction. The normal thing is that after an hour of intervention plus another one of rest, the patient can return home to follow the instructions of his surgeon from there.

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7. Is laser liposuction the same as it was a few years ago?

No. In recent years there have been many advances in cosmetic surgery interventions with Laser Lipo. For example, the use of the radial laser avoids the problem presented by the conventional laser, which could damage the skin with the tip of the fiber or the cannula, causing skin lesions and unwanted retractions in the skin. In general, today it is a safer and less aggressive technique (it produces less bleeding) thanks to the advances that have been made.

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8. How is fat removed after lipo laser?

The laser applies the intensity of light necessary to melt the fat, which is then liquefied and eliminated naturally by the body through the urine or the lymphatic system. Hence the rapid recovery. In some cases, such as liposuction of the abdomen, the surgeon may need to make two small incisions, up and down, to insert cannulas that suck out the fat. The surgeon also performs massages and movements that help to expel the fat. And that contribute to a correct and fast recovery.

9. Is the skin firm after a laser liposuction procedure?

Yes, and that is precisely one of its great advantages. The laser achieves a reducing effect on the skin, helping that after removing fat, the flabby empty area is not seen, because the heat of the laser contracts the skin to make it appear firmer and smoother.

10. What are the advantages of removing fat with Lipo laser?

  • Small incision: To perform a laser liposuction, only a small incision is made in the area to be treated, enough to pass the cannula or probe with the laser fiber.
  • No sutures: No need to sew because the incisions are minimal (3mm) and heal on their own.
  • Contraction of the skin: The application of laser light has a double effect on the area. It also emits heat that helps the skin to contract. And thus accelerates the volume reduction process, allowing the skin to regain its natural firmness and smoothness.
  • Less bleeding and bruising: With this technique, bleeding and bruising are reduced, since the laser coagulates the blood vessels,
  • Almost painless process: Unlike other methods, Lipo laser intervention is not painful. After applying local anesthesia, the “prick” for the introduction of the cannula does not suppose an acute pain. On the other hand, after the intervention there are no great discomforts either. The incision being small heals and heals quickly without complications or pain.
  • Without hospitalization: Due to the characteristics of the intervention, laser liposuction does not require the patient to be hospitalized and after a few hours after the application of the laser light, they can return home.
  • Definitive results in three months: Results are coming soon, in a week or two. However, the definitive differences are seen in approximately two to three months. Only in some particularly difficult area can the results take about a year to be definitive.

11. What care must be taken during the postoperative period of the Liposuction laser?

After removing fat with Lipo laser, the surgeon and his aesthetic surgery team make a series of recommendations to his patient, some of them personalized. But, in general, these are the care that should be observed in the postoperative period..

  • It is necessary to wear a special girdle day and night for a week.
  • Drink plenty of fluids (water, tea, natural juices, non-alcoholic drinks in general). It is important to reach 3 liters of liquids the first day, especially.
  • Apply cold to the area treated with the lipolaser, as it reduces discomfort. Doing it 2/3 times a day for 15 minutes is ideal.
  • Sleep with a towel on the bed. Due to the type of anesthesia (Klein-type tumescent local anesthesia), in the first hours a serohematic liquid (similar to thawing of meat) occurs through the small incisions made.
  • Eat a lot of protein (meat, fish, dairy products…) and few carbohydrates (sweets, pasta, rice, potatoes…). Fruits and vegetables are also recommended for their high water content.
  • Take care of the sun exposure up to 3 or 4 months after the lipolaser in the treated areas to avoid that the sun affects the color of the skin.

12. Who is the Liposuction laser recommended for?

The lipolaser is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery intervention, which is indicated for anyone who has localized fat, who does not respond to common procedures to reduce it, basically diet and specific physical exerciseThe ideal candidate for a lipolaser intervention is a healthy person, over 18 years of age, with a normal weight (or a maximum of 5-10 kg above), who accumulates excess fat tissue in some body area that causes a disproportion in his silhouette with which he does not feel comfortable, and that does not have too flabby or sagging skin.

A classic case is that of women with fat located in the upper part of the thighs (known as “cartridge belts”), who do not respond to diet or exercise because they have an important genetic and hormonal component.

13. Does fat regain after laser liposuction in the same areas…?

No. It is very unlikely that fat will accumulate again in the same areas because after a Lipo laser, if there is an increase in weight, the adipocytes (the cells that store fat) will be distributed more evenly.

In addition, if the weight variation you suffer does not exceed 10 percent of your body weight (6 kg in a weight of 60 kg), the lipolaser can be considered to have definitive results.

14. Is the laser Liposuction useful for weight loss?

It is not a recommended technique to lose weight, but to reduce localized fat accumulations in some areas of the body. Therefore, when an obese patient goes to a plastic surgeon with the idea of ​​having a lipolaser, it is recommended that they first lose weight through diet and exercise.

However, when it is well indicated, the Laser Lipo can help you lose a few kilos in a localized way. According to our experience of cosmetic surgery in some countries of more than 20 years. It is possible to eliminate up to 2.5 or 3 liters of fat from the hips and thighs, when the intervention is performed in these sensitive areas of the female anatomy.

However, above all, a reduction in volume is noted in that area with the greatest disproportion. When the Lipo laser is performed on the holster or abdomen, many patients do report having lost some sizes: up to 4 or 5 cm in contour in the first case. And even up to 12 cm in the case of the abdomen in women after menopause.

15. What is the best time to undergo the Laser Lipo technique?

Anytime is good, although each patient can choose which one is best for him, taking into account three questions:

  • He has to wear a compression girdle permanently for a while.
  • Sun exposure can cause skin pigmentation and, finally.
  • The results of this cosmetic surgery take time.

In being definitive a minimum of three months.

16. What are the dangers of undergoing a laser Lipo?

The main risk, as in all cosmetic surgery interventions, is putting yourself in the hands of outsiders in the profession. You have to bear in mind that the cosmetic surgeons in some country are highly qualified, and that the techniques that can be performed by professionals in an aesthetic center, one of aesthetic medicine or a cosmetic surgeon are well defined. In the case of Laser Lipo, it must be a cosmetic surgeon who performs the intervention, surrounded by his team (anesthetists, nurses, assistants…). This is what the team of the most clinics do, a specialist in cosmetic surgery, with an experience of more than 20 years at the highest level.

Apart from professional intrusion, which you should take care of by avoiding aggressive offers and advertisements. And perhaps visiting more than one cosmetic surgeon who is associated with professional associations to get their opinion. There are other risks that you should take into account when undergoing a Lipo laser:

Postoperative bleeding, an allergic reaction or a surgical shock are extremely rare dangers as a result of cosmetic surgery, which is very difficult to occur with Laser Lipo. However, there are others that are more frequent, the incidence of which is reduced when a good cosmetic surgeon who has performed hundreds of Laser Lipo interventions is chosen. We are talking about abnormal scarring, infection that must be treated with antibiotics, irregularities and depressions on the surface of the skin, asymmetries, seroma…

It is the cosmetic surgeon’s obligation to keep his patient informed of these risks before the operation, but in the same way you should know that the Laser Lipo is a very safe intervention with a very low probability that it entails any risk to health.

17. Do you feel any discomfort after the Laser Lipo?

One of the most frequent discomforts that cosmetic surgery patients after undergoing the lipolaser is the feeling that the area has become numb. It is not at all worrisome, because the sensitivity is recovering little by little.

18. When can you return to work after laser Liposuction?

In general, they are not necessary more than one or two days after the intervention. You should bear in mind that you have to wear a compression girdle for a few days. Some people take advantage of a short vacation period to undergo laser liposuction, and then return comfortably to work. Keep in mind that traditional liposuction requires 2 to 4 weeks of recovery after cosmetic surgery.

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