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Fitoont now offers an excellent option for healthcare development via telemedicine to make for you great with an adequate calories to lose weight, which allows you to set up an interview or a way to communicate with your provider in your home.  (Source)

Interviews will be via phone and split into voice, video, or written chat. You do not need to go to the clinic so that you can then do a telemedicine interview to lose weight. Rather, all follow-up visits can be made by phone.

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We will now talk about the slow French diet through telemedicine

The French Prof. Piroux is considered one of the strangest and most amazing nutrition systems and programs recognized as it is not based on dividing meals into a specific number of meals, but rather allows a person to freely eat whenever he wants. Not only that, but also allows a person to eat two pieces of sugar per day if He wanted it.

However, this strange system succeeded in losing excess weight by about 500 grams every week, so this diet is a very slow program with adequate calories to lose weight.

And the meals, according to the French Professor Piroux program, contain the equivalent of 1800 calories to lose weight as a maximum, and a minimum of 1600 calories to lose weight.

They consist of:

  • 150 gm bread.
  • 250 grams of lean red meat, rheum or equivalent marine fish.
  • Unspecified amounts of green salad and 30 grams of butter can be substituted for olive oil.
  • Two tablespoons or two pieces of sugar
  • 800 grams of fruits rich in water.

These quantities leave the person’s freedom and how to eat it daily without being linked to a certain number of meals, you just have to not exceed these quantities.

Nutrition experts emphasized that Professor Beruh’s diet to lose weight is one of the easiest systems to implement, and it can be applied without resulting in fatigue or a feeling of hunger or exhaustion.

It is suitable for people who have a desire to lose weight slowly because its results are visible afterwards.

And a slow program might be too slow for some. It is for those who love food and care for their stomach a lot.

The weight loss ranges between 4: 5 kg, and the period appears after three months of tracking it.

Dedicated to every day:

  • Free or low fat milk “half a liter”.
  • A cup of fresh fruit juice.

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Calories to Lose weight with slow French diet through telemedicine plan

First day

The breakfast:
  • One orange juice.
  • Two fried eggs without any fatty substance or boiled.
  • Brown bread piece or toast.
The lunch:
  • A piece of fresh salmon, fried with little butter.
  • Two tablespoons of peas.
The Dinner:
  • 4 boiled shrimp.
  • A cup of boiled carrots.
  • Spoon potato puree.
  • Pudding or cream caramel.
  • A cup of tea without sugar.

The second day:

The breakfast:
  • Grapefruit
  • Lukewarm milk with two tablespoons of corn flakes without sugar.
  • A piece of toast spread with a little butter.
The lunch:
  • Vegetable or tomato soup.
  • Two skewers of grilled lean meat.
  • Lettuce leaves
The Dinner:
  • Curry chicken.
  • Chopped or boiled rice.
  • Jelly with apples.

The third day

The breakfast:
  • A glass of fresh orange juice.
  • Labneh spoon without oil or salt.
  • A piece of toast.
The lunch:
  • Hamburger bread with a chopped lettuce leaf and a piece of veal or fish fillet.
  • Oil-free vegetables with a pinch of lemon.
The Dinner:
  • Cooked “ounce and a quarter” lasagna.
  • Optional fruit or ice cream in a set amount.

The fourth day:

The breakfast:
  • Grilled or dried liver.
  • An Apple.
The lunch:
    • Sausages prepared under your supervision.
    • Grilled tomato, potato puree.

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